What To Do When You Are Placed Under Arrest

By Woody published on in News

The collective experience of U.S. Law Shield’s 90,000 members has shown that if you own a gun, you can and very well may have an incident or experience that puts you in contact with a police officer while you are armed.

If the officer decides to arrest you, whether the arrest is justified or not, there is one thing that can help you, as explained in this video by U.S. Law Shield Program Attorney Richard Carter.


Have been in a situation like this? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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    Since this nations foundings there have been but two justifide military reactions against a foreign nations soils, Barbary Coast Pirates and Pancho Villas depravations upon US bordertowns with Mexico.
    Japan only attacked US soil in a minor fubar of Oregon coast, as all othrr pacific Islands were only held under military occupation, and as we now know both German and Japanese Wars were deliberately made to come about by a very small cadre of industrialist and politicly motivated
    government officials.
    Never once was was oath of defending Constitution nor its ideals defended by the military, never in”fact” ; But only in thr publics fantacy.
    Nothing wrong or right of mercenary military forces just fact of todays
    daily life.
    The military as a chosen occupation is not a hell of a lot different than telling kids there is a Santa Clause and Easter Bunny and then buying the child gifts and candy to prove it; And most of kids even catching mommy
    and daddy as liars , are happy to go aong with the lies.
    The reality of militarism being that of a destructive means that destroyed Principals of Representative Government and substituted an Heirachial Warrior Caste Cultism in its stead.
    It permeats all phases of daly life in US; and while its violent manifestations overseas could be hid from public as an aberations of the few and not a common trait, it is now increasingly rearing its ugliness by police on our city streets.
    Nothing wrong or right as history provides many examples of warrior based civilizations.
    Odd though there was nary a one that did not prey upon its own peoples and hastened their demise by doing so.
    The lie spouted of americans owing their freedoms to military is most dangerous meme ever devised in order to enslave a peoples.
    For American History is full of examples that not because of but in spite of freedom keeps trying to rear its head above the police and military backed tyrants.
    Many who look at police today are not all on fringe and are now seeing
    real face of Government, one far beyond our ability to dethrone.
    They were the citizens last line of defense of military oppression and today that defense is no longer here.
    A damned pistol permit is not liberty and freedom, it is no more than a token to buy your loyalty to the system; A nd you now have to pay even more for an “Extra Protection Shield” to the active and past members of that system ????????????
    Ever wonder WTF happened to our legal systems law making bodies and procedures while you were being good soldiers?
    I know many of my generation who hated The Man while we were in the
    Nam , sure screwed the pooch by not looking him up once we got back home.
    I am an american , my bones lay buried in theselands since before my white ancestors 1670’s invasion so I will criticize what I feel is harmfull to whatwas laid down in Blood of Ends of 1700’s till 1816.



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