TFBTV torture tests the Faxon ARAK 21 Rifle

By M. Christopher published on in Videos

The guys from The Firearm Blog TV take a close look at the reliability of the Faxon ARAK 21 rifle. Faxon has made some bold claims about its reliability so Alex and Patrick decided to put it through the ringer. I personally had high hopes for this upper but am kind of let down by its performance.

I wonder if Faxon will take the ARAK back to the drawing board to address some of the shortcomings that are coming to light with recent testing.

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M. Christopher

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  • Harry


    This is a piston system and it does have a setting for adverse conditions (read as more gas)!

    It would perform better if you tried using it as designed.


  • Norman Peterson


    Thank you TFBTV for this torture test on the ARAK 21 rifle. I think I will take my $1,000 and buy a Ruger SR556 and upgrades.


  • onederer


    My impression is that the Arak is not ready for prime time, since it didn’t pass the torture test. Also, it seems that the company is cutting their own throat, based on their high selling price. There are only a few limited people with deep pockets. But there are many more people with modest means who would buy it if the rifle price range would be within their affordability.


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