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Cheaper Than Dirt! Gift Guide: A Marvel of Engineering — DP-12 Shotgun

DP-12 Shotgun Flyer

For Cheaper Than Dirt!’s 12 Days of Christmas sale, we saved the best for last—the DP-12 Shotgun!

Double-barreled pump-action shotgun DP-12
Who can resist sixteen rounds of 12-gauge shotgun in a package that isn’t even 30” long?

Bullpup pump shotguns are all the rage these days, with their ability to carry upward of a dozen rounds in a dependable, hand-operated action. However, the DP-12 Shotgun is in a class of its own. Sure there are others that look like a DP-12, but none operate like a DP-12—and that is important in a self-defense situation. The DP-12 is unique in that it offers two independent firing systems. In other words, it has two 7-round magazine tubes and two barrels. In essence, the DP-12 is a double-barrel pump gun.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co.—doing business as Standard Manufacturing LLC for purposes of making the DP-12—is a double-barrel shotgun maker, but more along the lines of premium break-open models, such as Winchester Custom Shop Model 21s and A.H. Fox shotguns.

What Standard Manufacturing has done is marry the pump shotgun with the single-trigger double-barrel shotgun, markedly different than lesser models such as the KSG and the UTS-15, which employ a single barrel fed by two separate 7-round tubes.

As shown in the accompanying video, the receiver for the DP-12 is machined from a solid block of aluminum, making it super stout. Because of the weight of its mechanical systems and the number of rounds it carries, the DP-12 fires from the shoulder much like any other pumpgun.

As shown, the shooter chambers two rounds with each pump; then pulls the trigger two times, the first to fire the right barrel, the second to fire the left barrel. Pump, bang!, bang! Pump, bang!, bang! Repeat as necessary.

A number of rails up front allow for placing lights or other accessories. The barrels are threaded for adding chokes or breaching muzzle brakes, and the safety location is standard AR placement.

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  1. I hope this does not sound stupid but I have been reading statutes from us and idaho. I kinda of believe I can have shotgun sent to me once I fill out online batfe, the normal paperwork. It does not take 2 FFLs to ship across state lines. Is this true or am I misunderstanding ?

  2. As the article says, these are all the rage now. Pretty cool, but for the $1200 price, I can feed my Saiga lots of rounds, and buy another cool gun for Christmas. It will carry 12+1 in a semi-auto package.

    They are very cool and I’ve wanted one of the KelTeks since they came out, but I just don;t see me spending that much on a shotgun right now.

    1. On price you may be correct Steve, but this gun gets two shots for each pump and holds up to 16 rounds. I have to admit being a little skeptical until I actually shot one. Once you do… it is simply a game changer for home defense. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. @Dave

      I can see the advantage of that, and in the end it really is about what you are most comfortable and effective with. While my Saiga is longer and less maneuverable in a tight space, I can send 13 rounds downrange about as fast as I could with my AR15. The big advantage to DP-12, and other bullpup shotguns is the maneuverability in tight spaces.

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