Throwback Thursday: Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982

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There are plenty of amazing guns out there. However, have you ever wondered what people are actually buying? It may, or may not, surprise you that not everyone buys a $2,000 fully decked out Knights Armament AR-15. Our most common sellers are usually home defense shotguns, semi automatic .22s, and .380 pistols. I pulled our sales data from the last six months and made an interesting discovery. A relatively obscure shotgun is outselling the rest of the guns we sell by a large margin. The Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982 literally flies off the shelves and we have a hard time keeping them in stock. It is currently our number one selling firearm. This is due in no small part to its very low price tag—but how does it measure up in quality and performance?

Interstate Arms Hawk

The IAC Hawk closely resembles a Remington 870 with a couple of upgrades and a much lower price tag.

The short answer is that it is brilliant. It does a great job of doing exactly what the manufacturer intended it to do, which is to be a rugged home defense gun. This shotgun is simply a Chinese made Remington 870 clone manufactured by Norinco and imported by Interstate Arms.

Actually, copy is a better term than clone. The word clone implies that it is precisely the same in every way. However, not all aftermarket parts are interchangeable with the 870. For instance, an 870 sidesaddle may fit just fine, although a barrel exchange will not work without adapters.

The 982 model comes with ghost ring sights pre-installed. Some ghost ring sights will cost you half the price of this whole setup, so imagine my surprise when I found out they were included. I decided to try to find out where Norinco cut their corners. It is a Chinese reproduction, so it cannot be as good as a real Remington 870 Express, right?

I inspected the receiver half expecting to see aluminum; it was steel, just like the Remington. Norinco machined the extractor and ejector instead of using MIM parts like the Express, which is an improvement. The trigger guard was also metal instead of the plastic stuff Remington stuck on their gun. The action was a little rough at first, although after a few hundred rotations, the gun polished itself down to an action just as smooth as the 870. The gun shouldered well, and when firing, I really could not tell any difference between it and the Remington.

Norinco managed to make a reproduction as good as the original, at a fraction of the cost. While I usually try to buy American, I forced myself to come to this conclusion: If you are on a budget and need something to protect your family, this IA Hawk 982 is really an amazing deal.

If you are not on a budget, this makes a great knock around gun. I would have no qualms about chunking this thing behind the seat of the farm truck or taking it out in the elements for some muddy training. While the shorter barrel is not ideal for bird hunting, the 982 fits snugly in the role of home defense, range toy, or random critter exterminator.

Specifications and Features

  • 12 gauge
  • 18.5-inch barrel
  • 3-inch chamber
  • 5 round capacity
  • Polymer stock
  • Matte black finish
  • Machined, solid steel receiver
  • Adjustable ghost ring sights
  • 38.5 inches in overall length
  • Weighs 7 pounds

What are your thoughts on the IAC Hawk 982? Share in the comments section.

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