Top 5 Cheaper Than Dirt! Facebook Posts for the Week of May 4, 2013

By Woody published on in Chronicle, General, Guest Posts

Our friends on the Cheaper Than Dirt! Facebook page Liked these items this week: Vickers Machine Gun, Shooting Star Tom Knapp Dies, Louder Than Words, Dardick Pistol, Episode 4 of Shoot Fast! with Jerry Miculek.


Vickers Machine Gun

(April 24, 1085 likes, 39 comments, 171 shares)

Shooting Star Tom Knapp
(April 27, 735 likes, 76 comments, 104 shares)

Louder Than Words
(April 26, 700 likes, 16 comments, 130 shares)

Dardick Pistol
(April 25, 485 likes, 24 comments, 90 shares)

Episode 4 of Shoot Fast! with Jerry Miculek
(April 29, 217 likes, 6 comments, 60 shares)

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