Wicked Quick: AR-15 Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

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In this episode of the new Shoot Fast! series, CTD Team Shooter Jerry Miculek takes the ever-popular AR-15 out to the range to see just how fast he can shoot it.

At the front of the 38:03 video, Jerry talks about the development of the rifle, its wartime use, and cartridge design and variations.

At 3:30 in, he describes the M4 variation of the rifle.

At 4:45, he describes his personal competition rifle, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center PC-15.

At 6:15, he covers the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22.

At 10:00, he talks about the evolution of ammunition leading up to the 5.56mm NATO round.

At 17:30, he goes out to the range and tries to shoot five rounds in under a second. But because he’s a “revolver jockey,” he actually shoots six rounds.

At 20:00, he shoots a .96-second five-shot one-target run.

At 22:45, he tries to shoot three shots in one part of the target and two shots in another part in under a second. The run comes in at .98 seconds.

At 25:15, he shoots an 18-round, nine-target V-drill sequence with a POV camera. He completes the drill in 3.29 seconds.

At 29:30, he shoots the M&P15-22 on steel.

At 31:30, he shoots steel at 50 yards with his PC-15. (Note the safety warning about shooting steel targets.)

At 32:30, he takes on five frozen bottles of cheap diet drink.

At 34:00, it’s melons versus man.

At 35:15, Jerry takes on cans of corn and shaving cream. “5.56 versus can of corn, corn loses every time.”

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