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10/22 One of Our Favorite Dates

Ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle

So a few days ago, it was October 22. 10/22. Get it? The Ruger is so loved that I thought today I would honor it with some wonderful accessories. Whether your Ruger is a year old or 11 years old, it deserves awesome gifts.

No More Sore Thumbs! Ruger 10/22 Hot Lips Loader

Load a ton of rounds super quickly without hurting your thumbs! Before Ruger came out with the much-awaited BX-25 magazine, we all had Hot Lips mags. You totally need the BX-25 mag, but don’t throw out your old magazines. This little handy guy helps you load 50 rounds. Just give it a shake, insert it into your magazine, and crank it full.

It is a highly rated product and works exactly like it says. Reviewer CTD Ben says, “This is a cool little gadget. Shake, turn, and load in half the time. No more dropping single rounds, no more sore thumbs.” I couldn’t say it better myself!

ProMag Archangel Marauder Folding Rail System Stock

If your Ruger 10/22 has been really good this year, you need to get it this ProMag Archangel Marauder folding stock. It will look like the very cool H&K G36 rifle that we cannot get. The drop-in stock only weighs three pounds and it has a faux suppressor to fit 18.5-inch barrels. It also comes with sights and accessory rails.

Rear Sight Laser

Rifles need lasers, too. The LaserLyte rear sight laser fits the 10/22 with dovetail rear sights. Originally designed to be pistol lasers, they are small and lightweight, but still offer a range of 500 yards. It has a pulse mode as well as a constant-on mode. Lasers on a Ruger 10/22 aren’t that silly. The Ruger 10/22 is so customizable, why wouldn’t you put a laser on it? Max Slowik over at says, “put a laser on your 10/22 “because you can.”

.22 Long Rifle Federal Bulk Pack

You’re gonna need to feed your Ruger. Federal bulk pack is an excellent choice for cheap ammo. We all know how quickly ammo can go, especially .22, so buy in bulk so you don’t run out. The Federal Premium Champion Target has a 36-grain copper-plated jacketed hollow point bullet and a muzzle velocity of 1260 fps. Not only is it good for plinking, but it’s good for varmint and small game hunting as well.

18-inch Long 10/22 Barrel

CTD Dave is getting this barrel for his 10/22’s birthday. He says it will cut your groups in half! The Adams & Bennett barrel will improve your accuracy. It is an 18-inch, heavy bull barrel that features a match chamber and a recessed target crown. No gunsmithing required for installation.

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