Winner #2 — Get to Know LUCID’s L7 Optic

By Dave Dolbee published on in Gun Gear, News

The L7 achieves a crystal clear true 1x to 6x performance driven optic. Using the proven glass-etched P7 reticle, this optic is ideally suited for the AR platform for use in short- to medium-range applications with most any caliber. The L7 is packed with features for optimum performance with edge-to-edge sharp, crisp image resolution through the entire magnification range.

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The eye relief is generous and forgiving providing a clean and expansive field of view even under less than ideal shooting positions. In close quarters, a true 1x, no-magnification sighting image presentation allows the optic to be run with both eyes open, increasing situational awareness. With an ocular focus and a reticle illumination in the calming LUCID blue, the target acquisition has never been easier in any light condition.

Built on a very durable 30mm aircraft grade one-piece tube construction, the 1-6×24 is built for durability in any situation. The windage and elevation turrets offer 60-MOA either side of optical center set with our easy-to-use lift, adjust, press down to lock design that is highly accurate and durable with re-zeroable turrets. The 1-6×24 offers an operator selectable magnification lever for fast changes to the zoom function. When you are looking for a well-rounded and full featured optic for tactical use, look no further than the LUCID L7 1-6×24. See full specs below.

Objective Lens
Ocular Lens Diameter
Mounting Length
Tube Diameter
Construction Material
Color & Finish
6 ”
One Piece Aluminum (6063)
Lens Coating
Light Transmission
Ocular Focus
Parallax Adjustment
Eye Relief
Exit Pupil
Field of View
Diopter Compensation
YES (submersible)
YES (Nitrogen Purged)
YES (.458 SOCOM)
FBMC Multi Coated
YES (side)
100yd fixed
4″ to 3.75″
15mm to 4mm
1x 56ft -6x, 20ft @ 100yds
(-2.5 to +3)
Reticle Type
Turret Click Value
Windage Adj, Range
Elevation Adj. Range
Lockable Turrets
Re-Zeroable Turrets
P7 Etched Glass
60MOA (Either side of center)
60MOA (Either side of center)
Limited Lifetime

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