130+ Manufacturers Limit LE Sales in Anti-Gun States

In a protest against new gun laws, more than 130 firearms dealers say they will stop selling guns to government and law enforcement officials in New York and other states unless those same firearms are also available to average citizens. newyorkmap Originally, LaRue Tactical was one of a few companies that announced a new sales policy for state and local law-enforcement agencies. Cheaper Than Dirt! was also one of the early announcers. (Our sales statement is here.) Companies have joined the protest mostly through word of mouth and in response to their customers asking about the issue. One of the toughest statements came from Olympic Arms, which is posted in the Shooter’s Log here.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has decided not to get involved. Chris Dolnack, senior vice president & chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said, “Some have suggested that NSSF should bring attention to this protest movement. Individual companies are free to independently decide which customers and markets they wish to serve. However, agreeing with others to boycott certain customers or markets raises very serious legal questions concerning antitrust laws and may be illegal. Due to these antitrust concerns, NSSF is unable to promote this protest.” Here is a current list of participating companies:  

  1. 2A Armament
  2. 2A Firearms
  3. 3RI Technologies
  4. 3 Rivers Precision
  5. 556 Tactical
  6. Able Company Sports LLC
  7. Aero Precision
  8. Alex Arms
  9. Allegiance Ammunition
  10. Allstar Tactical
  11. Alpine Guns
  12. Alex Arms
  13. Allied Armory
  14. Antares Arms
  15. American Spirit Arms
  16. Ammoclip
  17. Ammodump International LLC
  18. Armtac
  19. Arrowhead Shooting Sports
  20. Badger Peak
  21. Badlands Arsenal
  22. Battle Creek Supply
  23. Barrett Firearms
  24. Big Horn Armory
  25. Big Sky Ammunition
  26. Bison Armory
  27. Bison Tactical
  28. Black Mountain Survival
  29. Boise Tactical
  30. Bravo Company USA
  31. Bullwater Enterprises
  32. C. and H. Arms
  33. Chaos Arms
  34. Cheaper Than Dirt
  35. Citizen Arms
  36. Clark Fork Tactical
  37. Climags
  38. CMMG Inc
  39. Competition Machine Inc
  40. Controlled Chaos Arms
  41. Critical Survival
  42. Crusader Weaponry
  43. Csspecs Magazines
  44. Daniel Byer FFL
  45. Dead Bang Guns
  46. Deep South Ammo
  47. Delmarva Shooting Supply
  48. DogLeg Arms
  49. Doublestar Corp (J&T Distr. & Ace LTD)
  50. DownRange Defense, LLC
  51. Element Arms
  52. Evolution Weaponry
  53. Exile Machine
  54. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC
  55. Franklin Armory
  56. Gadsden Guns, Inc.
  57. GunUp
  58. GWACS Armory
  59. Hansohn Brothers
  61. Head Down Products
  62. Hill Country Black Rifles
  63. Huntertown Arms
  64. III Arms Company
  65. Iron Goat Guns
  66. J&G Sales
  67. JABTAC
  68. JCW Industries
  69. Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing
  70. King Armory MFG LLC
  71. Kiss Tactical
  72. Lanco Tactical
  73. LaRue Tactical
  74. Lauer Custom Weaponry
  75. Liberty Suppressors
  76. Magpul
  77. Midway USA
  78. Midwest Industries, Inc
  79. Midwest PX LLC
  80. MFI
  81. NEMO Arms
  82. Next Step Tactical, Inc
  83. Norton Firearms
  84. OCS Guns
  85. OFA Tactical
  86. OJ’s Gun Shop
  87. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
  88. Olympic Arms
  89. One Source Tactical
  90. Paige Firearms
  91. Precision Firearms
  92. Predator Intelligence
  93. Predator Tactical
  94. Primary Weapons Systems
  95. Progressive Micro Devices
  96. Quality Arms Idaho
  97. Red Jacket Firearms
  98. Reaper Tactical LLC
  99. Rhino Arms
  100. RL Hydro-Graphix
  101. Rock River Arms
  102. RRC Firearms, LLC
  103. Shade’s Landing
  104. Rocky Top Tactical
  105. Sarco, Inc
  106. Semper Fi Arms
  107. Shade’s Landing Inc.
  108. Smith Enterprise
  109. Snake Hound Machine
  110. Southern Appalachian Arms
  111. Southwest Shooting Authority
  112. Spike’s Tactical
  113. SRT Arms
  114. Stoner Arms
  115. Tactical Solutions
  116. Templar Custom
  117. Templar Tactical Arms
  118. The Tactical Toolbox
  119. Thunder Beast Arms
  120. Tier One Arms
  121. TJ General Store
  122. Top Gun Supply
  123. Trident Armory
  124. Truly Tactical
  125. Umlaut Industries
  126. Umbrella Corp
  127. Victory Defense Consulting
  128. Vltor
  129. Volquartsen Custom
  130. Warbirds Custom Guns
  131. West Acre Sporting Goods
  132. West Desert Tactical
  133. West Fork Armory
  134. West Michigan Tactical
  135. Wilson Combat
  136. Wolfpit Tactical
  137. Wolverine Technologies, LLC
  138. Wrigley Ammunition
  139. York Arms
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  1. We as a people need to support the companies fighting these attacks on our rights, and when you have a choice in what your are buying … buy it from one of these manufacturers! Don’t support companies that don’t support US!

  2. Regarding my suspicions that Customs is barring imported ammo from clearing in:
    I called the D. C. offices of Cruz and Cornyn/TX, Lee/UT, Paul/KY and Enzi/WY and spoke to legislative aides about Customs and ammo. All of them, especially Enzi’s, were very interested and assured me that they would convey my concerns directly to those Senators. All I can do now is watch and listen to media that are NOT servile propaganda and disinformation tools to find out if my expressed concerns will have any effect.
    It’s impossible to get anybody at Customs, anywhere in the country at any level, on the phone. It’s always voice mail prompts, which I won’t waste time and breath on.
    I don’t think they want to talk to anybody, while they scurry and hide like pests when the lights are turned on.
    I encourage any concerned CITIZENS that may be now tuned into the very real possibility that Customs, following orders from further up the trough, is actually keeping ammo off the market…to BOTHER AND ANNOY UNRELENTINGLY their Congress people,State officials, Chamber of Commerce, Trade officials, Longshoreman’s Union officials, Wholesale and Retail executives…ANYBODY—even management of ammo companies in the countries where they operate. I’m sure that they’re not too happy about their stuff sitting and them not getting paid for it. Our Feds are unlikely to buy off everybody, maybe.
    Tula and Ishevsk in Russia, Norinco in China, Eley in England, Sellier & Bellot, Fiocchi, Aguila, Lapua, Rio etc. ALL make shiploads of ammo and really like getting those Yankee Dollars in exchange.
    Just think, if my suspicions are proved, righteous popular outrage and demands for redress may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and GETS THAT VILE NWO FRONTMAN NOW SMEARED ON THIS NATION…OUT OF OFFICE and sent back to the “urban” hellhole he helped to perpetuate…if he doesn’t get locked up first.

  3. I heard something today that’s really upsetting.
    A longshoreman said that there’s plenty of foreign made ammo SITTING ON THE DOCKS and customs will not clear it in.
    If this is true. what else is needed as far as Fed served shyte sandwiches that AGAIN support calls for not only IMPEACHMENT of the installed pretender, but PROSECUTION of Oblahblah,his doggy Holder at DoJ and ALL the rest of the Fed ratboys and their co-conspirators that violate AGAIN The Second Amendment, in that ammo is clearly under any description of “arms”.
    I’m calling Senator Cruz of Texas office tomorrow on this, since he seems to be one of the few in Congress that IS NOT a craven bought off stooge or an outright servant of foreign/NWO (you know who I mean) interests.
    Houston is a big freight port and I can hardly wait to find out if Federal criminal skeeveyness has containers of ammo sitting on the wrong side of Customs.
    I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

  4. Here are some additional companies added 4-2-13.
    Black Hat Firearms
    Lone Star Shooting Supply
    Lono Group
    Oregon Precision Firearms
    NFA Gear
    Serbu Firearms
    Black Dragon Firearms
    Warner Pistols
    Arms of America

  5. Up. Until the last year or so I would have thought Ray’s comments to be based on conspiracy theories. Today with the DHS buying up billions of rounds of ammo and a few thousand armored vehicles, a reasonable person has to ask “WHY?”…

  6. I’m getting some hints and indications that Da Fedz are restricting IMPORTED ammo, as in KEEPING IT OUT OF THE COUNTRY—on top of the grossly obvious, intentional market manipulations that are keeping mostly anything with a brass case OFF THE SHELVES.
    Tula, Ishevsk, Eley, Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot, Aguila, Rio, Norinco, Lapua etc.—there are BOATLOADS of it made all over the world.
    If anybody has any details re: import restrictions on ammo, PLEASE provide such…so that there may be yet ANOTHER legal rationale and grounds to IMPEACH THE INSTALLED PRETENDER and start Clean Up Time, a lot.

    Also, remember well the price gougers and the big corporate gubbamint servants that are complicit in this national embarrassment.
    BOYCOTT THE PIGS AND DOGGIES now and forever.


  7. Consumers should also add Dick’s Sporting Goods to their list of companies not to do business with. Since their self imposed policy of banning AR type weapons, I have not and will not buy anything from Dick’s. BTW: That is an appropriate name for their company:)

  8. I want to applaud the Sheriffs’ in Colorado for their statement;

    “Weld County Sheriff John Cooke won’t enforce new state gun measures expected to be signed into law by Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, arguing the proposed firearms restrictions give a “false sense of security.”

    Read more:

    Cooke is joined in his opposition to the proposals by El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who told an angry packed crowd at a meeting on Thursday in Colorado Springs he would stand firm against the bills.

    Read more:

    These are real American people!! Stand behind or in front of them, but support them!!!

    I also, want to support MAGPUL, for their stand against the Magazine Ban, and are pulling out of Colorado.

    When companies pull out of States that DO NOT SUPPORT our RIGHTS, I realize that some people there will loose their jobs, some will go with the company and when the company gets to the State they choose, people there will have jobs.

    Colt is also considering leaving Connecticut, hope they do!!!!

  9. Attention All Fellow New Yorkers,

    Yesterday I received this from one of my law enforcements contacts regarding an announcement from Governor Cuomos’s Division of Criminal Justice Services.
    Governor Cuomo has dug his feet in and is now employing Gestapo like tactics to encourage NY citizens to report on their fellow NY citizens thru financial incentives that are derived from the taxes of New Yorkers.
    The reward for “turning in” or “reporting” your neighbors for suspected “illegal” activity regarding the regulations put in-place by the recently enacted NY SAGE Act is $ 500.00 for each individual case.

    This is the State’s way of enforcing the regulations that most, if not all, gun owners have publicly said they would not comply with.
    This is eerily reminiscent of 1934 Germany.
    How many brutal dictators can we all name who have taken similar measures of turning the people against one another in the past 100 years.

    Gary L Perry
    Turn Albany Upside Down

    Press Release:
    At a time when all of us are finding ourselves doing more with less, a reminder about a resource available from New York State that can assist you in your efforts to solve cases, prevent crime and better serve and protect your communities.

    The state has established a toll-free tip line – 1-855-GUNSNYS (1-855- 486-7697) to encourage residents to report illegal firearm possession. The tip line also allows for information to be submitted via text – individuals can text GUNTIP and their message to CRIMES (274637). While the state will provide the administrative support and fund the rewards, the investigation and validity of the tip will be up to each local department.

    To spread the word about this free resource, New York State is planning a comprehensive campaign, including public service announcements that will air on television and radio stations across Upstate.

    The tip line can provide your agencies with another avenue for receiving intelligence about crimes being committed in your jurisdictions. This initiative is designed for communities where no tip lines are in place and is not meant to replace existing gun tip lines.

    Here’s how the tip line operates:

    The New York State Police staff the tip line 24 hours a day. Upon receiving a call, troopers will solicit as much information as possible regarding a firearm tip, while allowing the individual to remain anonymous. The caller will be informed that this program is not the traditional gun buyback program but rather is focused on identifying individuals who are carrying an illegal firearm.

    The State Police will in turn contact the appropriate police agency with the lead to initiate an investigation. Staff from the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) will follow up with that agency to determine the validity of the lead. Once the investigation is completed, the police agency would convey to DCJS the outcome of the investigation.

    If the information leads to an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm, the anonymous “tipster” will be awarded $500. DCJS staff will handle all of the financial transactions.

    State Police staff will explain the program in its entirety upon notifying an agency that a lead has been generated for their jurisdiction. If you have any questions in the interim, please contact DCJS Deputy Commissioner Tony Perez in the Office of Public Safety at 518-485-7610.

    Janine Kava
    Director of Public Information
    New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
    (518) 457-8906 – work
    (518) 275-5508 – cell
    (518) 485-7715 – fax
    Find us on Facebook:
    And follow us on Twitter: @NYSPublicSafety

  10. just started canceling e-mails of companies still doing business with states that support ban and let them know why maybe they’ll get their heads uot of their wallets long enough to see their customers are not happy with the way that they don’t stand by customers

  11. Stand up and say “No More!”
    To all Companies supporting this, keep it up please we here in Ca appreciate it. If we all started bying OFF BRAND ammo or reloading, I think we could get someones attention in the BIG Companies. Mabey then they would start Standing up when they loose half their business and are struggling, trying to get paied from these Broke states.
    Hay Federal, Get off your HIGH HORSE, STAND UP and CUT CALIFORNIA LE OFF. NO MORE AMMO of any type. You to Glock, Smith and Ruger; stop the flow of Guns to Ca LE. SHAME on you all for helping take away our rights, just keep selling.

  12. TO;
    US Army (Retired) #72, First off let me thank you for your Military service, was Army myself.
    Second; Your statement was very well put and I totally agree with you and it is not being a vigilante, it is standing up for our Rights.
    Our forefathers knew that the future people in government would do just what they are doing now, that is why they put in “WELL REGULATED MILITIA” AND “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, in our Constitution.
    You ask, “WHY”, Because we have to many people to lazy to do anything to help they just want the government to support them so they don’t make waves, and people that think they know more than us (VP Biden)about what is good for us and what is not.
    The criminals support gun control for law abiding citizens, because they know if the government takes our guns, then when they break into peoples house they don’t have to worry about getting shot.
    Think about this and it’s my opinion; The media gets kickbacks from certain (lets’ just say) officials when they only report on gun violence. What about knives/baseball bats/clubs- which by the way- FBI report- says Fists & Clubs/bats, were used in more crimes than guns? Hummm?
    Again, my opinion, certain criminal elements are getting kickbacks as well. To many criminals getting off easy in court.

  13. Well regulated at the time meant regularly and well supplied. The militia at the time was every able bodied man.

  14. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin. I rather hang together with my brothers in arms than disappear in the night.

  15. Why does the 2nd Amendment state: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    What is meant by Militia? Who is the Militia? Who regulates the Militia?

    This means that the people have an individual right to bear arms and to form a regulated Militia as the people deem necessary to defend themselves and the Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. This right cannot be regulated or infringed on in any way by any level of government. This also means the right is sovereign to the individual and cannot be impaired by regulation or taxation in order to limit the peoples’ access or impair access to arms.

    If those who would encroach on the sovereign liberties of the people, the enslavers, have automatic weapons, then the people should have automatic weapons. If the enslavers have nuclear bombs, then the people should have nuclear bombs.

    To some this will sound radical and outlandish… perhaps. The point is that the people should have access to a viable means of self-defense against an oppressive government. The PEOPLE decide when a government is oppressive. Call it the first level of checks and balances to ensure good government. Get it! The people are the first level, the Congress is the second level, the Executive is the third level and the Judiciary is the fourth level.

    When the Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary fail the people, the PEOPLE remain in charge.

    The PEOPLE have a right to form a Militia and bear arms against any that would impose injustice upon them. Call it vigilante Militia or whatever… the right is natural and sovereign… belonging to the PEOPLE. The objective was for the PEOPLE to retain a means of collective defense against an oppressive government should the occasion ever arise.

    Any court with a differing interpretation of such plain language has no standing.

    Ask yourself…
    WHY do we allow others to claim ownership of our labor?
    WHY do we allow a government to steal from us, shave off a portion for themselves and dole out the balance to those who pander to them?
    HOW does each and every member of the Political Class become a millionaire while we trudge along in a struggle?
    WHY do we allow miscreants to tax us for free stuff?
    WHY have we allowed ourselves to become economic slaves?
    WHY is our economic structure deteriorating?
    WHY have we completely indentured our posterity?

  16. To Sam

    Don’t You realize that those “idots” in the Mayors office, Governors office, State Legislature and most of the judges are appointed to their positions by the people of NY in elections. We can and often do remove them if they fail to do our bidding.
    We don’t need the Three Amigo sling shot and bottle rocket Co. to stand up for us. I for one resent the notion that we do.
    Clearly they are only posturing…there are a gazillion manufactures world wide…the threat is idle. But the suggestion of it shows a lack of respect for the people of this State. Are we to believe that the people of this State are so dim witted that we need to be the wards of arms companies??
    On another note, and with all due respect for your ex-LEO status….I’m more inclined to believe that the “Famous Last Words” here are “I think that pain in my chest is more then that last Chilly Dog!”
    Also in NY, those on Medicare get out and about quite a bit…and with the weather about to break the streets will be awash in “Coots”. VP Biden hasn’t gotten my shotgun yet, I’m still fine…Thanks again for your concern.

  17. To Mike O
    My paranoia?
    As you Stated; “As I have said before I am pissed at companies that would try to punish the people of NY if they don’t get their way.” Don’t you realize that the idiots you have in the mayors’ office there, are punishing you all. They are the ones that are “willing to throw the right of the people of NY to make their own laws, under the bus.
    So. companies aren’t trying to hurt people, they are standing up for the people.
    One other thing you stated “I have lived in the State of NY for close to 7 decades without incident. I’ll likely be fine.” As a former LEO, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have heard that! It’s what we call “Famous Last Words”. 7 decades, probably means you don’t even leave your house/apartment.

  18. I think we all agree that this is a great start, but we need to get more companies on this list and we need to get the big ones.

    with that in mind each one of us needs to:

    1. voice our opinions to these manufacturers as customers and law abiding gun owners in a respectfull but firm manner

    2. support the many great companies who have already made ths decision in support of the 2nd amendment

    3. stop buying products from the companies who won’t do this

    4. TELL THEM we are going to stop buying their products until they do

    5. boycott Colt arms; they have never been strong supporters of the 2nd ammendment and if you look into their company history have hardly ever contributed to pro-gun organizations or causes. They make the large majority of their business and their money on military contracts and generally don’t give a ______ about civilian gun owners.

  19. To Sam -3/17/2013 @ 7:42am
    I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t care less about your paranoia.
    Thank you for your self serving concern about the safety of my shotgun and myself but I have lived in the State of NY for close to 7 decades without incident. I’ll likely be fine.
    As I have said before I am pissed at companies that would try to punish the people of NY if they don’t get their way. I am also sadened by the cheerleaders for these companies who are more then willing to throw the right of the people of NY to make their own laws under the bus…to secure an advantage for their own.
    Thannnnks Sam

  20. I notice many of the bigger names are missing. CMMG will get my next order. I printed this list for redistribution. Please keep it updated.

  21. Being an ex business owner here in Ky I can say that I reserve the right to with-hold services to any customer I deemed unworthy of doing business with. I do not know what the laws may be where NSSF does business as far as antitrust laws goes.

  22. @ Terry #61…….While you are right about the “SHERIFF’S” around the country standing up and voicing their opposition to these ignorant laws trying to be passed and standing next to the regular citizens, I have yet to see “ONE” Police Chief stand up and speak out. I haven’t seen any regular LEO’s say a word neither, except on here and other blogs. While I do not wish harm to any LEO, it isn’t really about them. It is a gesture to show the heads of state and government agencies that this isn’t right, you can’t just trample on the Constitution. You can’t say well, these people can have guns, ammo, and 30 rd mags….. BUT you can NOT!

  23. To Terry #61,
    I agree with you to an extent. However, there are other LEOs’ out there that have the attitude, they are better than we are. How do I know this? As a former LEO myself, I have worked with these types of people. They want to control you in any way they can. I really applaud the Sheriffs’ and their Deputy’s that refuse to accept the unconstitutional Laws that are trying to be passed, and are willing to stand by their ARMED citizens. These LEOs’ know that they can not be at every situation and respond within the time it takes to defend oneself. If you have ever been in that situation you would understand. It takes 15-20 minutes (on a great day) to respond to a call and only takes seconds to defend yourself.
    As for selling ammo to LEOs, I agree to sell them to the ones that support the 2nd Amendment and to the general public, but not to one that are trying to take away ANY of OUR RIGHTS!!!

  24. My question is; Why is there a shortage of ammo out there? The military isn’t short on ammo, so why is it that the stores are out of just about everything except “VP Bidens’ AMMO, SHOTGUN SHELLS???”. Just go buy a Double Barrel Shotgun and 2 shotgun shells that’s all you need, you don’t need an AR-15, it’s to big and heavy for women!!
    As for being out of ammo, WHY? If the ammo companies aren’t making them because they are moving out of a “NON-SECOND AMENDMENT STATE”, then I applaud them, but if they aren’t moving where is all the ammo that they are making going?
    As for the bigger gun companies, Remington, Glock, Winchester, ETC., I won’t deal with them any longer. Going to go to their website and see of there’s a place to make a statement to them. Everybody else that stands up for our rights should go there as well.

  25. Let’s all take a step back and think about this for a minute, it’s not our local LE’s that are causing this problem it our goverment. How many of us either have friends or family that work in LE and help protect us on a daily basis?

    It is companies like Colt and Sig that have these huge goverment contracts and are currently suppling DHS with arms and ammo that we need to worry about not out local LE, these are the people that will be standing shoulder to shoulder with us if Martial law is involked. How many Sheriffs have already stood up for the 2nd amendment voicing how they feel for us! We need to tell these companies PLEASE sell to our LE’s just NOT TO THE GOVERMENT!!!

  26. These Bloomberg, Feinstein, Obama and Biden types are getting exactly what they wanted…restricted sales. Too bad it is against the Government and law enforcement instead of the ordinary workin’ man where they intended it to be. My hats off to all these companies who placed profit margins aside to do what’s right!

  27. Now we need Remington, Winchester, Kimber, Savage, Springfield, Ruger etc on this list… We also need to lobby the ammo manufacturers to do the same. Why can’t we go together and create an ammunition contract just as attractive as doing business with the government?

  28. Here is a simple solution, Everybody find a State that has and wants to continue to have gun control, and let all of the idiots that want gun control move to that state and stay there. I’m not sure that there is a State small enough to actually hold the real people that want gun control, despite what the media says.

  29. When Social Security ordered over 1.5 million rounds of ammo, they said it was for their field agents to practice with. They already knew what was coming. They had already been told to stock pile their ammo, because the government was going to push for “Gun Control”.
    As for the Big gun and ammo companies (Glock, Remington, ETC), they aren’t going to join in, because they know that they will have their contracts with the government and they won’t be hurt by them.
    I use to be a LEO, and believe it or not and I hate to say it, but as long as we have the idiots we have in our government right now, we are headed for another Civil War. A lot of my buddies and myself had been talking about gun control when Clinton was in office and we said back then that if they try and take away our 2 Amendment that all of the officers were going to go home and defend their family, because we weren’t going to go and try to take someones firearms away from them, we value our life to much.

  30. The people of NY had a choice and continue to have a choice, as a whole, people are being misled by those that would make us helpless. The history that our schools do not teach shows us that the USA was founded by people that wanted to make a choice, not be led around by the Fed’s or someone who would be king. By the time people in NY and CO get to the things that matter to them being taken away it may be too late, the right to bear arms is not the government’s to take away. Uphold our laws, do not bury us with new laws, carry or don’t carry, defend and call 911, or call 911, but if you want a place that you have no choices and responsibility, don’t make new laws that infringe the rights of others. There are places that already do that, go there and be happy.

  31. To Mike O,
    I couldn’t care less about your selling. What worries me is, the shotgun you own is it a double barrel or a pump/automatic? If it’s a pump/automatic be prepared for them to take it. If it’s a double barrel shotgun, be sure you do just what VP Biden said to women on TV,”Buy a shotgun, when someone is trying to break in, load it with 2 shells, go out on the back porch and fire them into the air, and the criminal will leave, or if they are in your house already,just shoot through the door (not knowing who is on the other side?). You must have seen him on TV and are taking his advice. If so, “HERE’S YOUR SIGN” LOL

  32. Alex Arms is on the list twice, I see a small handful of high recognition names to the shooting aports/industry but I still cannot believe none of the biggest names in firearms has spoken up yet. Ruger has such a backlog of orders they will not lose any significant amount of money by coming out and supporting this ban of sales. S&W and Colt both rely on government sales for military and police contracts but if you quickly dry up the government agencies supply they will back down. Ammo manufacturers can also afford to boycott sales to governments because We the People need and want the ammo. I am still glad to see these companies standing up, lets hope they don’t begin to price gouge us to make up for lost revenues. I received one CTD flyer in the mail with 99.99 for a Pmag 30 round magazine about a month ago, maybe a little longer, I see they took the price down to 29.99 now.

  33. In response to VT Patriot;

    I’m not at all intrested in what you may think of my spelling, the State of NY., NYC., the people of NY., their elected officials or what you percieve your rights to be.
    What I am intrested in is the right of the people of the State of NY to self deterination within the federal constitution….uninfringed by some unelected corporate entity.
    These are our laws, you don’t have to like them. If you are a citizen of the state, feel free to change them at the ballot box.
    If they violate the 2A or any other federal statute, they will be overturned by the courts. The Constitution makes the Supreme Court the final arbitrator of the Constitution, not companies.
    Companies that wish to sell their products in this State do so only with the peoples permision and according to our laws. And without threats to our institutions.
    Arms manufactures in Europe or Asia are likely more then willing to step in to fill the demand of NY law enforcement, if given the chance. Hell it’s widely believed here that the Commonwealth of Virgina has numerous sellers willing to particape.
    I don’t tolerate threats of extortion comming from business people well.

  34. I wish CTD and/or all of the other boycotting companies could organize a bigger movement among us gunowners and among them to convince all the other firearms, ammunition, and equipment manufacturers to join the boycott. Wouldn’t the firearms, ammo, and equipment not sold to the government be absorbed by us private gunowners? I know I need more reloading supplies and ammo that I can’t get right now due to these horrendous shortages. How many are we? 4 million?

  35. I just sent the following email to SpringField Armory, and I ask you all do the same!

    Dear SpringField Armory:

    I have been a loyal purchaser of your firearms for years. I own four SA firearms, and I tell every single person I know how good your product is, how pleased I am, and why they should buy one.

    In fact thanks to my recommendations and urgings in the past two months both my brother and coworker bought pistols from SA.

    However, I noticed you aren’t on this list:

    I find this VERY disappointing, and until such time as you all support the other firearm manufacturers who are protesting the attack on our 2nd amendment rights by *not* offering those weapons to law enforcement that aren’t *also* available to private citizens I will cease and desist with any and all recommendations and/or purchases of your products.

    Please stand up and speak out for the 2nd amendment rights of the people of this country.


  36. This is all fine and dandy but the big name manufacturers and ammo companies need to get behind this as well…MOLON LABE!

  37. To MikeO in response #43, you are totally misled. I’m glad you own a shotgun. I hope you know how to use it better that your spell check. Not all people who are agast at what Cuomo did are going to quit their jobs to run for office in NY. NYC is a mess, and full of antigun libs. The rest of the state is quite rural where people hunt, target shoot, and live in somewhat desolate areas. So because NYC has a problem, the legitimate and lawful gun owners in the other 95% of the landmass should give up their rights guaranteed by the 2A?? These companies have the right to sell to people who respect their rights to purchase their products, and refuse to sell to those who will not allow these citizens rights. Extortion?? I don’t think so. There are far more customers living in rural areas that will buy their products than all the govt purchasers throughout the rest of the state.

  38. I live in NY. It has become a serious problem for me to obtain the firearms I’d like to own,thanks to our piece of garbage governor.
    I am glad to see that companies are standing up to these NY restrictions by not selling to any agency. I just wonder how much stockpile these gov’t and state agencies have before it starts to hurt…..

  39. I live in NY and have a shotgun.

    The lawmakers who passed thies laws are the elected officials of the people of the State of NY, and those people will deal with them or not at the voting booth on election day.

    What thies companies are saying has the strong taste of extortion mixed in….restrict our sales…and we will punish your law enforcement.

    If thies companies wish to influence the laws of the State of NY they should run for office here….until then if you refuse to sell to our police…I wish that your products be banned from sale anywhere in the state.

  40. I have noticed that the list keeps growing, of companies ready to stand up to the government bullying going on of the citizens. While there are some big and well known names on this list, the REALLY BIG players in the game still sit on the sidelines, waiting to collect their big government checks. I understand if they have contracts to fulfill but they don’t have to go above and beyond them. Where are the ammo companies? The government continues to gobble up small arms ammo. Billions of rounds, more than enough to fight several Iraq wars. Cut them off already. Until the BIG BOYS step p to the plate, I fear we are just spinning our wheels. I mean if Remington, S&W, Glock, Mossberg, Colt, ALL government contracted ammo companies would stand and say enough is enough, maybe then they would realize that WE THE PEOPLE are finally fed up with garbage in this great country. It seems some big companies, of which most of my guns/rifles were purchased from, still want that all mighty dollar, They forget how the government will use them up like a cheap date and then move on to the next big thing. We the people will always be here to buy from you…….well, at least for right now. When these bans are placed, if they ever get passed, where will you be then? The government will not buy from every one of you, and the regular citizens won’t be able to help you then. So, help us now, stand up to this corrupt government and we will still purchase your arms and keep you in business. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER, now is the time!

  41. As a retired LEO in local state and federal agencies, “I give you all 2 thumbs up” in your actions and would like to see the major manufacturers S&W, Sig Saurer, Remmington, et al also join in this movement.

    I’ve never seen a gun commit a murder, but have seen many individuals commit murder with a firearm as well as other weapons or means. Plus most individuals who commit crimes with guns do so with illegally gotten weapons or are individuals who are outside of being able to purchase firearms leagally….

    Therefore from my experience(s) most politicians are clueless as well….afterall why would someone spend millions of $$$ for a job that only paid less than $180K…unless all they wanted was “power and kickbacks” and a lobbist position once they got voted out of office.

    Just my humble opinion….

    Steve Cullen

  42. I support the above companies but feel it is more important for the ammunition companies join the list. Government agencies don’t need replacement guns as much as they need the ammunition to feed them. Of course maybe the Federal government has already stock piled enough already.

  43. OK, State and Local get tuned up.
    What about THE FEDS?
    If some of the big mfrs. told them to JAM IT, it might be more helpful.
    Barrett’s on the list, but are they still selling to The Feds?

  44. When I want or need anything for my collection, I will shop from this list. Thanks to all of these companies. You are American heros!

  45. I’m selling my Colt LE6920CA. Keeping my Franklin Armory. Doing my part to divest in non-2nd admendment supporting manufacturers. I suggest everyone else do the same, and say why, that is important.

  46. @ Sam.

    I’ve been litening to Cam Edwards for a couple years now and his show was the initial reason I get Sirius Satellite Radio in my car.

    @ james deleone sr

    Youtalk about endangering police, what about endangering citizens? I’ve been a police officer for more than 20 years. In most incidents police respond. I don’t know the percentages and I won’t even take a guess. I do know that pro-active violent incidents are in lower numbers for the average cop on the street. We resond to calls for service. We respond to assist citizens who are victims of crime to include violent crime. These victims have no less right to defend themself as the cop responding to help. The big issue is the word “REPSOND”. Cops aren’t there. Even in the best of times we are minutes away. When you get to some rural areas and cities it can and does take longer for response. In a number of cities across the nation, police DO NOT respond to certain areas. Do the victimsin these areas deserve LESS protection just because they can’t afford to live in a better location?

    Gun and magazine bans directly affect the ability of poor people to protect themselves against predators as much as, if not more than, other people. Many poor people live in crime ridden areas for whatever reason and do not have the money or means to move, but they have the money to uy a handgun with a 15 round capacity. I can go for weeks/months and years without having to pull my service weapon during an incident.That one victim on one occasion could save their life or the life of a loved one or a complete stranger by having the ability to pull that gun that could otherwise be banned by a state or city.

    Why should the citizen of a certain jusrisdiction be less able to defend themself than the police officers in that same jurisdiction?

    It’s damn well time that politicians be made to live with the decisions they make.They need to be held accountable and to the same standards they FORCE on everyone else.

  47. To poster #6… I fully agree with your comments but may I point out, the 2nd amendment is not a “unique privilege” sir… it is OUR RIGHT!

  48. I agree with the earlier comments on Major Manufacturer involvement like Colt, Sturm Ruger, Smith & Wesson, etc. Where do they stand on this issue? We need these companies to step up to the plate and make a stand like Larue and Cheaper than Dirt and all the others. Are they to busy looking at their bottom line?

  49. please support these companies . buy stuff you may not need right now lets help them help us. remember together we stand strong.been buying stuff for freinds for christmas and birthdays . lets show them how strong americans really are

  50. Think it’s great that all of these businesses are putting “WE THE PEOPLE” first. We all know that these other agencies have no trouble getting what they need, but we are still the real first responders. Thanks CTD for being one of them.

  51. For some reason this SMELL to me like the old Germany with Hitler his SS…

    Remember:….”An armed man is CITIZEN… An UNarmed man is a SUBJECT”

  52. Its a good list. But still need to see some BIGGER Ammunition Companys on there. Remington, Federal, etc. They need to look at the big picture. There is alot of ammo sold to the recreational shooters that will be gone if only the government is buying ammo. Then I wouldnt be supprised if Obama would try to shut them down to and say they shouldnt have the right to the things neede to make bullets because they might get out to the public and that the government should be the only ones with access to the tools or materials to make them.

  53. This is a great thing these companies are doing and i support their stance 100%. However this is seen as nothing more than an inconvenience the law enforcement agencies have to deal with. It isn’t affecting the ones making the laws at all. What this list needs is for it to include companies with some bearing on the safety of those law makers’ safety, namely the big ammo manufactures. Remington, Federal, and any other company that supplies ammo to the LE departments of any state who threaten their people’s rights should stop supplying that state with their products. Maybe then, when their own safety is in question, will these Jack A’s take this stance seriously.


  55. PUSH AMMO MANUFACTURERS TO DO THE SAME! Let’s put pressure on ALL ammo manufacturers to publicly state that they will fill civilian retail/wholesale orders BEFORE federal government orders. That would send a HUGE message to Washington. Let the government try to intimidate the manufacturers. Civilians and other non-federal government employees will come to their aid and make up the difference; there is no doubt. Pass this on. This would be one of the most strategic moves yet.

  56. Much ado about nothing. If this list is to mean anything, publish how much business each of these outfits do with the “governments” in the supposed “anti-gun” states. Outside of two or three outfits, nothing here looks big enough to make any difference to any of these “bad” states. This is a lot of smoke and noise with not much more than shallow effect, just pull back the curtain and look at the silly man pulling the levers, but ignore him!!! I applaud the effort, but overall it will have no impact unless the major companies who manufacture arms and ammunition join in and make their weight felt, much like Barrett has done. If you really want to protest something, protest companies like Cheaper Than Dirt who are gouging and exploiting their customers by raising their prices outrageously on both arms and ammunition.

  57. I’ve been suggesting that the same approach be taken by ammo manufacturers. I would fully support any ammo maker who makes it a policy to fill civilian/wholesale/retail orders BEFORE federal government contracts. Likewise, I’d be willing to boycott those who don’t. 1.5 billion JHP rounds ordered by a number of federal agencies including Social Security? Can you see the hand writing on the wall? Let’s push the ammo manufacturers to fully support the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment!

  58. I want to add to this subject if I may. I would like to ask if anybody has heard of Cam Edwards/ NRANEWS or watched his show on TV. If you have “Dish” he is on channel 395/396 the Sportsmans channel, not sure of other programmers. Anyway, he has a great show and anybody that supports our rights (Especially 2nd Amenmdment) needs tyo watch him Mon-Fri 5:00pm EST. Great show!

  59. Finally, true patriots are starting to make a stand! I hope it’s not to late! I for one will use these companies before any others as they are standing up with the rest of us! We need more of this, so the word reaches far and wide! “We The People” know where this is headed, our constitution is the very corner stone of the United States of America! Let the government take one small bit and the rest will soon follow!

  60. No gun sales to militarized pigs that drive MRAPs down US streets and want to get their hands on drones to spy on us.

  61. In response to THE CONCERNED AMERICAN, You are correct in your statement;take an oath to “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic” should remember the day you took that oath.”
    The Concerned American

    Remember “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” !!!!!!

  62. It makes me proud to be an American when I see companies that put their customers and their own personal rights above their bottom line. It gives me a renewed respect for thoughts who insure that the American people have access to the weapons of the day to defend themselves against thoughts who intend to do harm and do not respect the rights of others. It is time for all of us to make a commitment to stand with these companies and only purchase our own supplies from the companies that have taken a stance against the gun grabbers and political vermin that have assaulted our 2nd amendment rights and disrespected our founding fathers vision that clearly was designed to protect the people from a tyrannical government such as we are seeing today. For all of you that have ever taken the oath to “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic” should remember the day you took that oath. I do not know how others feel but when I took that oath it was for a life time not for the moment I took the oath, or because they made me take the oath, it was because I believe firmly in the oath that was taken. We are now in a time where the meaning of that oath is being tested. Stand tall together and lets get this country back on track.

    The Concerned American

  63. Chris Dolnack, you’re a wuss and you’re inviting a CITIZEN boycott of ALL OF YOUR sales, and we’re a damnsite bigger than the local state purchases. The government can’t FORCE you to sell to them. Just yet. The point needs to be made, as all these others have done, that the government can’t deny the citizen the right to self defense NOR can they even “infringe” upon those rights, just because some ultra left wing billionaire in power in an ultra liberal government position arbitrarily decides to do so, just because he thinks he can get away with it, like his soda, salt and Styrofoam cup bans.

  64. Guns may well be the fuel for the fire for civil unrest.It now seems like just a matter of time Tck Tck Tck…..Are you prepared?

  65. I believe what your doing is right but don’t hurt the officers that protect your rights. Should an Officer get killed protecting the rights of others you would not feel very good. There has to be a clear message sent to the government but we can’t hurt what were trying to protect. I’m a police officer and again I believe what your doing is the best way to attack the problem but I do not believe in hurting anyone in the process. The government has to understand that can’t get away pumping the media about incident’s like Sandy Hook and control the media for needs to get something they want pasted. If you look into all the incident’s most of the guns were either brought legally, stolen or brought by someone else. This hurts the good people that buy guns and use them in a legal way. Also the gun company’s should not jack up the prices on guns and ammo either. Whats right is right on booth parties.

  66. I know that other people have stated that the NSSF/Chris Dolnack should help get the message out. I think that the NSSF/Chris Dolnack should read Because the antitrust laws have nothing to do with the companies deciding to sell to whom ever they want. I own a business and if I don’t want to sell my service/parts to ANYBODY/COMPANY/BUSINESS, I have that right to not do so.
    “Individual companies are free to independently decide which customers and markets they wish to serve.”
    I believed/supported the NSSF, but now I have my doubts. Because the above statement is a right and if they are going to help support it, then what else will they not support.

  67. I see that the article states that the companies are protesting “mostly by word of mouth”. Well lets see if this word of mouth becomes actual action. I would love to see the goverment eat crow. It is time businesses take it to the government for over stepping its authority. Government belongs to us not vs.

  68. Once again,where are Glock, Colt, S&W, Bushmaster, Remington, Mossberg and other major companies. Until these companies step up these state and local entities will not feel the pressure.

  69. Next month I will begin my 27th year in law enforcement. I live in the typically “gun unfriendly” state of Illinois. I live downstate, far away from the “republic of Chicago” and it’s surrounding gun hating suburbs.

    I fully support these companies positions concerning not selling items to government/law enforcement agencies where the laws restrict these items to ordinary citizens. How hypocritical it is for federal, state, and local governments to restrict these items for it’s citizens, but then allow law enforcement to purchase them? Law enforcement, at best, is reactive to crime these days, given the budget issues most are facing. Our citizens deserve the right to protect themselves, both from criminals, and from our own governments which, when allowed to operated unchecked, continue to restrict the freedoms and inalienable rights guaranteed by our
    forefathers who drafted the Constitution of these great United States.

    It angers me when I see Police Chiefs come out in support of firearms restrictions. Most are political appointees who are far out of touch with reality on the street. Politics and law enforcement should not mix, in my humble opinion.

    I urge more industry companies to jump on the “wagon” and adopt the policies these great companies listed above have adopted. It’s past time that we Americans simply sit back and let our elected officials, the ones that are suppossed to represent us and our values, and push back at those that continue to assault our rights guaranteed by the Constitution and in particular, the Second Amendment.

  70. Yes yes yes! I would like to see some ammunition manufacturers also stop sales to LE agencies in these states. Part of me thinks that we should pressure some of the other “big” gun manufacturers into following the lead of these companies, but they really should take it upon them selves to do so.

  71. I’d sure like to see more names on this list, DPMS, Rock Island Armory, Palmetto Armory, and big names like Colt, Block, Baretta, Remington, as well as equipment manufacturers, scope, holster, training supplier companies. It’s a pretty simple concept: Civil Rights cannot be legislated away, and with the exceptions for active duty military, convicted felons who have not completed their sentance, or those judged in court to be mentally incompetent, they apply equally to every citizen be they law enforcement or non-law enforcement. We cannot tolerate sedition and insurrection against our basic code of law by anyone, foreign or domestic, no matter their position or occuation in society. That is the law of our land.

  72. As an American citizen I am very proud of these CO’s! They see what is going on and realize they also have to stand along side us and protect the Second Amendment! Nice job you all !

  73. I think the shooting industry as well as the average sportsman should show there support to the companies that stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights that are listed in Cheaper Than Dirt list. I think we should ALL NOT support the companies that do not like The National Shooting Sports Foundation, Berretta in Maryland, etc.

  74. Thank you to all of these businesses taking a brave stand against the tryanny of our time. One only needs to know the history of gun “control” to know where that path ends. The second amendment is a unique privilege, given to protect America,Americans and their future by our extraordinary founding patriots. American liberty is now at stake, and we must stand together or we are surely doomed. The first amendment has been nullified with glee by a majority of left leaning press giving away their watchdog role. The fourth and fifth amendments are under assault by this government with the establishment of an alternative national paramilitary organization (DHS)and the seeming willingness of elected and nonelected officials to view law abiding Americans as enemies of the state, by this governemnt that seems oblivious to its responsibilities to uphold the founding principles. Exercise your rights as an American, contact your representatives, let them know of your concern, of your righteous anger, of these assaults on your God given rights and those of your children and childrens children. “We hold these truths to be self evident” are not just the pandering words of politicians. Rally, express your rights, thank these brave business people, be brave with them, contact your representatives, do not give up, do NOT give up, protect your freedom.

  75. I’m glad to see these companies standing together in defense of our Second Amendment and wish every company in the firearms industry would do the same. We need to stand together and stand firm to protect the Second Amendment.

  76. I think this is a great start. Every firearm manufacturer needs to ban the sale to the government of any firearms if they pass any of these new anti gun laws. We also need to get the ammo companies to do the same thing!!!! When the feds and the state goverments do not have firearms or ammo to protect the politicians maybe they will think harder about trying to take our rights away. I personally think they need to stop all firearms and ammo sales immediately until the politicians stop the attacks on our rights. Let them go unprotected for a while!!!!!

  77. FINALY, maybe these elected idiots will wake up, stop turning law abiding citizens
    Into criminals, and stop unconstitutionaly restricting our rights and militarizing our
    Police forces.

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