Almost 100 Manufacturers Decline to Sell ‘Banned’ Equipment to LE

Since an article detailing companies’ responses to gun and accessory bans appeared in the Cheaper Than Dirt Chronicle, almost 100 manufacturers have announced they are not selling equipment to law-enforcement agencies that their states’ citizens can’t own—in particular, New York.

West Fork Armory’s graphic makes clear what the company’s sales policy is.
Originally, LaRue Tactical was one of a few companies that announced a new sales policy for state and local law-enforcement agencies. Cheaper Than Dirt! was also one of the early announcers. Our sales statement is here. On Monday, we contacted NRA Public Affairs for a comment on the burgeoning effort. We received an email response on Tuesday that said, “NSSF would be best suited for this inquiry.” Chris Dolnack, senior vice president & chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said, “Recently, there have been calls by consumers urging members of the firearms industry as a means of protesting recently enacted gun control measures like New York’s SAFE Act, to stop selling their products to law enforcement agencies in those states.

“Some have suggested that NSSF should bring attention to this protest movement. Individual companies are free to independently decide which customers and markets they wish to serve. However, agreeing with others to boycott certain customers or markets raises very serious legal questions concerning antitrust laws and may be illegal. Due to these antitrust concerns, NSSF is unable to promote this protest.

“We are also concerned that members of law enforcement are not made less safe due to the ill-advised decisions of antigun politicians. We encourage all hunters, target shooters, and firearms owners to become involved in the democratic process, advocate for repeal of these anti-gun measures and vote for candidates who respect the Second Amendment.” Elsewhere, we have found as many as 98 companies participating:

  1. 2A Armament
  2. 2A Firearms
  3. 3RI Technologies
  4. 3 Rivers Precision
  5. 556 Tactical
  6. Allegiance Ammunition
  7. Allstar Tactical
  8. Alpine Guns Alex Arms
  9. American Spirit Arms
  10. Ammoclip
  11. Arrowhead Shooting Sports
  12. Black Mountain Survival
  13. Bison Armory
  14. Badger Peak
  15. Barrett Firearms
  16. Big Horn Armory
  17. Big Sky Ammunition
  18. Boise Tactical
  19. Bravo Company USA
  20. Bullwater Enterprises
  21. Chaos Arms
  22. Cheaper Than Dirt
  23. Citizen Arms
  24. Clark Fork Tactical
  25. Climags
  26. CMMG Inc
  27. Controlled Chaos Arms
  28. Critical Survival
  29. Crusader Weaponry
  30. Csspecs Magazines
  31. Daniel Byer FFL
  32. Dead Bang Guns
  33. Delmarva Shooting Supply
  34. DogLeg Arms
  35. Doublestar Corp (J&T Distr. & Ace LTD)
  36. Evolution Weaponry
  37. Exile Machine
  38. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC
  39. Franklin Armory
  40. GWACS Armory
  41. Head Down Products
  42. Hill Country Black Rifles
  43. Huntertown Arms
  44. Iron Goat Guns
  45. J&G Sales
  46. JABTAC
  47. JCW Industries
  48. Kiss Tactical
  49. Lanco Tactical
  50. LaRue Tactical
  51. Lauer Custom Weaponry
  52. Liberty Suppressors
  53. Midway USA
  54. MFI
  55. NEMO Arms
  56. Norton Firearms
  57. OCS Guns
  58. OFA Tactical
  59. OJ’s Gun Shop
  60. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
  61. Olympic Arms
  62. One Source Tactical
  63. Paige Firearms
  64. Precision Firearms
  65. Predator Intelligence
  66. Predator Tactical
  67. Primary Weapons Systems
  68. Progressive Micro Devices
  69. Quality Arms Idaho
  70. Red Jacket Firearms
  71. Rhino Arms
  72. Rock River ArmsShade’s Landing
  73. Rocky Top Tactical
  74. Semper Fi Arms
  75. Shade’s Landing Inc.
  76. Smith Enterprise
  77. Southern Appalachian Arms
  78. Southwest Shooting Authority
  79. Spike’s Tactical
  80. SRT Arms
  81. Stoner Arms
  82. Tactical Solutions
  83. Templar Custom
  84. Templar Tactical Arms
  85. The Tactical Toolbox
  86. Thunder Beast Arms
  87. Tier One Arms
  88. Top Gun Supply
  89. Trident Armory
  90. Umlaut Industries
  91. Umbrella Corp
  92. Victory Defense Consulting
  93. Volquartsen Custom
  94. Warbirds Custom Guns
  95. West Acre Sporting Goods
  96. West Fork Armory
  97. West Michigan Tactical
  98. York Arms

Two places to keep abreast of new companies joining the effort are here: An NC Gun Blog      

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  1. @7:

    Your post says the manufacturers want to limit what they sell to civilians. That’s not it. The state legislature is enacting the limits on sales to civilians. Seems fair to me that if a state limits what civilians can buy, the sellers should limit what anyone in that state can buy, including state and federal LEO.

  2. Whiel I support LEO’s, I absolutely do NOT support oppressive police state regimes who use unconstitutional tactics to enforce a personal agenda. Bravo to all these fine companies for having the steel to stand on principle and fight the good fight! As for those draconian dictatorships in New York…you are the problem, not the solution!

  3. It’s about time that the sportsman and woman and the suppliers of sporting arms and ammunition said NO to the Eastern Liberals and California crackpots. Do not sell arm or ammunition to the police departments of these states and do not locate your business in them also. Go where you are Free to breath the air and Liberty, the Bill of Rights and The Constitution of the Untied States of America are respected. These Liberal States are all out to disarm Arm the American People and then the Jackboot will be placed on American throats. I have seen governments go off the rails in the Middle East and that’s how it all begins with the confiscation of firearms and ammunition. You wan’t to be a slave? Turn in your firearms !

  4. Here’s a simple way to describe it in a manner that a bean counter will understand. There are roughly 100,000 LEOs in the state of New York. There are roughly 100,000,000 gun owners outside of the state of New York, which customer base do you think would be more likely to take their business to another company if you don’t support the boycott? Yes you will lose some access to the LEOs in those states that have morons in the legislature, but you will retain the loyalty of tens of millions of private citizens who will not be buying at steeply discounted prices nor will they be doing so only once every 4 years. You’re also not going to have to worry about the civilians dumping tens of thousands of barely used guns onto the market at once driving down your new gun sales because of the discounted price of the police trade ins on the retail market.

    Don’t laugh on that one folks, a few years ago I bought a police trade in Beretta 84F with DeSantis shoulder holster with double mag carrier, three high cap magazines and Trijicon tritium night sights for $300 off list for the pistol WITHOUT the night sights alone. Basically I saved over $450 when you count in the cost of the extra magazines and the holster. More if you add in the cost of adding Tijicon night sights to it. I actually saved more than I spent on the deal. The deal was so good that the gun shop owner that handled the transfer ordered an extra one for store stock. To top it all off, the thing is a collector’s item. I later found out that they were only made as a backup weapon for that one police dept. Mine even has the custom grips with the dept logo on them.

  5. It may be that the above companies enjoy good relations with LEO. They do not want to go against the tide of good money. For there products that they sell to to all levels of LOE. locale,state ,city and federal.Also the fact is that they may not care about retooling for a change in products.

  6. Mike – Like I said, in reality the “LEO line” is what they produce for the rest of the country. There is a real expense to retooling when a state imposes new restrictions, so I think there’s a fair logic to say, “If we have to change what we manufacture for your state, that’s all ANYONE in that state will be allowed to buy.” I think the real threat to manufacturers is that as each state imposes different restrictions, the cost of doing business will skyrocket, and even consumers in less restrictive states will be affected by having many products built to the lowest common denominator. It’s because of that threat that it makes good business sense for the manufacturers to take a stand now.

  7. DrZow – why tool a different line? Very few manufacturers that I know of produce LEO specific firearms, depending on my day I carry a full size M&P .40 with a Zyphos NT light in a level 3 Blackhawk or a M&P compact .40 with a Viridian light in a Tac-Loc holster and sometimes a little ol Bersa .380 in a Bianchi ankle holster any of which anyone can purchase. I understand what you’re saying but why wouldn’t a manufacturer WANT their product ready and available to all that can legally purchase them, as an after thought tho, it’s almost getting redundant what people carry anyway since this country seems to be running out of ammo or charging 3-4 times what the prices were a few months ago

  8. Mike – If a police officer does not feel safe only carrying seven rounds, why should the state think that I can safely defend myself with only seven rounds? It actually makes economic sense for the companies: they don’t have to tool two different lines, one for citizens and one for LEOs. In point of fact, their LEO line would just be what they sell in other states, but by forcing the LEOs in states with different requirements to buy to those requirements, they stand to increase volume on those lines, decreasing their cost. Of course, EdH made an excellent point, that most of the manufacturers don’t get much volume from LEOs, so it’s really not going to make a difference to the state until some of the major manufacturers hop on board. If and when they do, I think the first movers stand to take a lot of (civilian) sales from the others.

  9. as someone that’s been a hunter, shooter, gun owner for 30+ years I have this to say, this is stupid, why take it out on the men and women that need and deserve as many of the best firearms that they can get? If the gun manufacturers want limit what is sold in the civilian market that is certainly their choice, and for the most part majority of those on the list I’ve never even heard of, there are some ‘names’ here but what does Southern Appalachian Arms or Thunder Beast arms supply to New York law enforcement or other law enforcement?, I’m not really ‘picking on’ those two I just grabbed 2 random names off the list, besides if these companies want to cut their own throat by limiting their sales to LEO’s how long will it be before they’re in Washington whining for a bailout because of lost revenue over this. Just watch, the big names that aren’t on this list will soon be getting big contracts because they’re the only ones smart enough to stay off this bandwagon.

  10. I do not have a problem putting pressure on the police with regards to gun rights. Why shouldn’t they feel as “threatened” as the public when it comes to being able to protrect themselves and other. If it applies to the public, so should it apply to the police force “protecting” them.

    Bottom line, if the public can’t buy then neither should the police.

  11. Didn’t see COLT, Bushmaster, Remington, Benelli, Mossberg, GLOCK, FNH, HK or Smith & Wesson. These with a couple others are the major manufacturers that supply the majority of the Law Enforcement in the nation. They are the ones that count. Without their cooperation the Law Enforcement Entitities will not feel the pressure therefore their government administrators will not feel the pressure.

    Get those email accounts working and start sending eails to the major law enforcement suppliers to include, Federal/Lake City, Remington, Black Hills Ammo etc. billions of rounds don’t make themselves.

    .Gov contracts mean a lot to manufacturers but the civilian market still controls their major profit margin.

    Liberal groups pressure huge corporations like Wal Mart to change their policy, they force television networks to drop certain shows and fire certain talking heads to further their agenda. it’s time to further our agenda.

    Cheaper Than Dirt has the corporate connections in their product purchasing. forcing the major manufacturers to make a choice is a no brainier. The bottom line it they will lose money if they know their only sales will be to a handfull of law enforcement agencies in gun grabber states.

  12. As a colorado native, These liberals bunch up in the cities and you just can’t out vote them. They live in a different world and can’t manage their toilet paper let along along with no brains. Get in the rural areas and you will see a differnce, Thats the reason they feel safer in the city passing laws for everyone. Boomberg needs keep his *** where it belongs and stay out of Colorado politics as with the rest of these other state loonies.

  13. It is nice to know that the above companies will not sell to states that try to limited the rights of there citizens.Local,city,state, law enforcement can use the same weapons that we would be allowed to use.Why should they be treated better then there citizens? I would also like to advise the companies not to sell to the federal law enforcement agency.They would be the ones that will arrest you if you have to give up your weapons.They deserve the same treament that the local law police will receive. Remember the federal loe are no better then we are.

  14. Well you know, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will find a way to get them somehow. When you are walking from your vehicle toward the front doors of CTD, and a pair of cops in an un-marked try to wave you over toward them with the promise of money and confiscated drugs if you’ll buy them a couple of ARs, a Remington 742, and an 1100 Waterfowler, you’ll certainly be tested.

  15. Thanks for the list, now I know where else to look for equipment. I like supporting United States manufacturing companies and ones with guts.

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