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The AK-47 is a selective-fire, gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle, first developed in the USSR by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is officially known as Avtomat Kalashnikova, or in Russian slang, Kalash. Then there’s the baby brother, the AK-74. Are you into AKs? So are we. Here are the most-read AK-themed articles in the Shooter’s Log, including “A Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles,” “The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47,” and “Converting Your AK-47 to be 922(r) Exempt.”

Century International Arms M70AB Underfolder Rifle

Century International Arms M70AB Underfolder Rifle

Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles

Intended for first time buyers, in this very thorough and detailed discussion, the author walks readers through all the different choices of AK-47 rifles on the market. From easy to understand descriptions of the differences between milled and stamped receivers, to descriptions of the price variations in European versus US models, the Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles offers expert advice in order to help make your AK-47 purchase easier. After discussing the basics, the author details the different features highlighting the positive and negatives of the AK-47’s options in furniture, barrel length and country of origin. Along with simple descriptions, the Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles offers readers a glimpse into shooting, maintaining and cleaning the AK-47.

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s


President Obama has said that gun owners agree that AK-47s should only be given to soldiers. As a gun owner, I do not agree.

President Obama signed Executive Order 13662 banning the further importation of rifles made by Russian gun manufacturer Izhmash/Kalashnikov Concern—makers of AK-47, AK-74 and Saiga firearms. The order places sanctions on Russia due to the conflict in the Ukraine. This article explains what Executive Order 13662 means to American gun owners.

AR-15 AK47 leaning against a barnwood fence

From the outside and AR-15 or AK47 may look like a full-auto weapon, but it is the internal parts that determine the guns capabilities.

The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47

It is the question that has plagued the firearm community for decades—which is the better rifle? The AK-47 or the AR-15? From the manufacturing process to price differences, “The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47” explores the differences between the two using an easy to read chart detailing the weight, ballistics performance, ergonomics and price while concluding which is the superior rifle. Is it the built-for accuracy AR or the built for durability AK? You will have to read this article to find out.

AK-47 Frequently Asked QuestionsAK-47 Rated E for Everyone

The product experts at Cheaper Than Dirt! Field a lot of questions about the AK-47 rifle. Questions such as “what is the difference between a milled and a stamped receiver?” help the first-time buyer make a decision of which AK-47 to choose, while other questions, such as, “Will replacement furniture for a stamped receiver fit my milled receiver?” help those upgrade already-owned rifles. This article focuses on the top 13 questions customers have about the AK-47.

Stamped and llilled AK-47 receiver

When looking at the rear of the receiver, it’s obvious why a stock for a stamped receiver will not fit one that is milled. (Image courtesy TAPCO)

AK-47 Receiver Identification: Milled vs. Stamped

The AK-47 is available with two different types of receivers—either milled or stamped. The cosmetic differences are noticeable to the trained eye. Learn the differences between the two and how to identify each in this short and straight to the point article.

AK-12: Russia Unveils Newest Incarnation of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

AK-12 Kalashnikov Diagram

AK-12 Kalashnikov Diagram

In 2012, Russian arms manufacturer, Izhmash announced the then-latest model AK-47 rifle. This fifth generation Kalashnikov has 10 upgrades over previous rifles and is called the AK-12. Read “AK-12: Russia Unveils Newest Incarnation of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle” to see all the improvements.

TimberSmith Red Laminate AK Rifle

Timbersmith’s Russian Red wood package for Romanian manufactured AK-47s includes three pieces: stock, grip, and handguard.

10 Stock, Grip and Handguard Upgrades for Your AK

Are you tired of the wood furniture on your AK? Or perhaps you want a more tactical look. Either way, learn what the experienced AK owners put on their rifle by reading “10 Stock, Grip and Handguard Upgrades for Your AK.” Robert Sadowski highlights 10 well-made grips and stocks for the AK-47.

Converting Your AK-47 to be 922(r) Exempt

Picture shows a post-ban AK-47 with a black receiver and wood fixed thumbhole stock.

To get around the ban, imported AK-47s came with large thumbhole fix stocks, no bayonet lug and a welded-on muzzle device.

Pre-ban AKs can fetch $1,000 and more. If you want to invest in making your post-ban AK-47 to legally comply with 922(r) exempt laws, read this step-by-step instructional on how to convert your post-ban AK to pre-ban with US-made parts. Along with the how-to convert your rifle legally is an explanation of the Assault Weapons Ban, Title 18 (922r) and Title 27 laws, along with a few notes about refinishing your older AK-47.

Technical illustration of Tapco Double Hook with calloutsTAPCO G2 Double Hook AK-47 Trigger

AKs have a notoriously bad trigger with a very long trigger pull. One of the best upgrades to you can do to your rifle is installing a new trigger. The TAPCO G2 Double Hook trigger measures 3 to 4 pounds pull and counts as three U.S.-made 922(r) compliant parts. This article is a step-by-step how-to in installing the TAPCO G2 AK-47 trigger.

All AKs, All the Time

In “All AKs, All the Time,” the author explores the specifications and features of five different AR-47 type rifles. Included in the article are the descriptions of the EAA Zastava P.A.P, Century International Arms GP WASR-10, Inter Ordnance AK47C, Arsenal, Inc. Saiga, and the Century Arms Centurion 39 and why the author recommends each rifle.

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