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Picture shows a character from the show, The Walking Dead on top of a car pointing a pistol.

Return of the Walking Dead Season Four and The Seven Best Zombie Posts

We rejoin the characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead for season four on Sunday, October 13, 2013. Based on a comic book of the same name, the show follows two main bands of zombie apoco survivors. Some say the zombie craze is over. However, season three still broke ratings records with an average 11.42 million viewers. There are still plenty of zombie fans to keep the show going. The Walking Dead fans are anxious to see what’s in store for Rick Grime’s crew and if we will see the return of the Governor.

Crossbow Hunter wearing Mossy Oak camo

Cheaper Than Dirt’s 10 Hottest Selling Crossbows

In the past decade, 19 states have made crossbows legal in all or part of the state’s archery season. 2012 accounted for four of these additions and either added or extended crossbow hunting opportunities. Indiana expanded its crossbow season to coincide with the regular archery season. Kansas opened crossbow hunting to hunters over the age of 55 and under the age of 15 for the entire archery season. Crossbows are also legal in Kansas for all hunters during firearm seasons and legal for all hunters during the archery season in select counties (urban areas).

Zombies are so 2011, boring and played out.

Zombies are Dead! So What will be the Next Big Thing?

I know plenty of you never want to hear or read the word zombie again. Even though the fad seems to have passed, gun gear companies are still releasing zombie-killing related items. However, the idea is tired and played out. The first wave of products were actually pretty cool—exploding zombie targets, Black Dawn Magpul zombie AR-15 furniture, and EoTech’s illuminated biohazard reticle. This second wave where companies are slapping zombie green on anything has me wondering me if their marketing teams have joined the walking dead. Some of those companies missed the boat. We’re just not buying into it anymore.

KA-BAR Zombie Chop Stick fixed knife with a 9" plain blade.

Ka-Bar Zombie Chop Stick Product Review

Ka-Bar’s zombie line of knives debuted at the 2012 SHOT Show. Due to the popularity of the line, they extended it with further options in blades including two folders. Many people balked at the “zombie green” (lime green) handles, but others who bought knives in the line boasted about how easy the knives were to find when dropped or lost in a bug-out bag. All of the Ka-Bar ZK knives include a set of black handles with screws, if you are so inclined to switch them out. I don’t think zombies probably see color, so why not just leave the lime green ones on. When you use any of these knives, you are going for effectiveness, not stealth.

Guns & Gear Quick & Dirty

Recent news about products, people, and politics:

Moss Pawn Jewelry and Guns in Jonesboro, Georgia has Created the Ultimate Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer

Based off an M&P15, it features three lasers, three red-dot sights (set for 100, 200, and 300 yards), a magnifier, four flashlights, a massive muzzle brake, a folding bipod, and holds 270 rounds of ammo on board. Fully loaded, it clocks in at 23 pounds. Video:

So what do you need to do before zombies, hurricanes, or pandemics actually happen? First, you should compile an emergency kit for your house that includes water, food, and other supplies. Photo courtesy of CDC

The 4 Most Likely Ways You Can Die If The SHTF

The subject of survival in a long-term disaster goes beyond having stockpiles of beans, bullets and band-aids. Tess Pennington at believes that the “majority of those who will die during a long-term disaster will be from illnesses brought on by acute respiratory infections due to cramped living conditions, poor water conditions (or lack of water), or bacterial infections from wounds.” She adds, “If we survive a major disaster, America would become a Third World country, and the aftermath of such a scenario will be similar to living in Africa, Ethiopia, and India.”

Guns & Gear Quick & Dirty


Army Bans P-Mags. The Army has ordered that soldiers may use only government-issued magazines with their M4 carbines, a move that effectively bans one of the most dependable and widely used commercial-made magazines on today’s battlefield.

A zombie horde is highly unlikely.

May is Zombie Awareness Month, But is the Outbreak Over?

May is Zombie Awareness Month. Zombie madness reached a peak in 2011. Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. Huge companies including Sears, Doritos, Toyota, Honda, Red Bull, and even BMW featured commercials with zombies in them. After the 2012 SHOT Show, we saw a run of specialized zombie gear from Hornady, Leupold, EOTech, Ka-Bar, Mossberg and special, one-off runs of zombie guns. I have reported in the past that zombies are a big business worth around 5.74 billion dollars from sales of books, movies, video games, and websites. However, that report was from November 2011. Since then, I’ve noticed a drop off in zombie imagery popping up everywhere.

Mossberg Logo

Mossberg and Zombie Industries Join Forces

20% Off on 3-D Targets with Purchase of Select Firearms

North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has joined forces with ZMB Industries, LLC, on an exciting two-year consumer promotion. Purchasers of the newly-introduced series of Mossberg 500® ZMB pump-action shotguns and 464™ ZMB lever-action rifles and Mossberg MMR™ Tactical and MMR Hunter modern rifles will receive a coupon for 20% off their purchase of Zombie Industries shot-indicating, three-dimensional targets. This promotional offer may be redeemed for in-store or online target purchases.

Mossberg 464 ZMB Lever Action

Mossberg’s Zombie Guns

Mossberg Introduces ZMB Series of Guns

Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse or the Next Zombie Shoot at Your Local Range!

North Haven, CT – The latest craze in the realm of shooting competitions, zombie-themed fun shoots, has a new player on the field in 2012 – the Mossberg® ZMB Series including a specialty lever-action .30-30 Winchester rifle and 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. Initial offerings include the 464 ZMB lever-action rifle, 500® ZMB 8-Shot pump-action shotgun and 500 Chainsaw ZMB 6-Shot pump-action shotgun. All three guns have the lime green ZMB logo proudly emblazoned on the receiver and boasts the most highly desired zombie-slaying features.

Targets: The Perfect Last Minute Gift!

Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Shotboard

Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Shotboard

One of the most important things you can do when trying to improve your shooting is choosing which target to shoot at. Ask most of my gun friends, and they will all tell you that I’m willing to shoot at just about any inanimate object. I’ve spent a pretty good wad of cash on watermelons, grapefruits, apples, milk jugs, and the like. At the range however, it is obvious that you need a decent quality paper target to shoot at. Mixing up what kind of targets you are using will increase your versatility and aiming ability. If you practice on just one kind of target for an extended period of time, it may affect your ability to shoot at a different kind later. Zombie targets are always fun. I like the terrorist ones, too. There is nothing quite as satisfying as dumping entire magazines into Osama bin Laden’s head. On the other hand, if I am practicing with my long-range rifles, I prefer reactive targets. They make seeing where I am hitting through my spotting scope much easier. I don’t see quite as well as I used to, and they are usually worth the extra buck or two. I’m a fan of the dart game too. Those dart board targets give you a little extra incentive to put those shots downrange as precisely as you can. Targets make great gifts for any shooter, since you really can’t reuse them, they are always going to need more. Since they don’t cost an arm and a leg, be creative when shopping for that special someone. Give them something fun to shoot at and they will thank you with the best of Christmas wishes. Enjoy this holiday season at the range!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Shot Some Zombies

Target Darkotic Splattering Targets

Target Darkotic Splattering Targets

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a cool winter afternoon than taking out some zombie trash. Filling the undead full of rounds is one of life’s simple pleasures. These zombie targets will help hone your skills for when Z-Day eventually comes upon us. I hope you will be as ready as I am when the undead knock at your door. Be sure to greet them with a wall of expanding rounds to let them know just how welcome their brain munching kind is. These targets are a great way to brush up on your zombie hunting tactics. Dispatching the walking dead depicted on these realistic reactive targets is an absolute blast. Each hit results in a “splatter” that stands out and makes your hits easy to spot from a long distance away. Targets measure 12×18 inches and come in a package of eight. Perfect for long or short-range practice, these targets are a great way to keep you from getting bored to death, err, undeath.

TARGET-380 - Face Off
TARGET-381 - Special Delivery
TARGET-382 - Shopping Spree
TARGET-383 - Primal Cut
TARGET-384 - Go Fetch

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