Taurus 738 TCP

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With its 2.84-inch barrel and weighing only 10.2 ounces, the Taurus® 738 TCP is Taurus’ lightest pistol. Designed to be a quick-draw pocket pistol or a back-up service pistol, the .380 ACP Taurus 738 TCP pocket gun is also easy on your pocketbook. For around $250, you get an accurate and reliable self-defense weapon that will conceal just about anywhere. Along with a traditional black or stainless finish, the 738 TCP also comes in pink and bright, safety yellow. Personally, out of all the mass-produced, commercial pink pistols and revolvers available, I do think the 738 looks the best.

There are plenty of little polymer pocket pistols to chose from, but the Taurus 738 stands out because its slick feature of a last-round bolt hold open, which you won’t find on other pocket .380s. Another unique feature to the Taurus 738 TCP is its utilization of the Browning short recoil operating system. Most pistols of this caliber operate on the blowback system.

The controls are minimal and easy to use, with no manual safety. It has a double-action only trigger, with a slightly longer pull than what you might expect, but with practice, the trigger travel will not bother you.

As a bonus, Taurus throws in an extra magazine, so included in the box is two, six-round magazines. The magazines have an integral floor plate that extends the grip. You will like this feature, because the grip size on the 738 TCP is tiny, even for my small hands.

Other design features of this little pocket powerhouse include a curved trigger guard that makes pulling it out of a pocket in a hurry easier, as well as smooth operation of the gun while wearing gloves. The sights are minimal at best, but the Taurus 738 TCP is not a target gun. These purposely fixed, low-profile sights will not snag on clothes as you draw. If you are worried about the sights, Crimson Trace® makes a Laserguard® laser for the little 738 TCP.

The gun also features a loaded chamber indicator and an ambidextrous magazine release.

You can carry the Taurus 738 TCP safely with a round in the chamber. They come with an unlimited lifetime repair policy.

At the price point and the unique features, you will find only on the Taurus 738 TCP, it is not a wonder that it is one of our top-selling guns.

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Specifications and Features

  • Taurus 738 TCP semi automatic handgun
  • .380 ACP caliber
  • 3.3″ barrel
  • 6-round magazine
  • Double action only
  • Compact pink polymer frame
  • Blued slide finish
  • Fixed sights
  • 5.25″ overall length
  • 10.2 oz
 Taurus 738 TCP Black and Pink Taurus 738 TCP Black and Stainless Tarus 738 TCP Black on Black Taurus 738 TCP Pink and Stainless Taurus 738 TCP Yellow and Stainless Taurus 738 TCP Yellow and Black

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