Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting Ammunition

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Ted Nugent is not only a guitar shredder, but a well-know target shredder and avid hunter. Uncle Ted’s show Spirit of the Wild is the Outdoor Channel’s number one hunting show. With his unabashed public view on our Second Amendment rights and a member of the Board of Directors of the NRA, it comes as no surprise that Ted Nugent has finally not only endorsed, but lent his name to a brand of hunting ammunition.

Ted Nugent Hi Performance Ammo

Ted Nugent Hi Performance Ammo

The Nug announced the custom ammo on his Twitter: “killer music killer attitude killer ammo for gungho killer shootists everywher git ya some”

Teaming up with Pierce Munitions and American Tactical Imports the ammunition is expects to be available through distributors and dealers in July. American Tactical Imports will be the distributer and Pierce Munitions is the manufacturer.

Pierce Munitions is located in New York and is making all the Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting ammunition right here in the United States.

Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting rifle ammunition features Barnes® Bullets, using Triple-Shock X (TSX™) and Tipped TSX™ (TTSX). Barnes TSX and TTSX bullets are well-known hunting bullets that take down game accurately and effectively. Pistol calibers use Speer Uni-Cor® bullets. Andrew Wright, Chief Marketing Officer of Pierce Munitions, LLC says, “combining these killer projectiles with meticulous testing, loading, and extreme quality control ensures that serious hunters will have the best load for their next hunting adventure.

Expect to see the following product line up in July:

  • 10 MM 180gr Speer® Uni-Cor® HP
  • .44 MAG 240gr Speer® Uni-Cor® HP
  • .223 55gr Barnes® TSX
  • .243 WIN 80gr Barnes® TTSX BT
  • .270 140gr Barnes® TSX BT
  • .300 WIN MAG 180gr Barnes® TTSX BT
  • .308 WIN 168gr Barnes® TTSX BT
  • .30-30 150gr Barnes® TSX FN
  • 50 BMG 647gr Barnes® TSX BT (Limited Edition)

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