Wicked Quick: AR-15 Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

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In this episode of the new Shoot Fast! series, CTD Team Shooter Jerry Miculek takes the ever-popular AR-15 out to the range to see just how fast he can shoot it.

At the front of the 38:03 video, Jerry talks about the development of the rifle, its wartime use, and cartridge design and variations.

At 3:30 in, he describes the M4 variation of the rifle.

At 4:45, he describes his personal competition rifle, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center PC-15.

At 6:15, he covers the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22.

At 10:00, he talks about the evolution of ammunition leading up to the 5.56mm NATO round.

At 17:30, he goes out to the range and tries to shoot five rounds in under a second. But because he’s a “revolver jockey,” he actually shoots six rounds.

At 20:00, he shoots a .96-second five-shot one-target run.

At 22:45, he tries to shoot three shots in one part of the target and two shots in another part in under a second. The run comes in at .98 seconds.

At 25:15, he shoots an 18-round, nine-target V-drill sequence with a POV camera. He completes the drill in 3.29 seconds.

At 29:30, he shoots the M&P15-22 on steel.

At 31:30, he shoots steel at 50 yards with his PC-15. (Note the safety warning about shooting steel targets.)

At 32:30, he takes on five frozen bottles of cheap diet drink.

At 34:00, it’s melons versus man.

At 35:15, Jerry takes on cans of corn and shaving cream. “5.56 versus can of corn, corn loses every time.”

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Comments (17)

  • BOB


    Jerry, Keep up the good work. For gun guys and gun critics, below here is a link to a document signed by over 1100 Green Berets. The list includes Special Forces Major Generals & Special Forces Command Sergeant Majors down to the lowest ranking “Green Beret”. This is the most accurate, professional, logical document I have read since the horrible shooting @ Sandy Hook Elementary. It defines an assault weapon, and addresses every issue from high cap mags. to mental health. Read and share if you like. God Bless.



  • Andrew


    This guy is really talented and I found this video very fun to watch. For you guys criticizing the fact that he does some rapid fire demos, if the liberals think this guy, who is basically a professional shooter/hobbyist, is going to go on a mass shooting, they are even more idiotic than I already thought they were. Come on, this guy is a poster man for hobby shooting!


  • Curt


    So no NASCAR or racing should be shown because it creates a bad image for the automobile or for regular drivers. Use common sense people!


  • John


    I want this guy to be my grandfather,love this dude


  • Peter Krzywicki


    Wow Nice shooting. I just hope that prices will come down so that I can get back to the range and not worry how much it’s going to cost. At one time we could go to the range and drop about a thousand rounds and think nothing of it now it’s about a 150. Keep up the good work. Love your show.


  • shango 6


    We need to lose from within our ranks this attitude of cowering before the enemy lest we upset him. This is the philosophy of those who oppose us and our liberties. “Don’t upset the psychopath and he won’t hurt us”, “I’ll just reason with him”. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. Shooting fast is a skill to be proud of (whatever is considered fast for you) and a necessary skill. We WILL NOT hide our skills because we are afraid of what others might think. We WILL acquire the skills and the tools to defend and protect our lives and our liberties. We WILL NOT allow others to dictate what we are allowed to speak of and think. We ARE those whose actions and words others should be emulating. Let those who oppose us be concerned while we lead.
    I have in my smithy spinal support rods hand forged of 4150 steel if anyone is interested.


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