A Zombie Christmas: Musings from Dr. Ravenblack’s Journal

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
It is beyond my comprehension that it is just five days shy of exactly five months since we all found each other and are still together with minimal bloodshed. Communication is hit or miss with Meatgrinder. We are thankful we still get hits. Predictions on communications lasting this long were grim. Sharp Eye happened to be able to reach him late last week and as far as we know, he is still fighting the good fight overseas.

We have only lost one team member. Even then, we are unsure if he has fallen into the way of the Reanimated, found another band of survivors, or is just plain old dead. Caleb was more than proficient at weapons handling so I simply pray that he has found another group.

Yes, I pray now. For someone who just a few short months ago, was playing God is now actually praying to God. I have given up finding a cure and just let whoever or whatever is in charge take the reins. The best I can do is keep my team as healthy, both mentally and physically, as possible.

Before all of this happened, I was never one for the holidays. I usually just worked all the way through to New Year’s Eve. My lab was my safe haven, but I can tell that some of our team members are feeling nostalgic, myself included. All of us lost everything and sometimes adapting to the fact that we are our only family now, can get us down, especially on these long, cold, and dark winter nights. Therefore, I have convinced the team to make the trek to the structure that was once my home. It is only about 15 miles from the abandoned ammunition storage warehouse we call base camp.

Photo courtesy of Irish Wastrel

Photo courtesy of Irish Wastrel

After all this time together, we are all confident in our abilities to use our weapons and work as a team to make the trip safely. After all, I had the house fortified before I left it; there are beds, cozy blankets, board games, and even a little Christmas tree we can put up. I am hoping that at least for a few nights, we can forget how desperate our lives have become and instead of being warriors, we can just be people.

Ravenblack’s Zombie Proof House

If Santa exists, he’s a zombie for certain and this year, you don’t want him getting in. If you are bugging in, fortifying your home from invasion is an important step in your preparations for SHTF. There is something to say for bugging in. It is most likely where you have all your supplies. It doesn’t take a lot of extra supplies or money to buy what you need to get your house secured for break-ins, riots, looters, zombies, or a natural disaster.


All your exterior doors should have heavy-duty dead bolts or other heavy-duty locks on them. If you have wood doors, replace them with steel doors. If you have sliding glass doors, place a pipe or block of wood in the track so that intruders cannot slide the door open. Further, if you shop around at your local hardware stores, there are a variety of double bolt sliding glass door locks that you can install yourself. None of the interior doors in my house had locks when I moved in, so I added locks on the inside, so that I may barricade myself in any of them if I have to.


I lucked out with the design of my house. It sits up quite high, so the majority of the windows are not accessible from the outside without a stepladder. You probably aren’t as lucky. If you can, replace all your windows with hurricane-rated windows or you can place decorative steel or iron bars over all of them. A cheaper option is to buy security laminate for all your windows, which you can install yourself. Keep your windows covered with heavy curtains or blinds at all times, so potential burglars cannot see all the goodies you have in the house. In addition, zombies can’t get an eyeful of all the tasty morsels.

Safe Room

If you cannot afford to replace or redo all the windows or doors, work on designating one room as a safe room. Ideally, this would be an interior room, but I know that isn’t possible for everybody. A basement or attic is ideal. Finishing out a basement or attic takes work, but they also provide the safest and most fortified shelter in your home.

Photo courtesy of wzzup2day.com

Photo courtesy of wzzup2day.com

When the Time Comes

When the time comes to hunker down, you should have in your supplies enough wood or steel plates to board up your windows from the inside. Catch wood on sale at your local hardware store and purchase it when you can. Keep basic tools inside your house, a drill, a few hammers, and plenty of nails. I’d hate it if I wouldn’t be able to make it from the house to the tool shed, and back to the house in time. In a pinch, you can break furniture and use the wood from that to board up windows. Also, keep plenty of plastic and duct tape to seal up all windows and doors from any possible type of contaminant.

What have you done to prepare for bugging-in? Tell us about it.
Have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

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