150+ Shootings in 15 Days — Gun Control or Gun Offender Control?

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson talking at press conference

With a headline like this, it would normally be followed by some off-balanced politician’s claim that we need more gun control. On occasion, the politician would trot out the Chief of Police or Sheriff to back up the point. The numbers could point to a handful of cities, but of course we are talking about the king of gun crime, Chicago. However, this time the message is not the anti-gun rhetoric we have become accustomed to. All totaled, Chicago experienced 2,988 shootings in 2015. This year, through the first 8.5 months, the Windy City has already been stricken with over 2,600 shootings—150 over the last couple of weeks. The difference is Chicago’s police Superintendent Eddie Johnson coming out and publically speaking the truth. According to Johnson, over 85% of the victims that have been shot, either fatally or non-fatally, had prior contact with police. The problem is not your average everyday citizen or gun/self-defense enthusiasts. “It is a small segment of the 2.6 or 2.7 million residents that are known to the police.” When asked by a reporter why the children seem to continually get into the line of fire, Superintendent Johnson is again right on, but it is his call to action that should really resonate with each of. The video is only a couple of minutes long, but in the words, there is a message each of us who support the Second Amendment, and a true message, need to shout from the rooftops and plaster across social media.

Do you agree with Superintendent Johnson that the authorities have been too lenient? Should lawmakers join his call in taking responsibility and holding those accountable through the legislative and judicial powers? Share you opinions or suggestions in the comment section.

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  1. The chief is partially right.

    1) As he says, it is mostly lowlifes shooting lowlifes. If you are not a lowlife, you should not be personally too concerned.

    2) Most of these lowlifes are operating in the black market. It’s well known that black markets are violence-prone because those in it do not have access to more acceptable venues for resolving disputes. The city and state government are responsible for this state of affairs; if they ended drug and gun prohibition this would eliminate the black market in those areas along with the violence associated with it. In that respect the chief is drastically wrong, wanting to double down on the same prohibition that put the city where it is in the first place. The fact is, people think they have a right to consume what they please, and to go armed for protection. If the chief wants to reduce shootings, the thing he should do is stop trying to control people, stop prosecuting mala prohibita crimes and to focus on mala in se crimes, those with actual victims.

    I don’t expect him to see the light on this. There is a reason – self interest – that police pressure is always on the side of prohibition laws. More jobs for cops, and more empire-building for bureaucrats. Don’t expect much from bloviating politicians like this chief of police. Pardon my cynicism.

  2. We have two problems in this country that could be helped by combining the solutions. 1) multiple/habitual offenders plugging up the system and 2) a shortage of medical transplant organs. If every repeat criminal in the system was typed and matched and placed on the ‘available organs’ list, they could then live out their sentence while we feed, house and care for them. If society needs and organ, society takes it.

    1. “If every repeat criminal in the system was typed and matched and placed on the ‘available organs’ list, they could then live out their sentence while we feed, house and care for them. If society needs and organ, society takes it.”

      I love this idea!!! It probably wouldn’t pass for repeat offenders, but is EXACTLY what we need to solve the death row problem. Give them a year for any appeals, and after that, the date of their execution is… as soon as society needs their organs. Brilliant!

    2. @ Talon,

      Excellent idea! However, prison riot training will have to be modified to focus on headshots only so guards don’t damage any vital organs for harvesting. Congress can call it IOTA (Inmate Organ Transfer Act), and when badgered by the liberal media about it they can just reply – “I don’t care one IOTA”… did ya see what I did there?

  3. Until the judicial system starts fully prosecuting these people for their crimes and letting them know it will cost them, nothing will change. The police can catch them over and over but they keep getting released. There is no outrage in the community unless a cop shoots someone, which is a whole other discussion. The two brothers who were just arrested for killing the young mother (only newsworthy apparently because she was related to someone famous) were both felons out on parole, one for a gun crime! It’s already a crime for them to possess a firearm! We need to pass a law to make it illegal twice? Break the law, go to jail, pretty simple.

  4. As I understand it, enforcing any law is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, prohibited under the constitution.

  5. I don’t live in Chicago, I don’t go there, and I constantly pass in good paying job offers there. Basically, I don’t have a dog in that fight, so I don’t give a crap. As long as the voters there keep supporting progressive politicians who don’t care if the voters get shot unless they can work it for votes, Chicagoans will keep dying. It’s a choice they make every time they vote.

  6. “Killing is a matter of will, not of weapons. You can’t control the act itself by passing laws about the means employed.” (Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC, deceased) Back in the day, when handguns guns were not so readily available (HA!), gangs built zip guns. Don’t know what that is, Google it. These zip guns, though primitive and slow to fire as most were single shot, were just as deadly as the most sophisticated auto-loader. People that are intend on harming, or killing, do not need factory weapons to do so. Nor do the need firearms, when knives, hammers, machetes, et al, are so readily available.

  7. It is all the people buying outside the state and bringing the guns back. A total gun ban for all is the only answer. Hillary 2016

    1. That’s a really STUPID thing to say!!!!! These criminals
      Already have all the guns they need …. That’s only going to stop the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS TO GET THE PROPER PROTECTION THRY NEED

    2. Roger, Are you saying that any law passed would be able to eliminate every firearm in the entire world? Do you advocate getting rid of military weapons ? How will you get Russia to go along with this ? If the people of Chicago are bringing in guns from outside, then they will continue to do so as long as there are any on this earth.
      If you can convince Hillary, Obama, Bloomberg, and other rich elitists to get rid of their bodyguards firearms, I will then listen to you. Otherwise your argument sounds very stupid.

    3. I have been thinking of this too. If these politicians want to ban guns from everyone, try banning all guns from Chicago police officers first and see how that goes. If guns are not needed for protection, then any officer or military should not need them, right? If the military and police need them, then why would i not need a gun as well. Am i supposed to believe that if all guns are banned, that the police are going to be right there to stop any crime that may be committed. I don’t think so…STAY AWAY FROM MY GUNS!!!

    4. Of course you are right. Banning alcohol ( prohibition ) worked really well and so has banning drugs and laws against driving under the influence.

      Only a poorly informed individual would vote for HRC (another of her lies a few years back was that she would never run for president) – from your comment you could have left off the last sentence and we would have known your politics.

    5. @ roger,

      Stupidity…, it’s a horrible affliction for which there is no cure. There are a plethora of gun manufacturers and dealers within the State, so there goes your theory that the guns are coming from outside the State.

      Your – “Hillary 2016” slogan is also as foolish if you think she will fulfill your misguided desires towards a “total gun ban”. She only wants to ban your guns, not all guns. Like I said, there simply is no cure for what ails you.

    6. Sure… because all the laws against illicit drugs have kept them off our streets, right? Claiming you can curb criminal gun violence by going after legal gun owners is like claiming you can stop heroine and crack dealers by shutting down all the drug stores.

      Criminals WILL get the tools and goods they desire through ILLEGAL means. That’s pretty much the definition of “criminal”. Taking away the legal and licensed means of self defense does NOTHING to stop criminals and in fact emboldens them.

    7. LOL – Hillary is the answer you say? Ban all guns? Little sissies like you that are scared to defend yourself and your family always want to take away the ability for others to defend themselves. I know your type – you would rather let someone kill your mother than pick up a firearm and use it to save her. You are like the refugees running away from their country rather than fighting for it – gutless!

    8. I don’t think anyone understood the sarcasm with the Hillary quote. I’m pretty sure it was meant to start a Hillary bashing, not question a CTD member’s politics. Everybody all at once say, “Oh yeah, F#@* Hillary!”.

    9. You sir are a complete and total retard how about your Hillary and all of your liberal sissy asses actually prosecute the animals that you people think are so In Need of reform and a safe place you people are not even remotely of common sense posession

    10. I know what we should do…just give the criminals free money through taxes or some other form of welfare, so that don’t need to kill anyone. That should fix everything. Take the money from the working class and just hand it out to anyone who signs up. It is not like the people working for a living need it.

    11. You are a typical troll espousing the same misinformation of the liberal media. The surrounding states gun dealers have the same Federal regulations they have to comply with in regard to background checks as any dealer (That can stay in business in Chicago) in the city of Chicago has to comply with. It’s not the gun stupid, it’s the idiot behind it, today’s society has lost its moral compass and the thugs don’t care about human life or anyone else but themselves. The solution is when caught and convicted the cancer needs to be permanently removed from society, problem solved no repeat offender.

  8. To whom does “You People” apply? Just curious how someone as smart as you defines “stupid” people? Those who disagree with you?

  9. Actually you are dead on. Our entire political and justice system has taken a turn for the worse. Corruption is rampant, everyone defines the law the way they see it personally, everyone from the White House, to Congress to the Supreme Court now makes their own rules and totally ignores the Constitution when it gets n their way. We are living in a near lawless society and the only thing that will ultimately come of that is anarchy and civil war. We are close.

  10. I get the same thing so what I do is type in my comment first, copy it to the clipboard, refresh the page fill in all the other stuff and then paste it back into the comments and it always goes through that way and it saves a lot of back and forth.

  11. Biggest problem besides the worthless potus is the overcrowded jails and because of this they rely on the plea bargain system which in turn makes it a revolving door system all over again. Build more jails so they can lock them up and keep them locked up and quit paying the public defenders to help the gangsters get right back out because the courts are loaded and the judges hands are tied. Chicago is a mess all around, look who’s running our country and where did he come from? I say no more pleasant bargains and hold them for the max for whatever crime they commit, period. Some of the judges are the problem too. Need to revamp the whole system starting at the Whitehouse and all the way down. Just my opinion but as they say, ” Crap flows downhill.”

    1. Tell your representatives you want to pay more taxes so they can build more prisons. That will help the problem. Of course, all of the Republicans want to cut taxes and keep the government out of our lives. That means less police, no prisons, and the courts forced to release criminal out to the street.

    2. @ TERRY COBB,

      Spoken like the proverbial narrow minded liberal. Republicans don’t want to cut taxes per say; they want to stop the outrageously ridiculous liberal spending of our hard earned money redistributed for welfare to support undeserving crack-heads that don’t know who their baby-daddies are.

      Cutting such wasteful spending will of course reduce taxes, spur the economy, and divert more funds to proper things like actually increasing law enforcement, expanding prisons, and funding longer stays for their guests.

      You see, problem solved – if only the libs would just stay the heck out of the way for once. Go build a poo sculpture or something senseless that makes you feel accomplished and leave the heavy lifting to the Republicans.

    3. We do NOT need more prisons. We need strict laws and strict law enforcement. Stop giving murderers, rapists, and child molesters life sentences. These people are then in prison for life. Execute these people and our jails would have much more room. Further, crime would go down instead of up.

    4. Actually we DO need more prisons. What we need less of, is the country club prisons we’ve been using. Se sherriff Joe Arpaio to manage a “new and improved” prison system that saves the taxpayer money and also has an extremely LOW rate of recitivism.

      PS – We could use a LOT of prisoners to help build the wall on our southern border!

  12. Il has really strange problem not suffered by most states that all concealed carry. If a criminal knows there is a 60%chance that the person he wants to shoot is armed He would probably reconsider. As a general rule those criminals that use guns are cowards and if one shot comes back in their direction they normally drop their gun and run.

    Happened for me 3 times so far each time I guarded the dropped gun and allowed no one to touch and showed the sheriff where my round went. I have not even been asked to go to police station, I have been asked not to. Leave the county. No problem sheriff is pretty good in releasing the restriction within a week but one time after 2weeks I went to sheriff and asked and received a apology for the department not notifying me of release from the request

  13. Sounds good. Nothing’s gonna happen. But it sounds good
    At least he speaks the truth.
    Nothings gonna change, though because politicians don’t want to do the right thing. Just what will get them re-elected.

  14. Not sure about the length of the sentences for those crimes but I am certain that the penalties must be pretty stiff now. The main problem with the entire gun control issue is that they do not enforce the laws we already have. When the Government can allow thousands of weapons to walk to Mexico in a Government Operation and those weapons are still turning up at murders, I think that says it all. They can’t control their own operations so why should they try to control ours???????

  15. One short and simple law. Keep Criminals hand off of guns.
    All violations in this are mandatory prosecution.
    Penalties are not to be reduced for any reason.
    All violation penalties are in addition to any other penalties for any other violations.
    Felon in position of a firearm, or
    Commission of a violent felony while in position of a firearm.
    10 years imprisonment.
    Discharge of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony if no one was injured.
    20 years imprisonment.
    Discharge of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony if someone was injured.
    25 years imprisonment.
    Discharge of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony, if directed towards any law enforcement officer, or results in someone death.
    25 years to life without parole imprisonment.

    1. There’s your problem! You believe the PC BS for sentencing. The penalty should be: Any Felon with any prior violent conviction in possession of a firearm gets a mandatory death sentence. They have 6 months for all appeals and then the sentence is to be carried out. None of this 30 years on death row jacking the system around for BS appeals. It’s pretty simple, if you are a violent felon and you have a gun, then we want you out of our society permanently. If you are a non violent felon in possession of a firearm, the sentence is to cut off your primary/dominant hand. This solution will quickly fix the problem.

    2. I would guess that a “non-violent felon” that takes possession of a firearm, may be considering more violent crimes in his future. And besides, cut off the dominant hand, and the other hand quickly becomes dominant.

    3. You forgot about that thing that’s called the Constitution. That thing that allows you to legally own a gun. It also gives anyone charged with a crime certain rights.

    4. It is WELL established in law that once you’re convicted of a crime, your rights can be removed at a judges discretion. This includes the most basic of rights (your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness).

      This actually includes every aspect of the bill of rights. If you are on parole, your 2nd, and 4th amendment rights (among others) are removed. You can be stopped and searched without a warrant at any time. You are forbidden to travel freely, and can be held to your home state or even your home town/city.

  16. It’s just a shame that these folks wake up every morning and the first thing on their minds is how are they going to get something for nothing. Who are they going to go Rob or steel from to get something???
    Maybe they could earn it???

  17. And there you have it folks – even the most liberal of thinkers eventually must accept that their entitlement mentality does more to fan the flames of violence and destruction than not. Eventually even they realize something…, anything must change for their own self-preservation.

    Yet even once that lightbulb finally comes on in their heads, you still must allow them to continue thinking it was their own idea to have finally done something to change things. And don’t ever try to say, “I told ya so”, because the ensuing argument of how it was their idea will only delay the much needed relief.

    It is just incredibly sad that so many preventable losses of life have to occur before a liberal will finally begin to grasp their plan was never going to work. And our pain, in the meantime, stems from the frustration that we must endure such ignorance and arrogance for their refusal to accept that our ideas do work.

    You see, this is the cycle of life that unfortunately every generation must live through. And while the intensity makes each generation feel like it’s the end of the world, as they think they know it, eventually we always somehow pull through.

    It’s a never ending cycle that will most assuredly repeat itself again and again, generation after generation.

  18. It’s usually Judges that don’t give anything but a slap on the wrist to many of these offenders. But now we have a president who wants to purge the jails of these violent offenders. Then he sicks the DOJ on these local police depts., undermining justice in the process. It makes you ask why bother? I can only imagine how much worse it will be if Hillary Clinton gets elected, it will be like the criminals will have free reign. Just another reason Donald Trump is looking like the better choice, and I know law enforcement in this country supports him hands down.

    1. Agreed. With a criminal running the country, what chance will honest people have?

      P.S. Can anyone tell me why EVERY TIME I submit a comment on this site, no matter how quickly I type it (10 seconds, 20 seconds, etc.), I get an error message stating I took too long?

  19. It really is fairly simple. Enforce existing laws and don’t give people who don’t deserve it any leniency. Be fair and just in all cases and then apply the law accordingly. Once people know that if they break the law their will be appropriate consequences the marginal criminals will start waking up. The hard nosed ones will be impacted by nothing.

  20. it seems tuh me this here chief knows gangs are the most offen thuh ones who been shootin’ the place up. Stead ah jes tryin to keep honest folks from buyin guns an gittin carry permits, his cops oughta be sweepin the gang neighborthoods, arrestin everyone with then gang tatoos. mebbe that stopnfrisk thing up in new york weren’t such a bad idea, after all.

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