Will The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban be Reinstated?

Senator Dianne Feinstein holding an AR-15

On September 4, 2012, the Democrats released their official platform on gun control, stating that they fully support reinstating the assault weapons ban. Just a few months prior to this, President Obama, while speaking in New Orleans, said that he believes “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals—that they belong on the battlefields of war and not on the streets of our cities.” It has been eight years since the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban expired. If President Obama serves another term, will he stand by his party’s position?

Banned because they look ominous.
Banned because they look ominous.

The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (AWB) was part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act signed by President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994. It expired 10 years later due to a sunset clause. There have been numerous, but failed attempts of reinstatement since then.

The term “assault weapon” has been in use by journalists since 1943. In the newspapers, writers would call all kinds of things assault weapons, including major league baseball players’ baseball bats. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the media described military-looking semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons.” The phrase started to become popular with those pushing for stricter gun control. In 1985, Newsweek ran a story about semi-automatic rifles titled “Machine Gun U.S.A.” In the story, they refer to semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons” and “military-style weapons.” The Brady Campaign, then called Handgun Control, Inc. (HCI), originally focused on getting handguns banned, saying that handguns were “made to kill people.” The HCI said, “Criminals don’t use longer-barreled weapons…” Failing at the attempt to ban handguns, the organization switched their tune to getting semi-automatic rifles banned. Their original chorus proved to be true. In studies done about the effectiveness of the ban, experts agreed that the results of the ban were so insignificant there was nothing to report.

Clearly, the media and gun control advocates were trying to confuse an uninformed public about what exactly a semi automatic and a fully automatic were. Gun control advocates simply assigned the phrase “assault weapon” to guns they felt held certain aesthetic features. It did not matter whether or not the gun was a single-shot, full-auto, or semi-auto. New Jersey State Attorney General made a prime example of this when he called the Marlin 60 a “people killing machine.” A real assault weapon is a gun used in the military that can fire fully automatic. However, Senator Dianne Feinstein, author of the AWB, HCI, and other anti-gun people and organizations used the term to describe anything that even remotely looked like a military-style weapon. Senator Howard Metzenbaum even described them as “ominous.” Therefore, any gun that looked scary they deemed an “assault weapon.” The ban says, “…having features that appear useful in military and criminal applications.” The ban outlawed magazines that held more than 10 rounds, 19 specific guns such as UZI and the Tec-9, accessories and attachments. Guns could only have one accessory or attachment. Rifles could only have one of the following attachments: an adjustable stock, pistol grip, bayonet mount, grenade launcher, or a flash suppressor. Handguns could not have threaded barrels, a barrel shroud that worked as a “hand hold,” and had to weigh at least 50 ounces unloaded. Shotguns could hold no more than five rounds, could not have an adjustable stock, or a pistol grip. Guns manufactured before the ban were grandfathered in. Of course, the assault weapons ban did nothing to change how the guns function or fired. It was purely a symbolic gesture of power.

Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer - they're for hunting people.
Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer they’re for hunting people.

Essentially the ban raised demand for military-style rifles that were in compliance with the new law and it increased gun prices. What the ban did not do, however, was change crime rates anywhere. Before the assault weapons ban, only two percent of the guns used in crimes were the banned types. In fact, one study found “…working purely at the firing rate and power of the firearms included under the AWB, the 19 banned weapons are less dangerous than many weapons left untouched by the ban.” Even Feinstein admitted that nothing had changed, “Semi-automatic assault weapons are turning American’s streets into war zones. True, they are not responsible for a large number of homicides…” Before, during, and after the assault weapons ban, our streets have never been a war zone.

People are still confused because the media continues to use the term “assault weapon” in reference to any black rifle or AK-47. The guns used in recent crimes are not fully automatic machine guns. In 1995, 240,000 machine guns were registered with the ATF and since 1934, only two legally owned machine guns have been used in a homicide. A police officer, using his issued weapon, committed one of those homicides.

Dianne Feinstein is running for re-election this year and says she will reintroduce the assault weapons ban. Unfortunately, another ban would not be unconstitutional. In the District of Columbia v. Heller, the ruling does not protect all guns under the 2nd Amendment. If President Obama is reelected, an assault weapons ban is highly possible. What do you think? Tell me about it in the comment section.

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  1. Id just have to point out that ANYONE shooting at law abiding American Citizens maybe needs to find a deep hole to hide in.

  2. I think you will find it is a violation of federal law for your to electronically jam it or to interfere with its flight.

  3. Is it legal to keep a drone or any whirlybird that falls into my back yard if the frequency is jammed mechanically or electronically? I hear they are already being used in New York or some other northern state to keep tabs on people. I also hear they are worth alot of money with all the electronic eavesdropping equipment on board. Besides they didnt get a warrant to fly over my airspace anyway. I do own the 150 feet of airspace over my house dont I) I also heard the guy that was appointed didnt swear on the bible instead he swore on an old constitution that didnt include the 2nd amendment and that holder is going to fire upon Americans on American soil when obama tells him to. Thanks for the advise in advance. God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment for which our soldiers and their families have sacrificed their lives for.

  4. You folks keep saying things like ‘we have to start voting and kill this assault weapons ban next election cycle’. I’m telling all of you thats too late. Once they ban our guns we won’t get them back..Remember they (the administration) just added several million more voting dumbocrats (illegal aliens) and when you add that to the fraudulent voters he has added to the rolls and ordered the AG not to allow them to be purged or to allow states to require voters to have identification, where do you think you will find enough Republicans to win an honest election. Then when he adds 1 or 2 more socialist liberals to the Supreme Court and they overturn the recent pro-2nd Amendment rulings and decide there is no individual right to keep and bear arms, and he has the full backing of the UN to finish off the constitution, well just how the hell do you think you’re gojng to get back your guns? Have we, perhaps, already lost the opportunity to change things with our votes? I hear a lot of talk but few seem to have the cajunas to say and do what needs to be said… if, when, all else fails we must be prepared to do exactly that which is the very purpose
    for the 2nd Amendment. Speak softly but carry a big stick!

  5. I think, here on March 16th, we know what the Democrats and Obama are definitely trying to do. So here`s the “thing” fellow gun owners. We, as a group of very concerned, law abiding Americans had better be doing this one thing, and doing it continuosly for the next 20 or so months. That thing is, REGISTER TO VOTE IF YOU`RE NOT, AND VOTE!!! Tell all your like thinking, gun owning or gun supporting friends to do the same! We have got to quit laying down and taking it from this administration, period. I, for one, am damn sick and tired of hearing people complain about what Washington is doing to us, but at the same time when you ask the complainer if he / she votes, they almost always say “No”. I am sick and tired of people who “vote” for a living beating out people like us that “work for a living”. It`s time that we take back our country and our rights and that isn`t going to happen if we continue to sit on our butts and let our friends do the same thing. We have got to get the movement started and it has to happen right now, today , March 16th, 2013. Start spreading the word, get your friends to vote and lets get these control freak Democrats voted out of office and never let them have control of our country again. They won`t be happy till they are taxing every penny you make and giving it to the freeloaders that support them at the ballot box. It`s time for them to be done and over with in Washington. Who`s with me??

  6. This us the kind of crap I knew was going to happen when you have too many democrats in office. I know a lot of people that were hi and mighty when they voted for all democrats, now they’re crying. And if you were one of them, lesson learned. Just in case the ban does go in effect, we need to vote for all republicans at what ever cost and fight for our 2nd amendment rights to get them back.

  7. The beginning of this week Mayor Bloomburg was interviewed and his statemant was surprising. ‘ AR’s are used in a very small persent of crime in America’. He directs his anti gun feelings to handguns and to those that come out of gun shows by third parties.
    Finestien must have S$%T green when hearing that. Even Schumer has his attention to ‘Background checks’ and not the firearm themselves. Still, these people make me nervous. Bloomburg is one of the richest men in Americ plus his connections, he can give the 2nd Amendment a ruff going equal to The British of 1776.
    Hey all– all these numbers mean nothing. The number could be has little as three–one, and if public opinion is behind it— they will be able to outlaw potato chips.
    Keep Public Opinion onour side.

    And yes, I AM screaming!
    Feinstein is a DUD. She OUGHT to know the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment to protect citizens from legislators like HER. If she would read some of the ‘papers’ written by those who wrote the Amendment she would know that. DUH.
    There was NO reason to write the Second Amendment to enable citizens to own guns for putting meat on the table. That was already a RIGHT! It was specifically written to (as we all know) protect citizens from and OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.
    Say it again and again and again. Because it is the truth.

  9. Progunners are stupidly allowing antigunners to control the debate, by missing the point of the second amendment, which is to preserve the people’s sovereignty over the government by keeping them armed (equipped with guns and/or with restricted arsenals for those specially trained in the use of heavy battlefield equipment) and organized (well regulated, trained, educated) with their own standing officer corps. They are a free reserve under that officer corps (ie well regulated) and have a NECESSARILY nonpolitical commander in chief, a “sovereign”, if you will, whose job as CIC of the militia is solely to represent by enforcing the people’s sovereignty as leader of that sovereigty, as enforcer of the constitution. The constitution is a codification of the logic of the natural laws pertaining to the structure of a stable civilization, a republic. It has a sovereignty enforcer! He protects them from even the thought of mass disarmament, and can expell from government any politician who even openly contemplates dissolution of the “sovereign’s” power base in the 2nd amendment militia structure. He balances the power of the constitutional republic, by being, literally, the people, and answerable to a constituent assembly the purpose of which is to replace the sovereign in cases of abdication or incompetence. Specifically, incompetence would be when the CIC attempted to function as government or began to tolerate government’s violation of his jurisdiction. Gun control is the militia structure’s jurisdiction, not government’s jurisdiction. The only reason sovereigns have ever been hereditary was precisely becuase they were not politicians but supervisors and personnel directors for the government, and in a fashion limited to protecting the poeple’s liberty to vote. A disarmed people can no longer vote, and we are disarmed NOW, and so our votes do not count and our parties are shamefully manipulative of us through a public school system which exists solely to contradict this comment of mine. Whereas the military itself keeps its firearms in arms lockers away from the soldiers, the same does not apply to us civilians, for the military’s restriction of access to its nuclear weapons is to prevent a military coup, whereas the militia’s restriction of access to its own heavy weapons would be to limit them to the use of those trusted by the sovereign and trained to use them. Assault weapons and other types of banned weapons are targeted by the gun control nuts becuase they ARE nuts out to destroy our sovereignty, our organized militia structure. They succeeded long ago and now that we are down they are stomping us in the belly and the face and shooting our children in the schools through their nazi friends. I’m not promoting a monarchy, nor a constitutional tsarism, just the constitution. Forgive me for using the word “sovereign” but that’s the best word to use provide one doesn’t confuse it with “despot”, a man who overextends himself by trying to run everything past his own desk.

  10. Hard to beleive this post is still going on.
    My answer in still no.
    But lets look at what has happened.
    What has the ‘anti gunner’ or should I say ‘safe gunners’accomplished?
    Their action: NRA- About a million new members.
    New Gun Owners- about a million more
    New AR Owners- numbers not in yet and stock plie if ammo in homes across America brakes all records.
    The understanding of the following will depend on where you live & your lifestyle.
    The Gun Safers have managed to split America equal to 1960’s and close to 1860’s. Some have & are moving to a more friendly 2A States.People have moved !!!
    The hatred in America is equal to a time I have only seen during the Vietnam War.
    I laugh, as people keep ‘Q’ing the 2nd Amendment. We are so passed that, the hate has moved it from the main stage.It has become second to the subject.
    We see politicans advancing their careers upon graves of children. Some going as far as calling for confiscation. Writing redicules Laws/Bills, when viewed in the light of day—show no understanding. Imagine being arrested for a 30rd mag, found guilt, but they forgot to write the ‘punishment, side of the law – see NYS new gun law. These are people we elected to run America?? Talk show host, calling gun owners insane, murderers, telling us- only they know what is good for us.
    Seems most of the commentary now is back ground checks, gun show loop holes. Mags and AR’s have been moved to the back stage. The subjecthas chaged to a point some will not recognize.
    I look back and remember the days of ‘handgun ban’ Yes! thats it we can save America by banning all handguns. There are more States today 2013 give pistol permits than any other time in America. I held a NYC Pistol Permit from 1975 to 1999.I was 1%er, and many States, at that time, did not even issue permits. Starting in 1999, in America, pistol permits became the ‘thing’ to do.Now AR’s are the ‘thing’of the day.

    So, thank you ‘anti gunner’- I mean ‘safe gunners’ keep up the good pro gun work.

  11. We,the people,get the Government we deserve. A wiser man than I said that,and perhaps we do. Those who are elected to office can be removed the same way, vote them out. If our elected officals will not protect the constutional rights of the people,we must be able to take steps to protect ourselves. A major step is for us to remember that speach = money, so speak loudly with your wallets. Support those companies who believe in freedom,oppose those who cave in and would side with those who would attempt to limit our constuitional rights. Stand and speak as one voice,one message– any attempt to regulate away any right is an attempt to regulate every right. The wolves are at the gate, do we make our voices heard now in defense the 2nd Addmendment or do we follow the path of New York, New Jersey, California and other states that have allowed politicians to decide which rights matter and what rights need just a “little” government regulation and restrictions to the point of making the 2nd not a right but just another government hand out–to who they want,when they want and just how much or little they want to give us. Join the NRA, become concerned and active before you too live in New York, no matter where that might be. Dutch

  12. everyone needs to get these gun hungery mongers out of office who voted for these idiots end there reighn and take our country back and americans vote smarter next time i didnt vote for none of these people but this lady has been on cercuit long enough please califoria do something she gives me a headache

  13. I had a recent event in which I received a perimeter alarm call about my business location, so I grabbed my kevlar and my 9mm and a full mag and threw it on the dash… makes it open carry legal in my state. Anyway I get to the office, grab my pistol and start to do a search outside. When I round the corner I meet a local town police officer who was also called by the alarm company, he asked me who I was and what I was doing there, I told him I had gotten a call from the alarm company about a perimeter breach. I then told him I was armed, he said that was fine and thanks for letting him know, I then asked if he wanted to enter the building, so we went around to the back door, I unlocked it and held my firearm at my side, I then stepped to the side and opened the door allowing the officer first entry. I then checked the alarm panel for motion detection and saw none. We then swept the building room by room unlocking doors and turning on lights. While searching I would open and he would clear. The entire time I had my firearm locked and loaded at my side. At the end he took all of my info and we decided it was a faulty wireless transmitter on the alarm system.

    He walked me back to my truck where I unloaded my weapon, I put my pistol back on the dash and my mag in the center console, and I asked if he was ok with that… what did he do? Well since the departments funding had been cut and there were only 2 officers on duty, he shook my hand and told me thank you for the backup and that my help was greatly appreciated, WOW!!! I had never been so proud to have been a small part of keeping both the officer and myself safe, and to have an officer thank me for helping him made me feel that all of my responsible acts and years of self imposed training and classes made it all worth it… the way it should be, civilians and local law enforcement working together. By the same token I have also met some officers that should not be allowed to carry a gun… So with civilian and military and local law there are always a few bad apples, and they are the ones the media love to put in the headlines. Nevermind the other 500 cops that did good for the community. Yeah it might be on the back of page 12 somewhere.

    I don’t even watch the evening news, do I really need to see another car chase, hear about another knife fight, another deadly carjacking? Don’t firemen save kittens in trees any more, toys for tots, feed the hungry? The problem is nobody today is responsible for anything, it’s always somebody else’s problem… we reap what we sow, and it looks like it’s gonna be a bad crop… if my government turns me into a criminal so be it, but if I break one law then I’ll break ten because at that point it won’t matter. If they wanted to stop criminals then why could I buy level 4 ceramic body armor off the Internet? Because it’s not about the guns, it’s about the control… what happens when the next madman bent on destruction uses a car bomb and drives through the front of a school or just parks next to a building or shopping mall and walks away, or after we protect the schools and the lunatic just attacks a bus full of kids on the way home? Like happened recently when the student was kidnapped and the driver was shot? People hell bent on doing bad things, will do bad things… the means may change but the result will be the same or worse…

    1. I did exact same thing in 2002 and got hand cuffed and told I had committed a Felony by bringing a gun to my place of business after hours responding to alarm. I told brinks not to call police as I had been charged for a false alarm a week earlier, wind shaking over head door. It took me a hour to explain my rights as a business owner in MI to bring a loaded weapon to place of business. When they finally took cuffs off they were going to take handgun, a whole other discussion ensued with shift Commander finally being called and advising his Officers of My Rights. Moved my business out of that city. It was a Ruger P97 DC and legal.

  14. I know a lot of state cops and that all say they don’t have the nuts to risk their lives trying to take guns from law-abiding people.


    Just wait…I will bet within 5 years of the end of his term in office he will have another book or interview stating that he is a full fledged muslem and not a US citizen. How stupid the masses are for electing him the first time, downright treason to re-elect him to finish destroying this country!


  16. The Chinese have a curse which goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

    That might not sound like a curse, but the reality of it becomes clear when one lives in an age when the concept of individual liberty is shrinking and being replaced with the ideal of collectivist responsibility. Karl Marx described Communism as, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Now we see that very concept being paraded daily in the media and the traditional values that once reflected the virtue of personal responsibility are being condemned as insensitive and selfish. Indeed, you are living in interesting times.

    Your firearms pose a significant threat to those who are remaking American culture. They realize that a substantial number will not accept the idea that the state is the ultimate arbiter of fiscal and social outcome. They must ensure that discord cannot be backed by armed resistance once they impose radical changes that make it clear dissent will not be tolerated, and that those wishing to participate in society must first surrender individual rights in favor of the new collective order. In other words, they seek to disarm the public before revealing that freedom as you knew it no longer exists. History demonstrates that every leader who imposed totalitarian rule first disarmed the people before doing so. Unfortunately, most Americans are poorly educated and know very little of history.

    Gun control in America is nothing new. Widespread effort, however, to prevent law abiding citizens from owning fire power that is equal to civil authority is relatively new. People remain free because they possess a defense of last resort toward preserving their freedom. An unarmed public owes its liberties to the good graces of its leaders. That is why in 1787 the states demanded a Bill of Rights in the new Constitution before they would ratify it. And anyone who believes only the police should be effectively armed need only to occasionally peruse the following web site which is maintained by the Cato Institute to learn otherwise:

    Gun rights advocates report that some gun owners shy away from participating in organized efforts to oppose gun control because they fear, “being put on a list.” What these gun owners fail to realize is if they’ve ever signed a form 4473 (the form you must complete to purchase a firearm) they are already on a list. The size of the list is what protects us all because it is made clear to everyone that a substantial number of citizens refuse to relinquish their God-given rights. Logistics makes it clear your Constitutional rights cannot be taken forcefully. They must be surrendered, and today far too many Americans are trading their rights for the yoke of government. It is the birthing of the new slavery.

    Today you remain free to take your elected representatives to task. When we act in unison the people have enormous power, absolute power even, over our government. The Founders made it so. Unfortunately, far too few exercise their rights by demanding their leaders respect freedom. We are at a crossroads where we will either stand for the individual liberty that was bequeathed us by the Founders, or we will sit idly by while those who abhor freedom continue to erode it incrementally until we remain but a shadow of the nation we were. What will you do?

    If you are not communicating your expectations to your elected representatives at the state and federal levels regarding your gun rights then you are among those sitting idle while hordes strive to remove those rights. They will not tire and they will not give up. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty.” Are you being vigilant? If so, are you urging others to join the effort? Lifting a heavy burden is much easier when others assist. We need not struggle alone. Please help with the following:

    Email or call your Congressional representatives once each week. Keep it short and polite.

    Find your contact information for your House member:

    Find contact information for your Senators:

    Join and support those gun rights organizations who are working to stop encroaching gun control legislation:,, along with others.

    Educate your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and other like-minded people as to how the Second Amendment is what ultimately guarantees all the freedoms they enjoy as Americans, and why it is important to help support the fight against gun control which only disarms law abiding citizens to the benefit of violent criminals.

    Introduce others, especially women and youth to the sport of shooting for fun and self-defense. Growing our numbers is the best defense!

  17. People this whole thig is about confiscation. Think it can’t happen, well it already has. Watch the post Katrina videos. Take a look at the non telivised Jesse Ventura videos. Watch the Obamas America DVD. This country is going to have to fight for it’s life or say good bye to everything it stood for. If you haven’t donated before do so now. All these groups need funds to fight. Stop buying over priced panic inspired products and take some that money and donate. I have. Remember companies that gouged you and put them out of business. Stick together, without this we lose.

  18. The Democrats are looking pretty scary to me right about now so if they can justify banning a gun because it looks “scary” how do I go about getting the Democrats banned????? “When they pry it from my cold dead hands” may not be in the far distant future anymore. We’ll just have to see how many are willing to die for the words they have used so casually in the not so distant past. I strive to be a good citizen, I’ll die before I become a servant to a Government that rules for itself and not for its citizens. The biggest problem I have with the past election aside from obama being re-elected is why wasn’t there a bigger turnout from the Republicans? Here’s my two cents worth, we have the NRA looking after our lazy asses so there’s no way obama could get re-elected. Then feeling all warm and cozy with that fact a few hundred thousand people did what they do best and sat on their asses while the NRA took care of them! Oh, one thing I need to mention here is that regardless of what the NRA is capable of accomplishing with the pittance most people pay to belong but never contribute anything extra, the friggin NRA CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if there’s anything left of this country in four more years of being slaughtered by the Democrats and the NRA doesn’t just fade into the past because there’s no need for it to exist because no one has any guns left anyway, maybe, just maybe the voters will actually turn out and vote. You can blame the Democrats all you want to and I don’t have any use for them anymore than anyone else but after all is said and done look whose BACK in the Whitehouse. Now more than ever is the time to show a lot of extra support for the NRA aside from your yearly dues. They do accept contributions and they are working 24/7 to try and protect our rights as gun owners. They don’t have the billion dollar backers like the anti-gunners do, they depend on you and me to keep fighting the good fight! The NRA recently posted that they had over 2 million “likes” on Face Book alone, now stop and think how much it would help if all the ones who clicked the “like” button coughed up just 10 bucks each and sent it to the NRA? You’re looking at 20 million extra bucks for them to work with and if you think $10.00 is to much you haven’t priced ammo recently. It’s easy to contribute, just go to the NRAs home page and do it now, it’s either that or we may not have anything to bitch about in another 4 years regardless of whose running the show in Washington. If you think our “rights” are really set in stone then do nothing, but getting them back if,when or after they are taken away is probably going to be impossible. Don’t think so? Just look at some of the other countries around where registration led to confiscation, what chance do you give those “citizens” of having things return to the way they were before their Government stepped in to “save” them from themselves???? How about ZERO, once it’s done that will be the end of it and if you don’t believe me you’ve got your head shoved so far down in the sand the only thing visible of you is your ass which by the way is just just how the current administration would like for all of us to be. It boils down to the old saying that “if you don’t vote,you can’t bitch about who got elected” and on the same note, if you don’t contribute to the ones who are leading the fight to preserve your Constitutional RIGHTS, you can’t bitch when their gone. After your 2nd right is gone how long do you think it will take for the politicians to start knocking off the other rights one at a time. Not worried yet? Look at the Supreme Court Judges, the ones that support the 2nd amendment ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER!! And you can bet your sweet ass that Obama’s just waiting for another one to die so he can stick another one in there that doesn’t see the 2nd amendment quite the way you and I do. Then the fragile balance that’s kept the 2nd afloat this long will surely be swinging in the WRONG direction. Wake up people and let’s not just keep bitching about what’s going on today within our little “gun community”!! Get everyone you know involved in the shooting sports, believe it or not there are people who DON’T shoot that still support the rights of us that do. You’ve got a voice in this fight, it’s also guaranteed by the Constitution but if you don’t use it then we’ve already lost the fight and might as well start beating our guns into plow shares. Holeshot 308, going to bed now and hoping when I wake up this will all have just been a really bad dream………………………………………………

  19. The beginning of a new world order is about to start first banning assult rifles and then everything else that way the un will have the power with the respective governments to take over a rights and have totally control on everyone and we won’t have guns to defend are rights

  20. The last two comments by Ken and the last by Edlyn, nailed it. Thank you for saying what I believe we all are trying to say. I think a lot of us are just so put off by this attempt to ban, that we get a little carried away with our words in trying to say what we really mean. You did it and I appreciate it. Thank you for the best sum up I’ve read so far. It’s really hard to express what we feel in just a few short sentences, so we try to cram it in there and our anger will sometimes overtake our meaning. But I think you got it right. I’m a nobody but I agree with you two, you said what I wish I would have said, I meant the same, but sometimes it just doesn’t come out that way, thanks.

  21. Please stop referring to these rifles as assault weapons. You need to refer to them as “Freedom Rifles”, as this is exactly what they are and why we patriots get so upset when the government threatens to ban them. If we have to take our government back from the same type of tyrants our founding fathers warned us about, the vast majority of patriots will be using this rifle. Banning the sale or use of our freedom rifles is the first set in taking away our FREEDOM!!!!!

  22. One other point- the problem most liberals ( especially King Hussein and his mindless minnions in the Senate) have with “assault weapons” is their effectiveness in the hands of free citizens – primarily their ability to resist the tyranny of self important politicians who endeavor to “fundamentally change” America. What are the “fundamentals” of America if nothing other than the values on which this nation was founded… the sovreignty of the individual. Government gets its power to govern from the people by “due process” as spelled out in the constitution. When our elected officials act against our will, bypass the “due process”, will not listen to reason ( the 1st Amendment), attempt to gag the 1st Amendment, and then impose their will by Royal Decree (aka ” executive order”) and all other means of addressing grievances fail- well, therein lies the very purpose of the 2nd Amendment. They know that and that’s the primary reason for “disarmament”.

  23. A lot of great input and opinions here and most , I feel, nailed it. But I do take exception to disparaging comments about the NRA by some folks here because they reflect pure ignorance, and that’s exactly what is causing knee jerk political initiatives such as assault weapons bans coming from liberals.The proposal by the NRA is one if the few recommendations that make any sense and to suggest that it’s stupid is ludicrous. If you know anything at all about the NRA the one thing they emphasize most is SAFE AND RESPONSIBOE GUN OWNERSHIP. Also, for those who keep their heads in dark places that seldom see the light of day, know these 2 very important points; 1-In every area that allows concealed carry the violent crime rates have dropped dramatically (but continue to.climb where CCW is not allowed) 2-There is an abundance of former, retired, and active Reserve military and police, equally well trained and qualified to provide discreet, effective, and safe armed security in our schools, and I happen to be one of them who would readily volunteer (free service).
    So lets all avoid becoming like the knee jerk liberals and showing our own ignorance. Fight their fiction with facts, instead of ignorance, and in the end we’ll win. In the meantime, “when they pry them from my cold dead hands” (Charleton Heston)

  24. The large-capacity magazine ban is the worst part of this, because it will affect all weapons, not just black rifles. Not saying that a ban on mil-style rifles is OK in the slightest – it’s not. But think about the real impact if you can’t get mags with more than 10 (or fewer, as some officials are pushing for) rounds. Forcing a mag change when a madman is shooting up a bunch of unarmed people in a school or movie theater isn’t going to help much if at all. But if your home is invaded by someone that has a full capacity mag and you don’t have one, because some numbskull decided you don’t need more than 10 rounds, then you die. The argument is, “no one needs 30 rounds”. Well, that’s just an insane position. You “need” as many or more than your assailant has. period. If the politicians succeed with this, then little mags will be the rule for ALL legal semi-autos, including pistols. While all this “ban” stuff is a bad idea, the mag limit idea is probably the worst.

  25. If the ignorant president wants my guns he can personally try to come and get them. The day a Texan gives up his right to bear arms will be after a major revolution when the dumb ass gets shipped to his country. Leave us the hell alone and pick your nose as you certainly are not qualified to do the job of a leader. He makes me want to puke.

  26. @ BOB -# 173 hell yes. I said it for years…………….
    Get a thrid party rolling. Shake up these R’s & D’s and
    give America back to Americans.

    I’m sure all are seeing what is building up in America.
    The Constitution: any law that is Un-Constitutional is not a law.

  27. First, I’m a cop and been one for 30 years. I’ve worked patrol,detectives,everything..including homicide. No “GUN” ever killed a person without a person shooting it. The issue is the person, the felon, the guy that the system has allowed to be released back into society. Then there’s the mentally ill, the bizarre, the screwed up people that NOBODY does anything about. Get them help, put restrictions on their ability to obtain weapons. Make people aware and responsible to report those who display bizarre behavior. You must do this with our rights kept in mind and not allow abuse of a reporting system.
    Look back at Columbine years ago…youths and adults knew that those two were doing things and nobody wanted to be a snitch. They ignored them, enabled them and look how that turned out. These idiots in office now that bang their drum on gun control are a joke. Focus instead on helping the mentally ill and hammering the long term felons that are still victimizing our good citizens.
    BTW…Good citizens, legally armed and of good moral charachter have come to my aid over the years when I needed help and had no back up. Not vigilantes but rather good folks with common sense and responsibility. Washington, don’t bring your wrath on good folks like those, they’ll be the only ones affected by these lame laws you propose. They WILL abide by the law, not the felons.

  28. Trouble is brewing nationwide and it’s just a matter of time when the line will be drawn in the sand. This country’s 2-party system is what makes the dislike continue. I do not like it either, more of the same from the same. People in between are speaking their minds and most are tired of being forced to follow the elected cons the 2 parties keep voting for. Perhaps democracy has lost its appeal to those who have had enough. No more liberty, just pay up and shut up is what they are told to do, year after year. Well hopefully this will come to an end while I’m young enough and able enough to do my part. A fresh start is starting to sound better and look better everyday. Just a matter of time…

  29. I am 100% against this ban even tho this wont help im still throwing in my 2 cents. These so called assault rifles if they think banning them will keep them out of killers hands and stop all violence they are wrong there are thousands upon thousands of ars and ak 47 already out on the street. All the ban will do is anger people nation wide. If somebody gets in their vehicle and were to run through a crowd of people would they try to ban vehicles to prevent accidents? In that case everybody would be walking every where just because an idiot decided to run through a crowd. If this law passes i know for a fact it wont stop crimes it will only anger people. All it takes these days to get ahold of whatever you want is money they print it everyday and people will get what they want no matter what the laws say.

  30. These politicians have no clue what they are talking about ban guns, ban guns, and guns are the main thing to there survival and what keeps them safe so why make us feel unsafe.The thing is that if i wanna take you out i will do so in every means possible either gun, car, knife, bomb, poison. So stop blaming the guns killing everyone its the people doing the killing not the guns,just like if i was to run you down with a car the car didnt kill you i did so you cant blame the car so why blame the guns..I believe the government needs to keep there hands and noses out of everyone’s business and do there job.I feel bad for all the children and woman killed at sandy hook but if the man didnt have a gun to d what he did and he was set on doing that he would have blown the place.

  31. I agree with the above comments from Michael Rutherford. I say screw the Lemmings in New York and California. All of these political lifers don’t have to live nextdoor to the criminal element or if they do the have security people to take care of any problems. Police try hard to do good but so many times where they are just minutes away but people mostly have only seconds.The government will leave my guns alone.

  32. Aw the house of dumb dumbs and you would think they would have better things to do like fixing unemployment or catching criminals than to mess with law abiding citizens and there arms lets think for a minute lets unemploy 30 or40 thousand people that are in the industry and take there rights away and while we’re at it put them in jail because they commit a crime to feed and shelter there family’s cut welfare in half and take family planing away and send help on there tax dollars to other countries that we bombed so they can live a life hey guys I leave anything out o yes let’s not forget the guns we want to take from you will send them across the borders and make millions and all we half to do is lie about it while the American public be leaves this line of sh,! Guys I think it is time to take back our home front and tell these house of dumb dumbs no more contact your reps and tell them no more we will not give or back down you cannot and will not give up our rights to bare arms or we can replace you


  34. “Front Sight Firearms Training Center” has offered to train 3 teachers from every school for FREE, Dr. Ignatius Piazza offered handgun training to teachers, any that were interested, to take these courses and get their concealed carry permit and carry in school. I think that every principal, coach, shop teacher, or any of them that feel they could do it(protect the innocent kids)should take him up on it. And yes, I agree with Oden about the mentally challenged, being prevented from breeding. It’s a little harsh but it could pay off in the long run.
    And how about the mother of the boy who did the shooting in Newton, were there no warning signs from her child? Did she own weapons and just leave them laying around all over the place when she saw her boy not doing so well mentally? If a friend of comes over to my house and he seems disturbed about something and I feel like he may need some pro. help, the first thing I’m gonna do is put my guns in my safe till he leaves.
    I was once married to a woman that when we got into an argument once, very heated, I put my guns in the safe. Of course she asked what I was doing, and I told her, I’m putting these guns away so you will not, in the heat of this argument, shoot me! And yes, she even became more furious, but I came out of it alive. Divorced, but alive.
    And I must say this, these days, kids are not being taught hardly at all, anything. Parents have their kids and just turn them loose. I was taught something growing up, a lot of it was about guns, and I now appreciate the things I was taught by my parents. At the time I actually thought they were being too hard on me, boo hoo, but now, I am so very very glad they taught me, it shows me how much they loved me. That’s part of why parents don’t teach their children anymore, they’re afraid the kids will think we don’t love them, well boo hoo! Get a grip people! Kids will tell you anything to get their way, you have to be mature enough to have kids, and read through them when they say things like that, and discipline them anyway, dang it, it just eats me up to see it. If you cared about ’em in the first place, you’d teach ’em something, like if you do that I will bust your ass! AND MEAN IT! People don’t mean it anymore, and the kids know it. That’s why they get completely out of hand, they know you are not gonna do anything to them if they do it anyway. So they do it anyway and get no tv for a week. awwwww
    A lot of the times these kids are on drugs because Jimmy don’t want to go to school, so Jimmy gets a little pill. Jimmy is depressed, so Jimmy gets a pill. Jimmy don’t like people and don’t play with others well, Jimmy gets a pill. And the pill suddenly takes the place of responsible parenting. Parents today are nothing but a bunch of sheep. It’s no wonder that some of these kids grow up to be idiots, they aren’t taught anything. They don’t even know that there will be consequences when they do s..t. Most of ’em don’t even know that they’re going to hell after they do this s..t and then shoot themselves. ‘Cos nobody taught ’em. Like their parents should have taught ’em. You bunch of sheep. Just wondering around going through the motions.
    Well, it’s all too late anyway now, you’ve already raised an entire generation of heathens due to your lack of responsibility. You’ve already showed them how going to prison is cool, by all these stupid tv shows. So much so, that I saw a kid walking the other day, he had his hands in front of him, like they were cuffed, and he was walking like he had chains on his legs. Now there were no cuffs or chains on this kid, but he thought that it was so cool to walk like that.
    And all the white kids want to mimic all the black kids because it’s cool. It seems the closer to monkeys we can act, the cooler we are. And that’s what it means to be cool these days. Pants down to your knees, and a lamp shade over your head, and your pants and shirt turned around backwards, and talk like you have a ham sandwich in your mouth. Most kids today, they’re too lazy to enunciate their words. I can’t understand anything they say. And if I ask them to repeat what they said, they think it’s funny and just laugh and laugh. The worst part about all that is that they talk the same way when they go for a job interview. They look the same, and talk the same, who’s gonna hire that? And, of course, they don’t get the job. And of course, they didn’t want no job nohow, ya’nowamsayin’. But they go around bitchin’ ’bout ain’t got no job to mom and dad, and mom and dad, say “well dear, at least he’s trying”. B..l S..t!!! And then the kids think, I know how to get some money, sellin’ dope. I have to sell dope, nobody’ll gimme a job. Gotta sell dope. And then they start doin’ the dope, ‘cos they ain’t got no job. Can’t get ahead, and then, they get caught, it’s only matter of time, dumb, and then, they go to prison, but that’s cool, nowamsayin’? The next person that comes to me and says something followed by “ya’nowamsayin’, I’m just gonna slap ’em. I’m sick of it. Sick hearin’ it, sick of seein’ it, sick to death of it.yanowamsayin’? Now, ya’ll have a nice day, ok?

  35. To the people who said – NO AWB is coming. New York State just passed the strictest anti-gun law in the history. They are just the beginning. Some States will be safe. Check your State history- it may tell you your firearms future.


  36. To the Comment by Stevie Dee — January 5, 2013 @ 10:36 am. I laughed at the thought of stationing a cop at every school, which they do here where I live, in a small midwestern town. If a killer was comming to the school to kill kids, the officer would just be the killers first shot. I like the idea of having several trained teacher carring a gun at all times.

  37. How come none of our represenatives have yet to discuss a solution the the problems that should be relavent here. Many have stated that a gun kills no one, very true. The kid that killed the elementary school kids could have used any number of other means to accomplish his goal, and nobody would have tried to ban the other items. I dont mean to offend anyone here but, how about putting a ban on people with mental health issues from breeding. That might actually solve the problem over time. How about having 6 or 7 teachers in every school carry a firearm and train them to use it. Hell this gun ban is a waste of time and money, why not use the time and money on American mental health issues. That might make a difference.

  38. IF YOU TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS, ONLY BAD GUYS WILL HAVE THEM. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars into the economy that the government screwed up buying guns,, magazines, safety equipt. training, and extensive formal classroom training.

    There are over 750,000 members of the Front Sight Orgnization who will be watching which public figures let us down and cave in to pressure by peoples’ pressure and peer pressure, and we will vote them out.

    Thank you for your time, please visit the Front website AND, meet with their founder Dr Ignatius Piazza who desperately wants lawmakers to visit the facilities we attend to learn survival and self defense techniques as well as safe firearms handling and threat removal of a potential

  39. Weather report: There’s a storm coming! That “rainy day” we’ve often mentioned (sometimes tongue-in-cheek?) may soon be upon us! Questions are, what did you do to prepare for it? and did you do anything to help prevent it? If your answer to either is “nothing”, then poor grasshopper, its gonna be a long, cold winter!

    IT’S NOT TOO LATE! GET INVOLVED! Call your elected representatives and tell them how you feel. It’s the VERY LEAST you can do!

    As for me and my house (some of us LEOs, others MIL), we have NO intention of complying with ANY of the proposed provisions of the ban or enforcing them upon anyone else! Don’t like the way my ARs and AKs look and function in their current, legal configurations, Senator and Execs? You go right ahead and ban them and make me a felon with the stroke of your pen, but know this: in for a penny, in for a pound! I promise you REALLY won’t like their NEW configuration after you’ve criminalized my possession of them! And they WILL NOT be surrendered! MOLON LABE!

  40. Everyone that reads this, please go to this website.

    We petition the Obama administration to:

    Disregard and negate Representative José Serrano’s legislation to repeal Presidential term limits.

    On January 4th, 2013, Representative José Serrano (D-NY) proposed legislation that would repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    This, in turn, would cause Presidential term limits to become non-existent.

    In order to prevent overreaching control by government, and for Representative José Serrano to honor his Congressional Oath;

    We, The People, petition the administration of President Barack Obama to issue an executive order to negate and disregard the proposed legislation to repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment.”

    This is a travesty and should be absolutely DEMANDED by all.

    Tim Henson

  41. FYI and for what it’s worth – Post 157: GW never said…

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

    it’s a spurious quotation that, some say, originated in the 1990s.

    The Jefferson Quote, below it, appears to be, likewise, fictional.

    Know the truth and it will set you free!

  42. “Personal protection,” for me, does not distinguish between one threat and any other. Keeping the yoke of tyranny off my shoulders is just one example of “personal protection.”

  43. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    — George Washington

    “No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny in government.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    Not this time. Dianne’s comment in the caption shows her complete lack of knowledge and is reason enough why she should not be in Gov. Shouldn’t we at least demand that our leaders understand the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. And, according to most of the founding father’s writings, very little to do with personal protection. The 2nd Amendment is to keep the people free from tyranny in government.

    What part of “SHALL” do they not understand. If the founding fathers thought it would be OK to accasionally infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms, they would have used the word “may”.

  44. Oddly, in Socialist UK, where everyone shares the pain, suppressors are widely available, commonly used, recommended by the police to avoid disturbing your neighbors, and easily and cheaply obtained at your local hardware store or just make one yourself, whereas, here in Free Amerika they are heavily regulated, very expensive, dangerous, and if you make one yourself it’s 7 to 10 in solitary…

  45. In response to #151: regarding communicating with local law enforcement about where they stand on this issue. I think the first step is to talk to any friends or family you have in law enforcement. Ask them what they would do if they were ordered to go door to door asking for people’s guns. Ask them how they feel about new gun legislation and an AWB. If you see a cop at coffee or on a break don’t be afraid to approach them and ask, “what do you guys think about all this talk about stricter gun laws?” I can almost guarantee you will hear them say “I would never go door to door asking for people’s guns- not only is it unconstitutional, it’s also a good way to get shot.” They will also probably tell you we don’t need new gun laws, we have plenty of those. The problem lies with keeping violent people in prison, with cowards in the District Attorneys office and in political office, and a broken mental health system. You might be surprised at how willing to have a conversation your local cops are. Aside from that you could email your local chief or sheriff and ask them where they stand on that issue.

  46. Thank you Anthony! Someone who finally gets it! You’ve spelled it out brilliantly for all to see right here! I hope like hell enough Americans read and consider your words and can effect a real change in this country or I fear losing our second amendment rights may be the least of our problems…

  47. We need to get full auto’s and shorter barrels back into the hands of our children! To hell with all gun laws all together! Let little Suzy have that 11″ full auto, suppressed AR!
    Little Johnny has a right to protect himself… full auto style that is! All whisper quiet with the newest AAC suppressor!

  48. With all respect, all this talk about the Second Amendment and “from my cold dead hands” is pointless. First of all, on this site all such comments are essentially “preaching to the choir” since we overwhelmingly share the same perpectives. Talking to ourselves may provide good venting, but it won’t accomplish squat.

    The occasional macho post about using force is unrealistic. The sad reality is that most Americans were enslaved by economics a long time ago. Most will grumble, but comply when the police knock on the front door. They will do so because if they don’t, they won’t be able to go to their crap slave jobs, make their crap slave wages, and pay the mortgage to the bank that OWNS their lives and families.

    A relatively few will resist and in so doing will accomplish nothing except provide “film at 11”. But in the end, their weapons will go, too. They may be killed by equally gung-ho 25 year old SWAT team members with body armour and real automatic M4’s. And while this will make a statement, death in itself accomplishes nothing.

    More and more people understand that the Government has been corrupted. We let it happen. EVERY piece of legislation, every war, every appropriation, is heavily influenced by LOBBYING. It’s a synonym for bribery and graft. Money owns the government, plain and simple. This is why the top tenth of a percent control 70+ percent of the wealth. This is why monetary policy is conducted by the Federal Reserve WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY to any branch of Government, and has been screwing you for 60 years. This is why the Supreme Court, in amazing contortions of logic, opened the door for Superpacs which essentially decide elections. This is why our children fight and die in illegal undeclared wars, and while speeches decry it, it happens anyway, time and time again. It goes on and on (and on) but the theme is always the same: The ultra rich get richer, and you pay for it.

    The Chinese watched the Soviets lose the cold war. They didn’t really lose in the normal sense. What happened was, they essentially went broke. They “went out of business”. Being both an analytical and patient culture, what the Chinese learned from this was that going head to head against the United States in terms of a weapons race was a losing proposition. They saw that the way to conquer and control the United States was at once much less expensive and much more effective: economics. Using their massive near slave labor resource, along with currency manipulation, and yes, lobbying to ensure that the tax laws remained favorable to Companies that moved production to China, the Chinese have effectively waged war on the United States. No need to bomb US factories. They simply created economic advantages that caused US companies to stop investing in domestic production and move the money to Asia. Much more effective than bombs and bullets.

    We have to learn the same lessons. Standing on your front porch and racking your shotgun (or pulling the charging handle on your AR) is only going to succeed in getting you killed. Which is OK if that’s what you want, but it isn’t going to change a thing.

    Want to make a difference? We have to make it ECONOMICALLY. Here’s a few things to consider:

    1) Vote out incumbents, every time. Long terms breed corruption. One term should be plenty. Career politicians are the enemy of the People.

    2) Do not vote for any candidate that has been funded all or in part by Superpacs or corporate money. Yes, I know that is 98% of them. 98% of them are the enemy.

    3) Vote for Libertarians and Independents. Many people don’t get the criticallity of this. They won’t vote for the third party because they think that they are throwing their vote away or helping the liberals win. NONSENSE! We have to realize that in Washington, the only difference between Dems and Repubs is the RHETORIC. They are effectively THE SAME. Bernanke was in charge under both Bush and Obama, and is the primary force enslaving you. Both Repubs and Dems have expanded the Federal Governement shamelessly. Both have ignored the Consitution. And most importantly, BOTH ARE FUNDED AND CONTROLLED BY BIG MONEY INTERESTS.

    3) Very Important – Take your money OUT of the large national banks. You aren’t getting but 1/2% anyway. Put it in small local community banks, credit unions, strong foreign currencies (Australia, Canada – not Eurozone!!), or gold – and hide it well.

    4) Get out of Wall Street, including your retirement accounts. Most people think the 401k plan was a good thing. It was – if you’re Wall Street. The huge influx of money taken from paychecks is what created the incredible boom-bust cycles. The Fed’s monetary policy target 2-4% inflation per year, and your money is tied up until you’re old. The result is that your money becomes worthless (do the math). Meanwhile, Wall Street firms are raking it in since they get paid with every transaction. Get it? 401k’s were NEVER about you, they were about getting your wealth away from you. Get your money in non-dollar based assets.

    “Occupy Wall Street” was, well, stupid. TAKING YOUR MONEY out of the banks and Wall Street will GET IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Let the banks FAIL. They are the enemy, and that is how to beat them. NOT A SINGLE SHOT NEED BE FIRED.

    Yes, we have 270 million legal guns in the United States. I believe that these guns DO represent, if you will, the FOURTH branch of “checks and balances” on government. But we have to be SMART and REASONABLE. Use of force is a LAST RESORT, one that we must not use as long as there are options. AND THERE ARE OPTIONS. If the Chinese have figured out how to patiently dismantle our Country by enticing us to GIVE them our production capacity and by addicting our population to cheap doo-dads, we should be looking and learning at how we can use economic and political means to promote our interests.

    Want to keep your rights (all of them, not just 2A)? Think ECONOMIC PRESSURE. Think POLITICAL PRESSURE. Leave the gun in the safe for now.

    God Bless America.

  49. Roger – Your insight is spot on and we need to organize based on such precepts. Thank you LEO for you support! We need a private and comprehensive way to reach out to peace officers throughout America to obtain an understanding and SOP when interacting on 2nd Amendment issues. Any thoughts?!

  50. Odd that some will fight to keep their weaponry and not do a damn thing about the loss of everything else that has now placed them under the control of those more ambitious minds than theirs.
    Fascism is corporatism combined with communitarianism, un questioning militarism both domesticly and intrrnationally and the plain truth is that by end of civil war US was going full bore in direction we now find ourselves in.
    Adirection of riding to the gun and pretending or ignorant enjoying the benefits economicly of that national identity.
    It can be said that almost 100% of gun owners have gone to and supported every war and almost that same percent did not know the reality of why or who they killed.
    Why can those who purport to be educated( welfare people themselves tend not to vote) and some 60+ to 80+% been in favor,
    of invading IRAq and the police who broke up anti Bush and war demonstrators.
    THECult of the gun does not require being educated but it should and not by those pro gun activist and revisionist pseudo Historians in gun shops.
    You cannot support an Empire or those whose actions suport its growth of power and think yourself immune from those who wield Empirical Power.
    Yes we will see many many new restrictions upon who may and what typeof weapons we can own
    TRUTH IS if all you could legally own is Daisy lever BB gun gun owners would still be waving a flag centuries old that has short term memory now ut talking of good old days they actually never lived under.

  51. I hear a lot of senators and Congressmen & women say they they are hunters and fully protect the 2nd Amendment, but they don’t think anyone needs an assualt weapon. Here’s a news flash people, The only firearms protected by the second are the ones you’re trying to ban! Weapons that can be used by the militia for protection of the nation, state, county, home. Those weapons are the same ones the military uses.

  52. Registration = Confiscation. If even a small percentage of gun owners refuse to register their gun, say 5% then that is 2.5 million people. The government cannot handle that many people. (RE: Ghandi in India)

    According to the General Accounting Office, federal prisons are at 139% capacity and California is having to release 30,000 prisoners a Month because of the overcrowded conditions.

    Do NOT Register your guns … if you do then you might as well give them up right then.

    They can’t find what they don’t know exists.

  53. Your initial question was:

    In the District of Columbia v. Heller, the ruling does not protect all guns under the 2nd Amendment. If President Obama is reelected, an assault weapons ban is highly possible. What do you think?

    Given that the District of Criminals…I mean Columbia… is federal territory, I’m surprised the SC ruled the way they did. However, for those of us living in our own state, the law of the territories does not apply to us. One must remember that the SC rules on a particular case, which does not mean their ruling is automatic law. Courts do not make law, even though some think they do. It is the highest court in the land ruling in a particular case. It just means there is no court to appeal to after the SC rules. Their decision was for the case Heller v. the District of Columbia, and D.C. is a federal territory and really does not apply in all fifty states. The SC decision can be used in future legal arguments, and can be considered by congress when crafting new law.

    However, if the same condition exists in your city and state, as did in D.C. prior to Heller v. D.C., then one can reference this SC ruling in their argument.

    The most important thing is that the government did not grant us a right to own guns and neither did the second amendment. In fact the second amendment didn’t even mention the word guns. The second amendment doesn’t even apply to us.

    The second amendment says: “…THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. This is an absolute and clear restriction on the government, federal and state to not even think about restricting, taxing, confiscating, limiting, disallowing, issuing permits, registration of, diminishing the right, and more, to bear arms.

    Arms are not just fire arms. The founders did not write fire arms. An arm can be and today usually is a fire arm, but it can also be a dagger, switch blade, grenades, rockets, cannons, machine guns (unregistered and untaxed), garden shovels, baseball bats, kitchen forks, and in the future, ray guns, or yet unknown arms.

    This may sound extreme to some, but I suggest it is no more extreme than banning a thirty round clip. Remember the first part of the second amendment says a …“Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”. If the federal government falls down on the job or refuses to protect the nation, as it has done both, we the people would need all of the above mentioned weapons and more to defend ourselves and the nation.

    Even more important, the founders recognized the need for the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. This is absolutely the reason for the second amendment. And what do we have today? We have the most tyrannical government since King George. So, naturally, a tyrannical government is going to want to disarm the people.

    Also, remember that no man gave you a right to protect yourself. It is a God given inalienable right. Such a right can never be diminished, traded, surrendered, sold, or taken. In fact, it is Gods commandment to protect and nurture the temple of your soul.

    Given the above, I would say the question as raised is defective in its form, because banning self defense is against natural law. Can the feds say there is a ban…sure, but that does not mean we have to follow their unlawful dictates. However, it is a great question because it creates opportunity think about the meaning of the second amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights more often and more deeply, hopefully.

    Now how do we address the current problem of more gun control which so many have answered in response to the question raised?

    Hopefully, from the above we will think differently about the meaning of the second amendment, the Constitution, and statute gun laws. All these statutes are unconstitutional and therefore illegal on their face.

    Some say they don’t understand. Some say they will simply shoot anyone who tries to take their guns. Some say hide your guns. Others say its mental illness that kills, or criminals will always have guns. And others say politicians are insane, politicians are stupid, idiots and ignorant. Lastly, many say God bless the patriots.

    I say we have no government. While many were sleeping our government was taken over by left wing liberals, right wing conservatives, Fascist, Socialists, Communists call them what you will. Their last move to a complete totalitarian rule is to disarm the populous. Starve the people out, sweeping pandemics, and death camps to resistors is how they work. It has happened over and over again through out history. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “America is the last best chance for freedom”. We must not allow this to happen.

    People who fought for this cause died i.e., JFK, RFK, MLK, attempted assassination of Reagan, Pat Tillman, and many, many more since these victims.

    The killing at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT is the apparent spark for the talk of gun bans etc. Yet what do we the public know about what really happened there. All we get is conflicting reports. The last I heard, the killer did not use the 223 Bushmaster in the killings. Also, there may have been a second gunman. Where is the security cameras footage? Frankly, this sounds like fast and furious (pun intended) reporting and governmental reflex reaction. It has a Lee Harvey Oswald did it…never mind about the ballistics feel to it.

    The way we defeat these people is hold their feet to the fire by demanding an in depth, independent investigation and release all of it to the public before thinking about any unlawful bans.

    The only way the criminals can hope to confiscate guns is through police and military cooperation and the use of force. Talk to your police, the chief of police, county sheriff, members of the armed services that you know and don’t know. Let them know our government has been overtaken and is illegitimate. Inform them our ‘government’ disregards the Constitution and all these wars America is involved in are all unconstitutional. Ask them if they have read the Constitution and understand it, and if they take their oath to it seriously. Let them know that having an armed confrontation with them is exactly what the NWO wants. Let them know that we are all Americans and we do not want another civil war in our country.

    Without our tax dollars and without police power the feds can do nothing. Inform the police and military we need them now more than ever. Instruct them that in event of civil war, those still standing will be liquidated by foreign troops. Let them know that it is a no win for them or us, but only by the NWO. We must all unite against this evil now.

    Let anyone you know that works for FEMA, TSA, FBI, and the endless alphabet soup agencies that they are not working for America when they attack fellow Americans, nor we attacking them. If you ever played sports, you know we must jell as a team…the America team.

    The way we lost this nation was through civil war and by giving up our own money. We have no money of our own. We just have FeRNs. We gave up natural money, the biblical money of natural/common law and have enslaved ourselves to the NWO. Stop using FeRNs. That is why the NWO prints paper to bribe politicians and anyone else willing to sell their soul for FeRNs.

    Everyone reading this please call or talk to a law officer, a military person you know (ask for names of their friends in the military you can call), a local politician and let them know that you know what is happening to our country and persuade them to help you stop it. Too many of our soldiers have died in vain. We must stop this.

    I realize this could come down to the use of force, but we must avoid this. We need a few trials of ‘government officials’ for treason and a few bankers for conspiracy and their empire will tumble. Doing what I have suggested is what any patriot would do. I have done some of it but need to do more.

    Thank you Jeff for quoting Darrell Scott’s statement before congress in reference to his murdered daughter at Columbine HS. You are right; I never heard it in the news.

  54. Local law enforcement IS on your side. No one is taking my guns and I will fight to defend the rights of law abiding gun owners.

  55. One other thing. The restriction on magazine sizes also did zip in reducing violent crime. A 30 round magazine is impressive but three x ten round magazines (as is being bantied about) are just as “ominous” (as one legislator says)…. anyone who has competed in IPSC/IDPA can swap to a new magazine in a fraction of a second. And to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms would further do little to reduce violent crime as the resultant use of lever action or other rifles or high capacity revolvers or single or double action pistols would simply slow things down a fraction and not enough to really be effective.

    Nay, IMHO, after much reading and studying, the answer lies in an upright armed populace and stronger enforcement of existing laws; stronger background checks perhaps for felons and whackos; better prisons; more and better mental health care and requirement for doctors to report mental health issues the same as the requirement to report treatment of gunshot wounds (although that might make those seeking mental health care think twice) and so on.

    If Congress deems to increase gun control then they need to address a host of other issues that cause illegal and immoral deaths in the community. More folks die from medical errors that from firearms. And the same holds true of a whole host of other issues. Legally owned guns are really not an issue except to provide a soapbox. Have the guts to deal with the issue appropriately as prior generations did.

  56. I went to purchase an AR15 today only to find out there was one left in a 100 mile radius and it was 800$ MORE than the price I was quoted 3 weeks ago. My buddy up at the local range has sold nearly 100 “Assault Weapons” in the past 2 weeks. People are buying guns more now than ever before. Our government is in for a VERY rude awakening if they try to start confiscating things. I’ll be damned if they are taking my handgun simply because it has a 12 round magazine. The sad part is, my Mosin Nagant would do more damage to someone than a standard AR15…

  57. In 2011 there were 32,885 deaths from drunk drivers.
    In the same year, there were 8,535 murders using firearms.

    Why doesn’t Feinstein introduce a bill taking EVERYONE’s car away from them?
    Or better yet, let’s bring Prohibition back.

    It would save WAY more lives than what she is doing now…

    Comment by Dave — January 5, 2013 @ 10:54 am

    It would be interesting, Dave, to see what percentage of those 8,535 murders were committed by law abiding citizens owning legal firearms. I would think a very small number. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see what was being done and what penalties were being handed out to criminals and whackos illegally possessing firearms. I would also suggest that despite it being our inalienable right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves (etc), we are indeed being regulated already and we are very likely to see some serious restrictions forthcoming. Perhaps it is time for some high profile legislators to stand up and educate the Senate and the House as to guns and gun violence… as to violence in general. Perhaps to cast other red herrings out in lieu of gun bans…. safe storage law? Mental health discussions? Raising issues about OTHER means that folks go about killing one another (cars, medical errors, mental health issues, poisonous foods and additives, etc.) No, guns are not the issue here. GRANDSTANDING is the issue. And Obama and Feinstein have their own agendas and need either a distraction from said agendas or a bigger soapbox to be heard from. I think, personally, that Feinstein simply wants to be adored in the history books… she wants to be larger than life and seem more of a (sic) patriot than she really is.

    One can only hope that saner heads prevail in Congress; that at the very least, if not completely defeated, any further gun restrictions be limited to enhanced enforcement of existing laws and that this idiocy about “ASSAULT WEAPONS” be put to bed once and for all so the public understands that an assault weapon is simply one that is fully automatic and intended for ASSAULTING a stronghold in war. FULLY AUTOMATIC. SELECT FIRE.

    Empirical data shows that the last assault weapon ban did nothing to reduce violent crime and murder using illegal weapons. It shows, without doubt, that an armed populace is firstly, an upstanding and honest populace and that violent crime is reduced. The legislators need to look elsewhere for their answer and not take the easy road as they are wont to do right now. Further gun restrictions will do absolutely nothing to help. On the other hand, enforcing existing law will do much.

    And for crying out loud…. get rid of the “killing zones” which are those places designated as gun-free. Let folks defend themselves. If we asked any of those victims at Columbine or at Luby’s or in that theatre what they would have wanted most of all when the massacres were taking place? I’d be willing to bet the answer would be “a gun to defend myself with”.

  58. Did it ever occur that Liberty cannot be purchased out of a rifle barrell but its ultimate protection can be protected or destroyed by not only what comtes out of a gun but more the mind and aims.
    Has itoccured to anyone That: “personal Liberty ” is liberty of the mind rather than that of our belly.

  59. I think they can vote for what ever they want. I think that THIS TIME a civil war will be the result. Talking to too many people who will never let our rights be abridged again!

  60. Vote Libertarian for once, all of you.

    You will find NO compromise of your basic individual, civil, human, or Constitutional rights.

  61. The AWB will be more laws for law abiding citizens, not criminals who don’t follow laws. Washington loves to pass more laws that will create more make work for their lawyer buddies. It’s not about public safety. Baseball bats and hammers killed nearly twice as many people as rifles did last year. Yet we see no media and public outrage against bats and hammers. It’s simple to understand if you “follow the money”. Maybe it is time we stop sending lawyers to congress and electing them as presidents. I favor 8 year term limits for congress and senators, then send them back to their day jobs. No more golden fleece retirements and health care. No more exempting themselves from laws they pass. End special interest money like the lawyer lobby. See
    Remember, assault is not a device, it is a behavior. God bless the patriots!

  62. Dale – Please understand this whole string is for REAL Americans who are bound by the Constitution’s precepts and the men who bled out on American and foreign soil to ratify her. I know those words are romantic, but for REAL Americans, they are not negotiable. We are forced to ignore the great violence done to our sacred document over the years and are bound by the very freedoms we have enjoyed. I took an oath when I joined the AF and I DID NOT rescind that oath when I left active duty. If my brothers can give all in the sands of some S@#Thole just so my family can be free, who am I? Tyranny is tyranny no matter where or how it is imposed. I would dishonor all the brothers who fell beside me if I am not willing to give as they did. The difference is knowing where the line is and not crossing over into a tyranny of you own making. Remember, once the round starts down your barrel, it cannot be recalled, it will not slow down, and it will FOREVER change what it strikes!

  63. Everyone is talking about the Constitution this and that. Bush voided the Constitution when he broke several of it’s laws. That being said, since there is no Constitution, they will have hell taking guns from any law abiding citizens. All of these states symbolically seceding is a good thing. If all states would do it then the feds will no longer have any business being in our territories “symbolically”.
    When they enacted the Martial Law act a few years back, they were looking at this coming. Why do you think Homeland Security ordered over 500,000,000 rounds of .223 ammo? They will try to come into your home and take your “illegal” weapons if laws are passed. All I have to say on the subject is they first have to pass my German Shepherd and if they shoot him, then I start defending my home and property.

  64. Rob – Good question on LEO. It is imperative that we know whether they will choose to defend the Constitution; even against orders. Without local and state peace officers on our side, the way is MUCH more difficult. Even if we are able to overwhelm our brothers in civil uniform, it will be at great physical and emotional peril. These guys were and are there to defend our families and many of them are our personal friends. Believe me… It it NOT easy to draw a bead on someone you know has dedicated his life to your safety and that of your neighbor. You may even sit next to them in church; like I do! It is time to reach out to them in private and ask the HARD questions NOW. We simply have to know.

  65. To USMCVeteran…Yeah I know I would do the same thing as you. I want to hear it from the LEO what he would do and what his supervisor instructs them to do. I told one Sheriff if the SHTF I feel sorry for LEO’s. They’ll be put straight right in the middle. Not a good place to be. Anyway God bless the Republic!

  66. What kind of society are we building? Do any of you know a damn thing about what legislative bills bills other than ones having to do with guns?
    This nation is on a ciff and it is not just a fiscal one but one of vast proportions for our social structuring.
    Eazy to look for blue hemets and hippys or arabs as bad guys while harder to fight the bad guys running the show.

  67. How about Californians growing some “stones” and then they ban Senator Feinstein from gaining another term in office? Then the rest of the politicians might get the message and leave the 2nd Amendment alone!

  68. The sad thing is that the police will not get there in time to save you. So if you don’t do it yourself it will not get done. In case someone does not know that murder is against the law. People that do these drimes need to be stopped before there can hurt people

  69. Citizens, with rare exceptions, do not own military full-auto weapons. They do not own AK-47’s, but dumbed-down modified versions to be semi-auto. So the comparison is false. These guns should be called Defense Weapons, not Assault Weapons. If the govt gets away with calling the War Dept now the Defense Dept, how are they telling citizens that their weapons are for assault? We need to control the rhetoric on this one.

    As to the 2nd Amendment, it indicates that citizens should own weapons appropriate for militia service; that means that the weapons citizens own should be equal to military weapons, as for example to fight off an invasion by the Mexican Army, which would have automatic weapons.

  70. I think Diane Fienstein needs to read the points about assault weapons and their actual use in homicides and be realistic about how they are used. Statistics are the real tellers of the mass shootings and what was used to kill the victims. Shes one of those stupid idiots that if someone was breaking into her home she would run next door to the guy with the gun and have him take care of it. Its all bullsh*t she puts out and she should not be even considered in the mix!!

  71. All Viet-Nam Vets, Look out WE ARE THE FIRST ONES OBAMA IS COMING AFTER!!!!! We are the first ones to openly be users of drugs,so therefor WE ARE BAD!!!!!!!! If you own a semiauto weapon (pistol or rifle) get them out of your home and cosmolined and hidden away from your household! The new “Patriot” laws allow Federal agents to makee their own warrants up on the way to your house and bust you as a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST” if they find ANY semiauto weapons on your property!!!!! So Watch yer A**es especially after dark(THAT’S WHEN THEY LIKE TO COME AND F**K WITH YOU).
    Every body else better remember that last part, because OBAMA said that he will have his AWB by 1/31/13 and NO Grandfather Clause for ANYBODY!!!!!! So either sell your AW’s or cosmoline them and pack them away and bury them away from your household!!!!!!

  72. Actually your sword comment stepped in it. There was an identical incident on China on the same day as Newton. My understanding is that all the 20+ children lived. The looney only had access to a knife. So yes, body count does go way up based on the type of weaponry there is access to

  73. IMA “no need for this type of weaponry” you say. This shows that you don’t know what weapons the gun grabbers want to ban. Their definition of assault weapons pertains to how a gun looks as apposed to how it works. Many “sporting rifles” are more powerful and can be far more destructive than a black rifle that just happens to have a bayonet lug. By the way how long has it been since someone held up a convenience store with a bayonet? The thirty round magazine issue seems to be a hot subject but if you stop to look at the facts, it is the first round out of the gun that is the most dangerous, not the twentieth. Even if the school shooter only had five round magazines available, he could have fired between five and six hundred rounds before the police sirens caused him to kill himself. The Principle could have stopped him with a revolver before he emptied the first five shot magazine. For those who are throwing rocks and saying the NRA has blood on their hands, they are dead wrong. The primary responsibility is still on the shooter and if there is any blame to be shared, then the rest if it should be on the people who lobbied to make the schools defenseless gun free zones. Four times as many people are killed buy drunk drivers as are killed by guns and everyone knows how prohibition worked out. As long as we let violent criminals walk and refuse to accept that there are some people who need to be locked up for their own and the public’s protection, there will be violent acts. If we could magically remove all guns from the face of the earth, the only thing that would change is the weapon used. Would it have been any less horrible if the shooter at Sandy Hook had of used a sword? How many more mass murders will it take before we start to look at real solutions instead of new feel good laws?

  74. Everyone must realize that if ‘they’ come to take your guns, making a front stoop stand will only get you a negative story in the local and national press. Your defiance will be run up the flag pole as an example of why ‘they’ need to take away our guns.

    What must happen is for the pro-constitutionalists to organize now. Only through organization can we succeed (united we stand, divided we fall….). This applies to the political activities going on now, but it also applies to ‘tactical’ activities that may occur down the road.

  75. True Liberalism is a Narcissistic Antisocial Personality Disorder all wrapped up in the most desperate “Type A” Pavlovian train wreck one can imagine. As such, their innate need to subjugate and control others is overwhelming. No amount of reason will cause them to back away from the existing possibility of placing the self reliant American’s throats under their boot. Make no mistake… They are in a “full court press” to ultimately disarm all law abiding Americans with the end game being a neo-European/Soviet style socialism under the direct control of the UN. The Liberal is incapable of understanding the criminal element in the US will always have access to fully automatic assault weapons and will use them against the defenseless populous.

  76. No one can teach them anything because their ignorance makes them hate. They can’t help it. Cars kill children, lets take away certain types of cars. And going to church don’t make anyone a Christian. It’s plain ignorance. A rock is an assault weapon if it’s being used to assault someone. My SKS is not an assault weapon because it’s used as a home defense weapon. But you can’t educate someone that is so ignorant that they don’t want to be educated. Ignorance is bliss. I hope they’re all very happy that they’ve stirred up all this crap, and monkey see monkey do, so all the other ignorant people will jump right on the band wagon, just because someone said just what they wanted to hear. “IGNORANT”!!!

  77. It makes me sick to even see that looney tune even holding an AR. She is the worst kind of Liberal anti-gun, anti-liberty fanatic. Her husband cashes in on all sorts of shady international deals, such as Gore’s sale of his pathetic network to Al Jazeera and arms sales to overseas sheiks, and then we have Senator Diane Feinstein on the Left Coast who possesses something more rare than a conservative Republican in San Francisco – an unrestricted concealed weapons permit. Easy for her to say what other people should do because as a Senator she will be exempt from following the law simply by virtue of being herself.

    Liberals are propaganda experts. As Joseph Goebbels said, “Propaganda does not have to be intelligent, it simply has to get a result.”

  78. Rob, if anybody, especially anybody dressed in a government costume, shows up at my door to confiscate any of my personal property then it’s time to raise the Jolly Roger and fight!

  79. The simple fact that the gun grabbers are using an event so tragic, in itself, should tell us the kind of people and the mindset of these people that we are dealing with. The very sad, and dangerous, part of their thinking is that they actually believe that banning “assault looking” weapons will make a difference in the murder rate. These folks are so tunnel blind and have such limited vision (intelligence) that they cannot see what they are pushing for. Criminals and crimanally insance folks will find the type of gun that they want to commint a crime. If they need a large capacity semi-auto, they will steal one from a collection of some “grandfathered” pieces belonging to a legal owner. If they need a full auto they will kill a cop or a military type and take one. Or, they’ll find someone who owns a legal machine gun and develop some plot to steal one,regardless of what kind of crime they have to commit to get the gun. The liberal gun morons cannot see this. On top of all this to show the level of insanity they use, Feinstein says that she is “helping” the hunters by allowing over 900 existing weapons to remain legal. Does she not know that these”legal” guns will kill just as many people as one that “looks ominous” or ever how you spell it. It’s beyond my comprehension how these people think. Just like obama and his “tax the rich” obsession. He does not care if the tax is only one cent, as long as he can say he taxed the rich more than the lower income (read lower income any way you want, I know what it means) and he can “redistribute” this higher tax to the lower income folks. Most of who are on welfare and government handouts to begin with. I personally, am lower income compared to most of the country but it does me no good because I am too high a lower income to qualify for all the goodies. I have to pay for my own food, rent, home, utilities and all the other stuff that the qualifying lower incomes receive.
    Now, all that said, I have no doubt that obama and all of his cabinet of convicted nontaxpaying felons will do everything in their power to get an AWB passed. And it will be a mother. And if feinstein has her bill passed then the ones of us who own legal, grandfathered weapons will have to go through more background checks, get fingerprinted, register our weapons, along with ourselves, all at our own expense, and get on a national database that will be used before too much longer, before obama’s term ends, to confiscate all weapons from citizens. Sound familiar, remember hitler in the late 1930’s. It is not as crazy as it sounds, folks and you better wake up and smell the Justice Department. obama has a racist attorney general who gives orders to US Marshals and FBI agents and all feds he controls to NOT arrest blacks for crimes that a White person would immediately start hard time for. Voter intimidation, immigration fraud, voter registration fraud, voter fraud and a lot more. This same justice department will take a gun registration data base and attempt to seize every legal gun in the USA owned by non cops and nonmilitary.
    Again, this sounds crazy, right? Keep watching. obamas executive orders will get him anything that he is afraid to let Congress handle. It’s ALREADY happened. Again, this is the ranting of a crazy gun owner, right? No, it’s the ranting of someone who is totally fed up with PC and submitting to every miniority demand. I served in the military for eight years, worked for the federal government for 31 years and always paid my taxes on time. How many of obamas cabinet can say that?? Few, if any.
    Enough, stay vigilant, stay legal and make sure your NRA dues are current. If you are not a member of NAFGR (National Association For Gun Rights), then join now. These two organizations are the main last hope we have of keeping an undiluted Second Amendment in effect. obama cares nothing for any part of the Constitution and he is zeroed on the Second Amendment. Do not let him and his other corrupt minions have it.

  80. In response to the west coast cop 985…I have friends in law inforcement also and they think the same as you and I’m happy how you think but. My question to you if you read this is this….What if National Guard troops show up or the Army for that matter want to confiscate your guns and my guns. What are you going to do?

  81. Strange how some people are so concerned by magazine size, flash hiders, various handles and grip, and other scary “assault rifle” features without any actual understanding of weapons and balistics. I have to wonder how they would react to the sight of an 180 grain bullet hitting a moose at roughly 1,000 yards from an 100 your old bolt action rifle made in the USSR?

  82. I just saw a picture of protestors outside of a gun shop holding signs stating “these guns kill our children”. Next to them was a rather large man with a sign proclaiming “forks and spoons made me fat”. I understand his line of thinking, but who can teach this simple truth to the gun haters?

  83. I am in Orlando and attended a gun show today. Without a doubt it was the largest show I have ever attended. Well over 5,000 people. Was a 3 hour wait to get in unless you renewed your NRA membership or became a new member, then you were allowed right in. I saw AR 15’s being sold hand over fist, all kinds of so-called “assault weapons”, hi capacity magazines for every conceivable rifle and pistol, literally cases after cases of ammo going out the door. Prices were in keeping with the current market demand etc. The Florida Highway Patrol as well as the Orlando PD was on the scene, keeping the peace and it was a peaceful event. Even the ATF had a table monitored by two young women. The line to get into this event wrapped around the building several times and I had to park 3/4 mile away on a side road. Lots of military veterans in attendance. Gun shops are moving out assault weapons at warp speed. I ABSOLUTELY think that America is preparing for a major confrontation against those who are proposing any form of gun control. NO ONE is buying this stuff with the intention of surrendering it to the government. NO ONE !

  84. coastiekevink – Americans are charged to own weapons by the 2nd A not only as a right but to be prepared to put down tyranny when necessary. As I see it… it is not an option!

  85. we all state criminals will get guns anyway, etc, etc. true and we all KNOW THAT…the liberals do not care about facts! so, they will try to ban firearms and they will, in my opinion, try to register or tax all firearms and ammo to the point not many people could afford it. now you have to ask yourself, what am I going to do about it? we need to get organized! i own weapons because the gov’t might try to do this very thing!

  86. Ima – True the AK-47 was originally designed for organized eastern block combat (as was the NATO 5.56 for the West). However, it has found favor by Americans due to it’s simplistic design and reliable operation by fun shooters and some hunters (like boar). As a Gulf War AFSOC veteran, I can tell you we were much more concerned with more accurate sniper fire from the bigger brother 7.62 x 54 than the relatively short range and inaccurate x 39 spray. The hunting rifles we’ve had in America since the early 1900’s have more power and in skilled hands, are much more deadly. The issue is not the type of firearm we should allow the Liberal regime to take from us, but the slippery slope a Constitutional Americans find themselves by giving even “token” power to those with clear designs of Marxist subjugation and enslavement.

  87. “Never let a crisis go to waste”.This is the mantra of the ambulance-chasing Democrats in DC, who are ramping up fear,hatred, and anger among the uninformed ,air-headed general public, aided by Obama’s sycophants in the lame-stream media. Let’s see now, I have to be fingerprinted, registeered,investigated, and pay a fee to keep an item of my personal property??? Sorry Di Fi, I DON’T THINK SO! and I REFUSE!!!

  88. The government is losing the war on drugs and the government is losing the war on poverty. Now they have decided to spend billions of dollars to disarm the law abiding taxpayers and leave them at the mercy of the criminal elements that are kicking their ass. If this is truly about public safety, they would spend the money to win the war on drugs and poverty. The only way for Islam to overcome America is to ban our religions, our right to bear arms, and to conquer from within.

  89. I am a Police officer for a large agency on the west coast. My friends and coworkers swore to uphold the constitution when I was sworn in nine years ago. Any version of an “assault weapons” ban is clearly unconstitutional. The men and women I work with understand that guns are not the problem with society today. Us local police officers will be the first to oppose new legislation and we see first hand the importance of guns in the hands of good guys. If we were ordered by our superiors to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens, the order would be met with refusal and rage. We believe in the oath we took and we are the first to question our tyrannical federal, state, and even local governments. I believe you will find the majority of local law enforcement share my views. I don’t work for the police bureau, the mayor, or the city. I work for the citizens. When an officer comes knocking on your door, please don’t assume they’re there to take your guns. It’s more likely than not that he or she would rather die defending our Constitutional rights than violating the sacred second amendment.

  90. No matter how many gun control laws the government enacts, criminals will always have guns. The government wants to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Is this the same government that just promoted and facilitated putting guns into the hands of some of the most violent criminals via Fast and Furious? The gun and ammunition buying frenzy reflects not the law abiding citizens fear of criminals, but the fear of our own government. How sad.

  91. I am an ex-Marine scout-sniper. I own 3 “assault weapons” and planning on buying a couple more when I can. This line of dictatorship is rediculous! I refuse to 1. Give up my guns! 2. I WILL DEFEND MY RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF AND MY FAMILY! 3.I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY GUNS! YOU CAN PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! If the anti-gun people would actually look at some of the reports out, they would realize that most of the people that own the”assault weapons” are by all accounts,law-abiding citizens. I believe that anyone desiring to own any type of gun should be required to take a psych exam and classes to train them on firing, safety and maintenance. This should be a pre-requisit. Thanking you in advance for allowing me to post my thoughts. Thank you and God bless.

  92. Hey, Bill Weldon, If you are afraid of someone taking your guns, DONT LET THEM.Being afraid is the first step your enemys will use to take what is yours. Mark H.

  93. Sadly, I think they got this one. They have the Senate, and we’ve seen the House can be pressured to whatever.

    It’s a waste of time/effort to fight over an AWB when it comes to protecting children. When CT happens again, we will all be to blame. That said, I’ve fought for this country and the freedom from tyranny is worth lives to me, to include my own.

    I’ll do my part to fight an AWB, but I think it will pass. Hopefully it’s no stronger than the 1994 AWB when it’s compromised and passed. Ten more years of uselessness, then gone again. Let people stock back up with new glory times.

  94. Cheaperthandirt like All other gun sites have made a big profit thanks to Obama. I would expect Cheaperthandirt to Use their inmense email list to send a DIRECT e-mail to all their costumers with the proper links to contact everyone they need to voivoice their opinions related to this ban….other than making money what else has Cheaperthandirt done to fight this gun grabbing efforts. ????

  95. No need for this type of weaponry. One must stop thinking only of themselves and think about others. This type of weaponry for which the only purpose is for war and high body counts doesn’t belong where the looney’s can get it easily.

    Having certain types of weaponry unavailable to the general public doesn’t threaten my second amendment rights as it is not intended to give you the right to own nuclear weapons or any advanced weaponry that has been developed since the framing of the constitution.

    Most of the responses here supporting advanced weaponry sound like people who are wanting to “overthrow” or are living in fear of something. Time to get sensible, quit acting paranoid, and start caring about others.

  96. There is an issue that divides even those who own weapons and it is the 2nd Amend meaning..
    Lots of talk of protection to own weapons but thatportion is of means, not the reason for.
    To protect your freedom, to be a free man now that is the reason.
    Too much emphasis by gun owners on guns when The 2nd is meant to keep all the other articles in place, Bill of Rights, and keep Those elected and appointed within the restraints placed upon Constitutionnal power.
    A large portion of the loss of freedoms comes from gun owners own lack of education that has allowed our militancy to grow to over shadow personal freedoms.
    We are products od mis and dis- information just as are the anti gunners.
    While anti and pro gins fight among themselves congress, the military and intelligence people have pushed more powers into the executive branches Commander in Chiefs hands.
    As the mystique of combat arms grew with the term of warrior replacing citizen soldiery so too did gun owners vote for measures that insured their own loss of freedoms.

  97. A weapons ban will pass in this country unless we all make a stand that we will not give up our constitutional rights and will not obey any such a law. I guarantee you the criminal justice system could not handle the cases and the law would collapse if we all stand firm if the law is passed. My fear is many will give up and not fight.

    I’ve already written to Feinstein and my reps in congress and told I will not obey such a law. Everyone needs to do this.

  98. i think we need a poor person in office get raid of all parties in the government put a hard working poor boy in office that works his butt off and earns his pay and stop giving all our tax dollars for these people to spend on bullcrap so they can live life comfortable stop taking from all of us butt i know this wont happen because no matter who we vote for.the poles are rigged so everyone tell me is taking our firearms the answer these people keep taking our writes and our money my voice is only in conclusion to this no you cant have my firearms and stop your stilling and lying to the people congress and leave us law abiding people alone my daddy fought for his and his families rites and he lives on in me

  99. It seems that our congress has a complex about guns, that everybody is going to get hurt…maybe I have a solution…for example: when it is going to rain what do you do? You stop the rain? get an umbrella. Now if you think you are going to be shot you don’t try to stop all guns from firing….you get a flack jacket. Maybe gunowners should take a collection and buy the freightened congress a flack jackets…problem solved ..anybody want to donate a buck toward your congressman’s flack jacket? I would so they could go back to work on our budget and get some jobs for people.

  100. Yes, the assault rifle ban will be reinstated. Of all the issues that this creates, the largest by far is that this legislation will be pushed through under a cloud of dishonety and spin, which has become the hallmark of our government. The degeneration of integrity in government is exactly why 2A is so important. Once the ban of cosmetic weapons is in place, the government will focus on the operational similarities of all semi-autos, including handguns, to ban those as well. So called “military style” weapons are not the end game, just the beginning. Feinstein and Obama are not “Jokes”. They lead a powerful Government that has a very serious objective, and command the money, media and armed resources to disembowel your rights. The Supreme Court will not protect the Constitution. They have shown that their integrity is no better than the other branches. Never underestimate the enemy. While you are doing so, they will progressively enslave us all.

  101. Remember that the Constitution is the 1st Law of the Land and transcends manufactured emergencies and planned tyranny by the Left. If any peace loving American willingly hands over their weapons out of fear, they neither deserve to have weapons nor the title “American”. The 2nd Amendment not only grants Americans the right to bear arms, but more importantly charges them to be prepared to put down tyranny… even if it comes from the government itself.

  102. All you have to do is turn on the national news every night and you will see people all over the world with guns wanting to kill me because I am an American and our government is shrinking our military. So the government wants to take my weapons away.Trust me ,this won’t happen. I’m a Vietnam veteran and I know how to respond!

  103. The hysteria as a result of a horrendous imponderable incident is deplorable. I cannot even imagine the anguish of these families.

    The effort to confiscated our weapons is now in full swing (this incident will be the political stage for an eventual total gun ban). Unless we get busy, the creep for total ban of all weapons is on. I don’t always agree with the NRA. But, join, renew, or pay your dues. As individuals we cannot do anything. The NRA holds elected offiicials accountable.

  104. Folks … In the Constitution, it says that the Federal Gov’t will only “co-ordinate activities among the states and provide for the defense of the Nation”. The real problem arose when we allowed the Federal Gov’t to no only “co-ordinate” activities, but to “initiate” activities among the states. The banning of weapons is not a Federal issue, it is a state issue, since it has NOTHING to do with “defense of the Nation”. Since there is a patchwork of laws concerning guns among the states, I suspect that is the driving factor in allowing the Feds to get involved. However, I am unaware that there is any state that has asked the Feds to step in.

    The stamping of the Constitution began a looong time ago, prior to the Civil War and the Feds have merely followed this line for more than a century.


  106. Join the NRA and NAGR!
    BTW, IF they come to take your guns, I heard a local sheriff can actually arrest federal agents. Just sayin’

  107. We are not getting that Jenie back in the bottle! Even my anti-gun sister doesn’t think what is being proposed will change anything. We have a societal problem with access to very potent guns. It’s a shame, and I’m sorry to say I think we will have to experience more tragic violence, while taking personal responsibility to keep our guns away from our crazy, depressed, weird relatives, along with increased jailing and killing (by police and us armed citizens) of criminals.

  108. In 2011 there were 32,885 deaths from drunk drivers.
    In the same year, there were 8,535 murders using firearms.

    Why doesn’t Feinstein introduce a bill taking EVERYONE’s car away from them?
    Or better yet, let’s bring Prohibition back.

    It would save WAY more lives than what she is doing now…

  109. I hope right thinking American in blue or purple states will contact their Senators and Congresspersons voicing their opposition to new gun control legislation. Here in GA we are confident both our Senators and most of our Congresspersons will vote “No”, or if not may as well resign on the spot.

    Georgia has 400,000 weapons permit holders who can carry either concealed or open, and God only knows how many others own guns that don’t carry. To my knowledge, Georgia has never had a mass shooting in modern times.

  110. The NRA response to the Connecticut massacre was just about as unenlightened as it could get. It is laughable that the NRA would suggest, in a highly visible press conference, that training teachers to operate weapons was really going to work.
    Sure, if we stationed armed police officers at the schools that MIGHT help, but the resources to deploy officers like that just doesn’t exist, and won’t be created (TAXES). Doing so will just expose some other “soft” target.

    So folks, I want to enjoy all my weapons the same as you. I am not a dumb-ass sick coward who thinks that killing dozens of people, through whatever means, might prove something. But that FACT is, such stupidity and sickness exists, and as long weapons easily get into the hands of such people this problem will exists.

    In other words, and it’s been said before, the guns are not the problem- It’s the people. The USA is awash in guns and it is totally unrealistic to think that all of them will be tracked/regulated/accounted for, etc…

    Ownership of a firearm, and the expression of the Second Amendment, carries with it tremendous responsibility. Responsibility to keep track of one’s weapons, keeping them locked up and safe when not being used, and keeping them away from irresponsible or sick people who could easily misuse them. An AR-15 with even a 10 round magazine is not your Founding Fathers’ musket- it is a MUCH MORE POWERFUL weapon, and we need to keep some perspective on that.

    The regulation of guns will be changing- this fact should be embraced so that we can influence the change into something meaningful instead of continued AWB stupidity. The NRA needs to be taking such a position, and making real suggestions and policy and how to make gun owners take more responsibility to prevent such massacres. Frankly, given the 100’s of millions of guns in the US, it’s probably miraculous that there isn’t more than 10000 gun related deaths each year in the US.
    That means that MOST people are doing the right things.

    Now we need MORE people to take on MORE responsibility to make some progress solving this.


  111. I’m in a quandry. I have a collection of old military arms like Mausers and Mosin-Nagants. In WWI & WWII these were the weapons used in war. Does that make them so-called “Assault Weapons?” Will they be eligible to be banned? If my weapons are confiscated, will I be paid fair market value for them. To be honest, I’m scared as hell.

  112. Our country is headed down a dark path. I dont mind background checks at gun shows, I do mind when those politicians living in fantasy land try to force me to live in it with them. My firearms will always remain in my possession, regardless of the law. I abide by the constitution. I hope that I am never forced to give my ammunition first to an individual coming to confiscate my guns under the ludicrous pretext that it will make the country a safer place if i surrender them to authorities. My advice is vote for the politicians who defend our constitutional rights, oppose restrictive useless bans and restrictions, stock up on ammo, and invest in casket making companies.

  113. We all are talking about this gun control, what are we doing about it? We need to take action now. What actions can we take now to stop this? This is our freedom & liberty at stake!

  114. I agree a ban on semi-auto rifles (ar or ak ) is so ridiculous a musket was an assault rifle in 1776 and I am glad future Americans had them. The real answer to the issue that went on in the school shooting is to have a School Marshal at every public school that will stop and deter the crazy a$$ people who try and shoot children. Gun bas arent the answer. One teacher carring or a Marshal could have stopped it before it got off the ground. To many people are afraid to defend themselves so they hide behind the LAW. I got news for you people the LAW is only there after the fact of a crime and always will be.

  115. Write a letter, make a phone call, send an email to your Senator and Represaentative expressing your polite opposition to any new gun control law. Their staff keeps count of the for and against. All politians want to get re-elected. If they receieve a flood of NO new laws opinions they will take note. You can also donate to the NRA-ILA

  116. I think standard capacity magazines (30 rnd)and higher will end up being banned from new sale/manufacture.
    The key to defeating this is being just as vocal as the anti crowd is and use facts. Both the CDC and FBI show no increase in the use of firearms after the the old assault weapon ban, they actually showed a decrease in violent crime with a firearm. More people are bludgeoned than shot.
    Owning a gun is a right, driving a car is a privilege. hmmm.

  117. #72
    Actually, polls taken AFTER the Newtown murders show the majority of Americans oppose stronger gun control but favor a thorough look into US mental health policies.

    Nice try Bill.


  119. While the tragedy in Newtown, CT was horrific in the eyes of any clear thinking American, the responses from our government is anything but clear thinking. Being a resident of Connecticut, I am appalled at the legislative bills being put together in response to the Sandy Hook massacre. Of course, a ban of “Assault Style” weapons and high capacity magazines is on the table. More disturbing to me is to make concealed carry permit holders public record! Great! Providing criminals with a directory of names and addresses of homes from which to steal weapons is beyond idiocy. What happened to our rights to privacy? Who is most likely to use a firearm in the commission of a crime, licensed or unlicensed? Have our legislators have lost the ability to think things through? The NRA, out of respect for the victims, families and survivors of Sandy Hook, withheld any comments regarding their views and offered only condolences for the same. Our “progressive” liberals lost absolutely no time in taking advantage of the tragedy. When the NRA proposed an armed policeman in every school, our liberal friends argued that it would be too expensive! Really??? The most effective means of keeping our children safe at school is too expensive? Really??? Gun owners, regardless of your style of shooting, must unite and defeat this attack on our rights! Letters, phone calls, emails and face to face communications with legislators will let them know we will not stand for additional unenforced laws that restrict only law abiding citizens. Contact your elected officials. It only takes a few minutes to do so and your voice will be heard. God bless and save America.


  121. If the current gun ban and confiscation passes, I will refuse to comply. They can not take all of us, and people who feel strongly about the 2nd Amendment will NOT allow them selves to be stripped of the right they have that is given to them by God and our Constitution.

    I WILL refuse to comply.

  122. Good Morning,
    I’m glad that I’m 69 years old because I was raised in a time when common sense and respect was still required by parents !!
    A gun has never killed or injured anyone ! I can put a loaded gun anywhere and if no one touches that gun it will never harm anyone. There is nothing wrong with thorough back ground checks to make sure that anyone that should not have a gun doesn’t get one but punishing the entire country for what a few people do is absolutely wrong ! Start using some common sense and keep the second ammendment and our rights as American citizens safe and intact.

  123. If they come to take my weapons, I will GLADLY give them the ammunition FIRST!


  124. The Question is —WILL AWB OF 1994 BE REINSTATED ??
    Not asking about god, 2nd Amend or good vs evil.

    Simple answer is yes. Public opinion is demanding something
    be done about the killing in America.

  125. I hope we can educate people to the fact that a ROCK is an “assault weapon” if someone is using it to assault another. But if a semi-auto rifle is not being used as an “assault weapon”, then it is not an “assault weapon”. If a semi-auto is being used as a “home defense weapon”, then at that point it is a “home defense weapon”, and it is a good one, mainly because it will go through walls and reach its target, and the bad guy usually doesn’t have that capability with his pistol. We need to address the real issues on this, people are not educated enough to argue their own point, it bothers me badly that people who do not know what they are talking about are the ones who will have control over our guns, and whether or not we can use a semi-auto to defend our home. AND, when a gang is coming into your house, during a home invasion,and you need a 30 round magazine (or two) to defend yourself, “they” are going to render you helpless. So very sad, that we can’t have certain things because other people are afraid of them. PLUS-we are “supposed” to be able to even defend ourselves from our own government, when the government takes our guns, then we won’t be able to do that. “I SMELL SOMETHING, AND IT SMELLS LIKE POOP”!!! People, we have got to do something to change the way we are headed, or “WE, THE PEOPLE” are going to be in a lot of trouble.Please, people, think about what you are doing, PLEASE!!!

  126. First; there are no assult weapons in the hands of average individuals. They require
    a Class 3 license to own. 2nd they are either full auto or select fire. Military clones are single shot (pull the trigger and it fires once, not multiple times).
    Despite gun grabbers claims that military weapons fire a more powerful cartridge and
    havd a greater range than the same caliber civilian weapon; IT JUST AIN’T SO!!!!
    Crimminals will always get guns and they don’t go through a waiting period. Sometimes
    they even get them from our government. (Remember:FAST AND FURIOUS?) Less guns mean more crime, not less. Keep you hands off of our legally owned guns Obama and your ilk. Want to see the results of complete gun control in action, look to Nazi Germany.
    6,000,000 people paid for that insanity.

  127. They will get all my ammo first before they ever take my weapons all those damn government bastards will sure keep there weapons. Every country in the world in order to take over must first disarm their citizens, so they can have it after I’ve emptied it when they come to get it. The only people that vote for that idiot asshole is people that want free stuff and the ones to lazy to work and of course all the democratic communist.

  128. i hope all the children from all the shootings are being cared for by a loving god and i hope all there families have all the help in the world from friends and family god bless you for your pain and suffering now to buisness ANYONE THAT VOTED FOR THAT IDIOT OSAMA OOOPS DID I MEAN OBAMA? no i got it right if you voted for him you are now getting excatly what you deserve he said he would ban guns and now he is and act surpised? why hes a liberal bettter to take our guns so we cant protect our families when the country goes broke from all his handouts you elacted him now you pay the consequences GOD BLESS AMERICA it means the world to me but this country looks like fools for re-electing a worthless, sneeky, lying, deceitful, arrogant, fool that does what he wants whenever he wants and doesnt give a s@@t about god or our constitution freedom is worth fighting for please get for it love your children love your wife love your friends because you never know when mite not see them again thank you for reading this i hope you all have a safe and wonderful day gerry maloney

  129. Gun free zones are a joke. If guns are the issue why aren’t there any mass shootings at gun ranges. Following the logic of the gun grabbers Guns = violence therefore gun ranges should be the most dangerous places in the country. I don’t know how many violent crimes have been committed at gun ranges but I guarantee none of them have been mass shootings.

  130. I don’t mean to be derogatory, but when are these Jews (means respectfully) going to get it. Haven’t they (we) learned from history that total confiscation could be the begining of another Holicost. It frightens me and should everyone else too. I total agree with Mr. Thein above that this current regime (state and federal) is grasping these current events to push forward their progressive (socialist)adjenda of total control.

  131. Here is a quote from Mr. Thomas Jefferson that is very approperate to our times.

    “I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks for the copy of the new constitution. I beg leave through you to place them where due. It will be yet three weeks before I shall receive them from America. There are very good articles in it: and very bad. I do not know which preponderate. What we have lately read in the history of Holland, in the chapter on the Stadtholder, would have sufficed to set me against a Chief magistrate eligible for a long duration, if I had ever been disposed towards one: and what we have always read of the elections of Polish kings should have forever excluded the idea of one continuable for life. Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independant 11 years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusets: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order. I hope in god this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted.”

    – Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, Paris, 13 Nov. 1787

  132. They’re not getting any gun I own that I paid taxes for. These criminal politicians need to be tried for treason. Any force used to confiscate any owned firearms will be met with force. Come get it!!!

  133. An assault weapons ban is to violence what the drug war is to addiction: a losing battle based on simplistic analysis. Real violence control is taking money from the military and giving it to schools.

  134. This , like many lesser abridgements of the 2nd amendment would be as unconstitutional and legally unenforceable as the first ban. I would note that the logicg used here is akin to “forks make people fat” but forks are not enumerated in the constitution as something lesser legislation cannot abridge. If the party of civil liberties grabbing want this, they have one legal path, a constitutional amendment. That is where the darkside should be working if they wish to adhere to our rule of law. If not, then, ok, not for anyone. Which sounds like a very sort term positive for them as feeling good about pasing legislation last what, hours, days, months?

  135. I really hope this does not come true. However, if it does, I hope that two things happen. 1st- States take a page from Commifornia’s book (as much as I am loathe to say), stop cooperating w/ the Fed. The peoples republic of kalifornia does not help the Fed enforce the drugs laws anymore and there are weed stores out in the open on city streets. It will take the ATF a LONG time to go around and get everyones guns (not to mention potentially bloody) if that happens. 2nd- The House should defund the AFT. If they have no money, they cannot do anything anyway. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  136. These liberals need to re-take debate team 101.

    For instance: Obama says: “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals, that they belong on the battlefields of war and not on the streets of our cities.” This is the classic false dichotomy logical fallacy. Can you see it? If not look up “false dichotomy” on google.

    And: “Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer they’re for hunting people” – this is the classic red herring logical fallacy. Of course they are designed for that. But it is irrelevant. Go to google and look up “red herring logical fallacy.”

    Don’t let these people, that apparently think you are stupid, hoodwink you with these classic fallacies of logic.

  137. If the 2nd Amendment doesn’t protect all guns, it doesn’t protect any guns. The Supreme Court ruling, itself, was an infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights.

  138. Any federal law restricting firearms in any way is unconstitutional. “…shall not be infringed.”
    State nullification is the “rightful remedy”.


    Worth a read.


    Guess our national leaders didn’t expect this. On Thursday, Darrell
    Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High
    School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, was invited to address the
    House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee. What he said to our national
    leaders during this special session of Congress was painfully

    They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received well.
    It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician,
    everysociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert!
    These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful,
    penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this
    man as a voice crying in the wilderness.. The following is a portion
    of the transcript:
    “Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the
    hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the
    seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy
    Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher, and the other eleven
    children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for

    “The first recorded act of violence was when Cain slew his brother
    Abel out in the field. The villain was not the club he used.. Neither
    was it the NCA, the National Club Association. The true killer was
    Cain, and the reason for the murder could only be found in Cain’s

    “In the days that followed the Columbine tragedy, I was amazed at how
    quickly fingers began to be pointed at groups such as the NRA. I am
    not a member of the NRA. I am not a hunter. I do not even own a gun. I
    am not here to represent or defend the NRA – because I don’t believe
    that they are responsible for my daughter’s death. Therefore I do not
    believe that they need to be defended. If I believed they had anything
    to do with Rachel’s murder I would be their strongest opponent

    I am here today to declare that Columbine was not just a tragedy — it
    was a spiritual event that should be forcing us to look at where the
    real blame lies! Much of the blame lies here in this room. Much of the
    blame lies behind the pointing fingers of the accusers themselves. I
    wrote a poem just four nights ago that expresses my feelings best.

    Your laws ignore our deepest needs,
    Your words are empty air.
    You’ve stripped away our heritage,
    You’ve outlawed simple prayer.
    Now gunshots fill our classrooms,
    And precious children die.
    You seek for answers everywhere,
    And ask the question “Why?”
    You regulate restrictive laws,
    Through legislative creed.
    And yet you fail to understand,
    That God is what we need!

    “Men and women are three-part beings. We all consist of body, mind,
    and spirit. When we refuse to acknowledge a third part of our make-up,
    we create a void that allows evil, prejudice, and hatred to rush in
    and wreak havoc. Spiritual presences were present within our
    educational systems for most of our nation’s history. Many of our
    major colleges began as theological seminaries. This is a historical
    fact. What has happened to us as a nation? We have refused to honor
    God, and in so doing, we open the doors to hatred and violence. And
    when something as terrible as Columbine’s tragedy occurs —
    politicians immediately look for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They
    immediately seek to pass more restrictive laws that contribute to
    erode away our personal and private liberties. We do not need more
    restrictive laws. Eric and Dylan would not have been stopped by metal
    detectors. No amount of gun laws can stop someone who spends months
    planning this type of massacre. The real villain lies within our own

    “As my son Craig lay under that table in the school library and saw
    his two friends murdered before his very eyes, he did not hesitate to
    pray in school. I defy any law or politician to deny him that right! I
    challenge every young person in America , and around the world, to
    realize that on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School prayer was
    brought back to our schools. Do not let the many prayers offered by
    those students be in vain.
    Dare to move into the new millennium with a sacred disregard for
    legislation that violates your God-given right to communicate with
    To those of you who would point your finger at the NRA — I give to you a
    sincere challenge.. Dare to examine your own heart before casting the
    first stone!
    My daughter’s death will not be in vain! The young people of this
    country will not allow that to happen!”
    – Darrell Scott
    Do what the media did not – – let the nation hear this man’s speech.

  140. Sorry but with the turn of events everyone had better get their life in order. The 2nd is the teeth of our Constitution and if we get backed into a corner we’re going to bite back. The government keeps chipping away at the whole Constitution and soon enough there won’t be one. Be prepared for what’s coming, love God, family and country. God bless the Patriots who will stand against tyranny.

  141. I am a teacher in a public school with your kids sitting in my classroom. I can tell you that I most of my fellow teachers do not believe gun control will work. The Feinstein-ites really don’t truly understand or know history. American history will show us that prohibition doesn’t work. For the most part, schools are a “no gun” zone. That is why bad guys with guns go to schools when they want to kill a lot of people. The only solution to stopping bad guys with guns is more good guys with guns. It’s a matter of simple math. In my opinion, you are more than welcome to put good guys with guns in my school any time to stop the bad guys. I think the teachers and the students would feel a lot safer. To the Feinstein-ites, read a book and learn some history.

  142. ANY laws pertaining to ANY weapons are null and void under the constitution. The second amendment is quite clear on this. To prevent the law abiding citizens from owning any weapons that the government has in their arsenal is treason, pure and simple. Considering the constitution, and what our government is doing RIGHT NOW, is all the proof that we need to be armed to the teeth. For, if us law abiding citizens did ANYTHING that the administration/ government is doing RIGHT NOW TODAY… WE would be arrested, jailed, held without representation, and probably killed outright by the very same government the 2nd Amendment is in place to protect us from. Anyone that goes along with such a corrupt government on ANY level, should be considered a collaborator to treason against the United States Government. PERIOD. Once they take OUR weapons, the WORLD will NEVER see freedom again… YOU allow this to happen, expect no mercy or quarter from those of us that have paid the price for freedom to this point…

  143. I am very disappointed. I am a Democrat and I feel gun control is NOT the answer. Previous bans on assault rifles did nothing to curb gun violence. The shootings we have witnessed are no more about guns than they are about spoons and forks making people fat. It is about Psychotic breaks. These breaks happen to people under stress between the ages of 11 and 28. If a person who has a psychotic break and has narcissistic tendencies then these people need an audience, so they typically will do things like going on killing sprees where they know the media will fully cover their actions.

    There are signs to look for in a narcissistic personalities, and psychotic breaks. We should be educating the public on what signs to look for. Especially gun dealers. We should give gun dealers the right to refuse someone a sale after they fail 10 questions that would reveal these symptoms. Or train the general public and create a hotline to call in case someone should recognize some or most of the symptoms of a psychotic break.

    Altering the constitution is a slippery slope. I would rather we solve the problem and not create new ones.

  144. I am very frighted I live in LaLa land (Per JiminGA). I have maintained memberships with both the NRA and California Rifle Pistol association for 30 years sent extra money to help fight as well as writing letters to various representives with responces like thanks for your opinon but were passing the law anyway but,since 1989 thanks to the lies of Dianne Feinstein and others. California continues to erode are 2nd amendment rights. I have seen great strides in other states but californians just can’t get a brake from the anti-gun groups, and Hollywood doesn’t help with their crap and most if not all news media doesn’t believe we should have the right,in their minds it should be a previledge like a drivers license. If my people turn from their sin and Pray I will here from Heaven and heal thier Land. God bless America

  145. Diane Fiendstein is a NAZI.

    Anyone who treads on my 2nd Amendment rights will be denied defied and become my enemy.

  146. Gents, being a Ukrainian citizen (former USSR republic) let me give you some example about what you should wait for after AWB will be implemented.
    In our country only fully automatic guns banned for civilians, the rest (semi-auto and others) we can buy after getting license. Pistols and revolvers (or any other guns, shorter than 80cm) are absolutely prohibited in Ukraine, we cannot get license at all (it doesn’t exist for short handguns).
    To get license it is mandatory to have a safe box for all our guns, you will not get license if you don’t have it.
    And now (in the blue corner… oh, sorry!) some “very funny” info: in Ukraine there are much more murders than in US when gangs are using short and long fully automatic handguns (which cannot be officially registered at all). So, criminals are using SHORT HANDGUNS MUCH MORE THAN IN US and no matter than they banned!!! The amount of legal guns (i.e. rifles and shotguns) in Ukraine is about 500000 barrels. Approximately the same quantity of illegal guns are on local black market. In US you have 300 millions of legal barrels, and just few occasions of crime rather than in my country where police controls civil guns much more thoroughly, we have much more. So, this says, that ban doesn’t bring any profit, but creates many problems to the people. Look, there is no difference which gun will I use to kill someone: military looking AR-10 or more classic M1. Same with AK clones, developed in my country (actually, there was an attempt to ban AK’s because of their “military look” style, but after government refused to do it, considering this point like useless). May be, you just need to add in the law that all civil long guns are hunting ones, like we have in Ukraine, and many problems with the gun style can be solved?
    At the end I wanna say, that any gun bans lead to reduction of freedom and democracy which brings country to totalitarian regime, we have already had it, so, I know what I’m talking about. And I don’t think that US need similar way.

  147. In response to Bill:
    Recent polls show the majority of Americans oppose a new AWB, and even blue dog Dems fear repraisals if they vote for a ban. The gun grabbers are overreaching this time. As for 30 rd mags…they are already sold out all over the country and will not be resupplied until spring.

    This entire overreaction to Newtown is revealing the gungrabbers for what they are. Even the MSM is pointing out the last AWB didn’t work and most support armed security in schools.

  148. Bet the ranch!! In one form or another we will have AWB.
    I have been through this before, its in the air, this is the time
    public opinion is on the side of ‘new gun laws’.
    You can say good by to 30 round mags and I would not be surprised
    if 20 & 10 round mags will go also.
    Ammo- hard to say what they will try to ban.
    As for taxes on ammo—What for? To save lives??
    Then only rich killers will be able to ‘pull off’ mass murders!
    Remember this – we are dealing with people who beleive- if all firearms
    are outlawed, then all killing by firearms will stop.

  149. This is a goverment that has been founded for the people and by the people.. with this in mind, I and many other Americans don’t need any politician telling me what I can or can’t own.

    I call for a vote and put it on a national ballot and let the people decide, not the House, not the Senate and not the President…

    A goverment for the people and by the people, GOD bless America !!!

  150. I have collected guns for many years. I have been paying my taxes for 40 years and counting. I have played by the rules and my message to any gun-hating politicians or any gun control nut is that I just want to be left alone, the shooting in Newtown should have the blame placed on gun control nuts having signs around the schools gun free zones come and shoot me.

  151. Being from the Texas – Mexican border I will point out that in Mexico only the government has the authority to have firearms and ammo. As you watch the War for the boarder its armed to the teeth bad guys and good guys. Good guys are the only ones who are allowed firearms and yet the bad guys are still having their way. What’s missing ? The suffering of the the local, law abiding Mexican citizen. Unarmed to protect themselves, much less their property. Both at the mercy of the government good guy aggressive tactics and the daylight robberies from roving armed bad guys. When the law abiding citizen is dependent on others for protection, they will be at their mercy. As an American I can unite with my fellow citizens and protect ourselves from such a fate. With great power comes great responsibilities. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!

  152. In the 20th Century, 262 million people were murdered mostly by their own governments. Far more than by all criminal deaths. So our real fear should be the possibility of our own out-of-control government! And we need assault weapons to counter that possible threat! Captain Jim Green

  153. It will be re-in-stated in one form or another.
    I think the fear that many are not talking about as of yet.
    Confiscation- not the fear of turning in firarms.
    Its what will happen to America when people refuse.

  154. I believe that what is happening today is that a significant portion the people that have been elected and appointed in all three branches of the Government are trying to separate and make two documents by separating The Constitution from the Bill of Rights. If they can manage to do that then using only the Constitution (minus the Bill of Rights) all of the power rests with the US Gov. Then they can attach the Bill of Rights to water it dowh of religate it to a minor status. Without the Bill of Rights the Constitution by inself does not grant any rights or power to the people. The Constitution has All the power resting in the hands of the elected and appointed officials. In addition if the elected officials can convince the citizens of this country that the Goverment will never commit tyranny or abuse power (see Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas. IF that is the Governments position then there is no need for the second ammedment or any of the other rights granted by the Bill of Rights. Unfortunatly the ignorance of the average citizen regarding the history of this country and the role the cititzens must play to keep us a free nation is appaling and dishearting. This is not a healhy time for America.

  155. I generally consider myself pretty left leaning, but I usually disagree with most other democrats when it comes to gun control.

    Recently there was another mass stabbing in China. More than 20 people got cut up by some mad-man. Guns are banned there, but rather than incidents of mass violence simply becoming a thing of the past, different weapons are used.

    Fighters in the Gaza Strip are known to make bombs and rockets out of sugar and fertilizer.

    You can’t legislate away violence. Mass killings are almost always the product of mental illness, but most homicides by firearms do not occur during mass shootings. They occur in everyday incidences of domestic violence, drug-trade related violence, poverty related crime, etc.

    That’s not to say that I’m against thorough background checks, mental health screening, etc. If we can keep dangerous individuals from buying handguns legally, we at least partially cut down on their ability to acquire them (They could still be bought illegally).

    It’s a difficult problem and there’s no single answer or solution. Extremely unfortunate.

  156. It seems like many here are quick to indict CTD for only reporting facts. Or did y’all miss the first sentence in the post: “On September 4, 2012, the Democrats released their official platform on gun control, stating that they fully support reinstating the assault weapons ban.”? And also apparently missed Obama’s statement on reintroducing the ban during the campaign.

    Liberals always have so much trouble with facts and logic. Reporting facts is not fear mongering, but is a public service to those who don’t know the facts.

  157. Andy you are spot on. Too much of this fear mongering it serves no purpose but to give an excuse to raise prices (gouge) on guns and ammo. Who benefits hmmmmm. CTD, it is in thier interest towhip up a frenzy and bydoing so make more $!

  158. I got a great idea lets “ban” crack, cocaine, pot, hash, meth, and all the other drugs that way there would be no drug dealers, or additics the streets would be safe because you know if they ban it all of it will go away just like magic!!!

  159. UN this, Obama that, Black helicopters here, there and everywhere!!

    Some of y’all may want to loosen the chinstraps on your tin foil hats.

    Look, I don’t care much for the usual suspects in this issue, but acting like a bunch of paranoid fringe-militia folks is not going to help our cause any, especially spewing all the “truthiness” (look up the definition) the gun community is so prone to.

    It is quite difficult for the average citizen who knows nothing about arms to take the arms community seriously. When I was instructing, the most common issue I ran into is that people who wanted to know more about firearms felt alienated by the Gun Culture. To them, the average person they came seeking for advice or insight on guns is a raving, xenophobic and abrasive lunatic, who’s motto ranges from “Black Helicopters” to “My way or the highway” to the horrendously overused “Cold Dead Hands”, “Molon Labe” or some other half-baked attempt at looking tough.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, these are different times we live in now. Like anything else, if we are to survive the changing winds of time, we need to evolve. I love ARs, AKs and Glocks as much as anyone. I carry a Glock 26 daily. However, I make it a point to not alienate nor make uneasy people who don’t understand that lifestyle.

    It isn’t a hard transition. Check your politics at the door. Don’t act like an arrogant buffoon when someone asks a naive question about firearms. Treat every answer as if you were giving it to a large crowd on national tv, but still be truthful and friendly. Be professional. Most of us aren’t paid to represent the community, but it shouldn’t be far from our minds to act as if we are. When you alienate customers, you lose business. When you alienate potential allies, you lose votes.

    I love firearms as much as any of you and I believe they are a very necessary thread in the fabric of American life. However, I think it is time for us to re-invent our image, before society does it for us.

  160. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you so much, However I am having
    problems with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I can’t join
    it. Is there anybody having identical RSS issues? Anyone who knows the solution will you kindly respond?

  161. wow honestly people what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not get…again in my sole opinion ANY gun control is in direct violation of the second ammendment…nuff said

  162. Will the Assault Weapons Ban be Reinstated? Well lets think about this a bit. We now are saddled with Obama Care and none of us were given a choice. And it was passed by trickery rather than honestly? In a old movie a Dictatorship was described as a government where the leaders lied because they couldn’t tell the truth. Does this sound familuar. The second ammendment was placed to protect all the rest from the excesses of men in Government. Remove it and the rest fall. Obama is making law by Executive Order and they are getting downright dictitorial. Check them out if you dont believe. Why does the Social Security administration need a multi million round delivery of pistol ammunition? Why does the Weather Bureau or NOAA need a multi million round delivery of pistol ammunition? The evidence goes on and on and its there for all to see and no one wants to believe it.

    My final word comes from my favourite T shirt which I have worn nearly to rags, “Sure you can trust your Government, ask any Indian”

  163. The only thing that will happen is more and more insane hype that results in the increase the price of guns and ammo making CheaperthanDirt and all other arms manufacturers, resellers, etc. more bucket-loads of money. Four years of hype and guns are more expensive than ever. Ammo hoarders complaining about the price of ammo which is driven up by their hoarding. Resellers cashing in on the hype.


  164. I don’t think they will ever “ban” all firearms, there’s too many dollars at stake and the U.S. is one, if not the, largest firearms manufacturing country in the world. they will however continue to incrementally restrict everything about firearms, barrel length, magazine capacity and on and on making it more difficult and expensive for law abiding citizens to acquire the guns they want. I honestly think both parties are dead wrong on this issue and as someone earlier said (and this is a point my feeble brain can’t get over) criminals don’t give a damn what the law says they will always carry, find, buy, use any type of weapon they can get their hands on. Look at Europe and all the countries there where you can’t legally buy a gun there’s still gun violence and even worse things like bombings. Its like the old saying “where there’s a will there’s a way” a criminal is going be a criminal no matter how strict the laws are and if they want to kill somebody they will find a way to make that happen. That’s why this issue has been and will always be a joke to me… except it’s not funny…

  165. @ # 2’s comment…i live in la la land as you guys call it…lol…yeah it sucks in terms of the gun control nazi’s there, and in chicago where i’m @ closing down & clearing my 96yr old moms house out. been here since june, way to long. also her house and a 85yr. neighbors house got hit by small arms fire during a running gun battle on the street here. lots of window damage on both houses, i was visiting my moms @ her new assisted living place. glade we moved her out of here months ago ! no casualties from these morons and thugs. i’m progressive, but i’m seriousely considering not voting for the dems…..screw fienstein too ! I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE HAS A CCW ! IS THAT REALLY TRUE……I CAN’T GET ONE FOR SHIT DUDE ! AND I’M A ARMED SECURITY GUARD, WITH AN OPERN CARRY PERMIT ONLY TO USE WHEN WORKING OR GOING TO OR FROM. as i understand it a naturalized chinese state senator, lelenad lee has a bill on the state senate floor wanting to ban the so called assult weapon….i better get back and get my ar-plateform while i still can…..this really sucks 🙁

  166. To Dan Evans….using DRT ammo in an AR-15 makes it an effective hog and deer rifle, making it even more desireable. And “registering assault weapons” is the first step toward confiscation. And by your own admission an assault rifle is very hard to define. But most gunners agree an assault rifle is one that can fire on full automatic, and they are very tightly regulated now.

  167. Personally I see assault weapons strictly for collective, and recreational purposes only. I would understand if they put into place a registration system for “assault weapons” but a total ban just doesn’t make any sense. But it’s at the point what they consider an “assault weapon”? Look at the MODEL R-15 450 BUSHMASTER by Remington, it is a beautiful hunting rifle that those who are inexperience would say it was a “awesome tactical assault rifle”

    Most crimes are committed with .38 and 9mm pistols. Then I believe 12G shotguns are then next on that list.

    What they need to do is force prisoners into work camps, remove there health care for severe things like back surgery and that kind of stuff, then have crimes involving stolen weapons be far more strict.

    I don’t know just an opinion. Because if you remove the “risk” that comes with “assault weapons” you take away the reason for the ban.

  168. Any second term politician is a threat. Look at Obama when he knew he was losing his Dem House, he’ll pull some executive orders and do whatever he wants. He did it once with healthcare, hes a slimey one

  169. “Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer they’re for hunting people.” Actually she is correct, except only to hunt those people who would try to take away our constitutional rights!!!! Our Founding Fathers knew all too well about Tyrants!

  170. Ross Walters, you may hate it when merchants decide to become a authorities on political subjects, but remember that the same bill of rights which guarantees your right to own a gun and to post here also guarantees their right as Americans to express their opinion.
    People said that the AWB would never pass under Clinton. Do you really think that once the election is over, most politicians care how mad you get? Don’t be gullible. They don’t and Obama least of all.

  171. The Republican leaders are not any better than the Democrats. Those who follow a party are in for a rude awakening.

    Little pea-shooters (like the AR-15) can’t do anything to overturn this great nation of ours. The gov. is backed by tanks, planes, etc. Civil War 2 is not the answer!

    I’d say vote for those who have a history of not backing gun control. There are politicians on both sides, left and right, who still believe in the 2nd amendment and the constitution. Vote the person, not the party!

    Romney would be just as bad as Obama, if not worse for this country.

  172. As a *mostly* liberal democrat, I’m still not too happy of this news. However, I don’t think this ban could go through because of the uproar it would ensue. I know wingers are always screaming “they want our guns!” and “they hid a law in a bill blah blah blah” but at the end of the day this would be too big to go unnoticed. Plus, you can always email any and all of your senators and representatives of any concerns you may have. Trust me, that alone makes a difference.

  173. I agree wholeheartedly with Ross Walters. The best way to drive firearm sales is to scare the crap out of folks who love their firearms. It increases demand and drives up the cost something i’d like to have for no viable reason. The thing to understand is that the Democrats know by now not to fool with such things, because they made Newt Gingrich a household name not too long after that and republicans seized control of congress and the senate. I doubt they will want to do that again so i think this is a scare tactic on both ends from the dealers/merchants and from the democrats who obviously know better, but then again democrats are used to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  174. I hate it when merchants decide to become authorities on political subjects.

    On the other hand the AWB has no chance of becoming law (again) so this article simply amounts to an Obama/Feinstein bash. It’s like preaching to the choir.

    It should not surprise anybody (listen-up Mitt) that taking an anti-gun stance loses a candidate more votes than it gains. How about we pass Nationwide CCW reciprocity then leave it alone after that?

  175. I believe they won’t be so stupid to try for confiscation. If they do I fully expect to see the dire predictions above come true. However, they could make it unlawful to sell them. Will you sell a rifle that could land you in jail for 10 years? They could make it unlawful to shoot them anywhere except at gun ranges that are specifically licensed for them. Are you going to chance 10 years in prison for shooting your AR in the south 40?

    This type of incrementalism is what they specialize in.

  176. I, unfortunately live here in Commifornia. I wouldn`t if my grandkids didn`t live here. I`m planning on moving to Nevada where the 2nd amendment exists! Feinstiein…WOW what a joke! I`ll tell ya, she is VERY dangerous. She undoubtably needs to be removed from her Government office. Bobby Halfacre says “it`s coming”. It is, but alot sooner than 20 years. It`s right around the corner! I`m talkin` 2013 people. I made a pledge to the Constitution 37 years ago this August when I enlisted in the military, and I intend to stand by that pledge as long as I can get out of bed! I will not sit idley by and watch our weapons be taken from us law abiding citizens! Everyone should have 2 sets. One set for them to take and the good set to pull out of hiding and go and get them back! God Bless America! and God Bless the Constitution!

  177. These politicians have no clue. They keep saying that these weapons should not be in the hands of criminals, yet they pass laws to keep that from happening. The definition of a criminal is a person who has committed a crime. By definition they don’t abide by these laws, so how, in their logic, will passing more laws stop them? I just don’t understand. The only people these laws affect are those of us who follow the law.

  178. It will pass eventually, just look at where we are now. The government has taken the constitution and wiped there ass with it. Only way we could have a voice is if all Americans who stand by the “original” constitution took up arms and marched on the capital and used our right given to us by our founding fathers to over throw a government that is no longer for the people by the people. But of course if we did that we would be shot down by our own military and UN troops. Well folks its getting to that point better be prepared to DENY the mark of the beast. It’s coming folks may be 2/
    0yrs but it sure as Hell is coming….

  179. I really think bad times are coming, because if Obama gets elected and tries to put an assault weapons ban into place I think people are gonna get awful angry. If Romney gets elected he’s gonna tax the He!@# outta the lower class people so him and his upper crust can maintain their expensive life styles and the people of America are gonna get angry about that , so all in all I really do think bad times are on the way.

  180. The AWB is a joke and so is Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, and if Obama gets re-elected then this country will see a pain & suffering like nothing it has ever encountered! Banning assault weapons is the answer to nothing as criminals will always have guns of whatever type they want. While it is law abiding citizens that suffer in not being able to buy, sell, trade, collect, or shoot anything they want.


  181. if they try it will never get through congress . there will be such an uproar it will blow the windows out at the Whitehouse . we outnumber them .

  182. At some point in time the feds or UN WILL come after the guns. ALL guns! When this issue reaches the level of confiscation and abolition of the Second Amendment, there WILL be blood in the streets. The interesting thing will be that the ones that predicted “rivers of blood in the streets” are the very ones that will cause their “predictions” to become a reality.

    On a side note, I wonder how many Kalifornians realize Feinstein has a Conceal Carry Permit and USES IT! I wish that fat cow would just shut the hell up and crawl back under her rock. Of course the wackos in Kalifornia will reelect this fraud. I mean, God forbid, they actually use their brains to select a representative.

    Our country is in so much trouble we don’t know what to address first. God help and protect our American patriots past, present and future.

  183. The extraordinary rise in gun sales, both handguns and rifles, indicates any attempt to re-instate the AWB would be widely unpopular and would subject the bill’s sponsors and supporters to considerable opposition from their constituents. Of course Dianne Feinstein would win support from her constituents in LaLa land.

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