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10.9 Day Shoot for Excellence with the USA Shooting Team

Picture shows a 10.9 Day logo with red background and a USA Shooting team logo.

The USA Shooting Team announces a new holiday all shooters can support—10.9 Day. On October 9, 2013, the USA Shooting Team declares this day and from this day forth for all us to “aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.”

October 9 is a fitting day for the unofficial holiday, as 10.9 is a perfect score in Olympic shooting. Though we all can’t be perfect shots, we can all strive to the best we can be whatever our goal is in life. USA Shooting says:

In the course of human events, excellence and the pursuit thereof, has always been rewarded whether it was landing on the moon, winning an Olympic medal, or overcoming personal hurdles and obstacles. This day is in recognition of that pursuit, both for those that achieved excellence and for those continuing to strive for it. Every day on the calendar is a silent monument to those epic hours in humanity and remarkable feats of strength and heroism.  Today is the day we’re recognizing those moments in time when the ordinary became extraordinary and when jaws were dropped. On this day, and everyday thereafter, strive for excellence in all that you do and may every shot you take in life be in pursuit of the highest mark, your 10.9.

The campaign kickoff includes a 10.9 percent discount on all USA Shooting merchandise with promo code 10.9 Shot and a contest to win an air rifle from USA Shooting partner Pyramid Air.

Along with the announcement comes the unveiling of USA Shooting’s new logo and tagline—“Rio In Sight.” The team’s plan is to raise awareness with a new brand identity that reflects the team’s mission and the community’s support. Buddy DuVall, USA Shooting Team Foundation Executive Director says, “We want this brand identity to serve as a rallying cry for our entire community.”

The brightly colored logo designed by John Blaine from crowdSPRING symbolizes the three disciplines of Olympic and Paralympic shooting sports as well as the medals the USA Shooting team are striving for in Rio in 2016.

USA Shooting, established in 1995 is a 501c3 non-profit and acts as the National Governing Body for Olympic sport shooting. USA Shooting relies on donations from supporters, membership dues, event fees and corporate partners that support sport shooting.

USA Shooting not only prepares athletes for Olympic and Paralympic games, they promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S. and serve as role models for young shooters. Join Cheaper Than Dirt in our support of the USA Shooting Team by donating one dollar through Cheaper Than Dirt’s website. Contributions will help keep the tradition of shooting alive in America and keep our shooting athletes the top in the world.

Picture shows a brightly colored logo for USA Shooting.
USA Shooting’s new logo as the team sets its sights on Rio 2016.

USA Shooting encourages the shooting community to spread the word about 10.9 Day using its and your personal social media outlets. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Use hashtag #ten9day on ALL of your social media posts this week. If you post anything about great shooting, please don’t forget the hashtag.
  • Pixplit a photo of your own at Pixplit (USAShooting) for iPhone or Android. It creates an Instagram collage of your photo with our 10.9 Day branding. The app is FREE and can be downloaded on your mobile device for iPhone or Android Be sure to share your photo in Instagram (usashooting) and tag us—don’t forget to use the hashtag #ten9day!
  • Make your own 10.9 Day video message and tag us on (usashooting) wishing folks a Happy 10.9 Day! Think of it like a holiday greeting you might do for Christmas or New Year’s Day.
  • Don’t have an iPhone? No problem. Tag a video on Instagram (usashooting) or share your YouTube video with us!
  • Need some ideas of what to post? Here are a few ideas but we WELCOME your own take on what a 10.9 means to you this day. Above all – have fun with it!
    • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky #ten9day
    • Aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life! #ten9day
    • Wishing you Good Shooting this 10.9 Day! #ten9day
    • Practice makes perfect. #ten9day
    • I’m not just a 10, I’m a 10.9 #ten9day
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In honor of USA Shooting, won’t you spread the word and donate at least a dollar towards our team as they shoot towards the gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio? Finally, won’t you share your success stories with us? USA Shooting asks, “What does 10.9 mean to you?” Share your stories with us in the comment section.

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