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Zombie is the New Tactical

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The “preppers” movement has been around since, well, forever. There are plenty of preppers’ networks, blogs, discussion boards, and books written about how to be a survivalist. Survivalists, or preppers, have been storing extra surpluses of food, batteries, candles, fuel, ammo, and the like so that they can live through a total collapse of society or a natural disaster. You know what world ending things might actually happen. However, somewhere along the way, this movement turned into the Zombie Apocalypse, or Z-Day, as some call it. The Zombie Apocalypse started as just a general way to describe the end of the world as we know it, some thing or some one wipes out more than half the world’s population and chaos, shooting, and survival ensues. Following the apocalypse, those fortunate to have survived, usually those who prepped, proceed to ban together to rebuild. I don’t know when or who actually started taking Z-Day literally, but zombies are everywhere now, and plenty of people are cashing in on the craze.

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Internet buzz abounds that the zombie thing is over. Some folks are saying that I was zombie before zombie was cool. Some say it’s a tired subject, get over it already, but it’s only been in the last couple of months have we seen some of the big players in the firearms industry jumping on the bandwagon. Ruger and Taurus have both released news about zombie guns, and of course, Hornady released the much-anticipated zombie ammo a few weeks ago. I’m betting that some of the bigger players still have zombie gear in the works too, but no one has leaked it yet. Are these companies playing catch-up in the phenomena, or do they know that it’s just going to get bigger?

Gun manufacturers are making zombie-specific products, like Ruger’s Zombie Slayer LCP, Taurus’ Zombie Responder Judge, and Ka-Bar’s Zombie Killer Knives. We have also seen a flood of zombie targets, lower and upper receivers from Zombie Defense and Spike’s Tactical. Companies are also adding zombie verbiage to their product descriptions, such as Advanced Armament’s t-shirts which depict, “a vital item for your zombie-apocalypse survival kit,” and CMMG’s tactical bacon, “good for zombie standoffs.” I’m not sure how exactly tactical bacon is good for zombie standoffs, but we do know that zombie sells, so why not add it as a reason to buy tactical bacon? Companies that sell these products are designing elaborate ways to sell zombie stuff. Brownell has their “Center for Zombie Awareness,” and even Cheaper Than Dirt had fun with our own Zombie Week.

Besides products, zombie competition shoots are getting bigger and bigger. DPMS has their Outbreak: Omega annual shoot. Our local range in Texas had a Halloween zombie shoot, and there is even a whole organization called the Zombie Shooter’s Association that sets up matches like the IDPA as well as other competitions. suggests that the zombie industry, in its entirety, including books, movies, video games, and websites is worth about 5.74 billion dollars. This clearly means that zombie related products are selling. Why wouldn’t companies cash in?

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This popularity could also pose a potential problem. Does the rise of zombie popularity lessen the seriousness of our industry? Does it perpetuate a stereotype of gun owners? In fact, Hornady has put a large warning and a disclaimer on the Zombie Max ammo stating that the ammo is not a toy. Gun enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike buy up zombie books, movies, comics, and TV shows. Should we be worried when an anti-gun enthusiast sees the things we see as fun, such as exploding zombie targets, and thinks, “Oh wait, you guys are serious about this zombie stuff”, and proceed to deem us certifiable crazy. That doesn’t help our sport, does it?

We like zombies, we like shooting zombies, we like preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, and gun and gun gear companies are making it even more fun for us with the zombie targets and guns, and all the other zombie swag. What it boils down to is this: as long as we keep buying it, they are going to keep selling it.

The Zombie Book, Chapter 7: Hornady Z-Max Ammo Find!

This here's mah avitar

Duke, Great Documenterer of This Here Zombie Apocalypse

This here’s another chapter in the Zombie Book by your pal Duke. I’ve been documentering this here Zombie Apocalypse for almost four months now, and I can tell you one thing for sure—there ain’t no shelf life on those third pound Happy Burgers. I never liked pickles on ‘em to begin with, but I do miss sesame seed buns without mold. Happy Burger patties have become a real staple of Duke’s continued non-zombified existence!

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo — Keepin’ Duke Alive!

Anyhow, this chapter is gonna be about ammo. I was scavenging a Gunz-A-Rific the other day and found a whole stash of Hornady Z-Max Ammo. The rifle bullets are the ballistic tip V-MAX design, but with green plastic inserts instead of the traditional red ones. Pistol bullets are Critical Defense with green plastic tips shoved in the hollowpoints.  Laughs are pretty hard to come by these days, but when I saw the boxes I hooted and hollered like a 3 Stooges marathon was on. Back in the day, just for kicks, Hornady made a special run of this ammo in funny neon-green boxes with “Zombie 101” tips on the back, like “set up some trip lines around your yard” and stuff like that. The package is such a chuckle they actually had to put a warning on the box saying that this stuff is live ammo and it isn’t a toy. Well, let me tell ya somethin’, fellow survivors of the wasteland—Hornady Z-Max Ammo is definitely NOT a toy—it’s stone cold some of the best ammo I’ve ever fed to an undead horde.

Right now I’m rockin’ two pistols. Sometimes I get a bit excited and put one in each hand. Damn zombies on my left get ventilated from the Glock 19, and damn zombies on my right get ventilated from the Rock Island 1911. Well I don’t have to tell you, with a gun in each hand a misfire with bad ammo wrecks the whole plan. The Hornady stuff never misfires, and it shoots REAL straight. I used an AR-15 with a big scope to clear me a path from the roof of the Gunz-A-Rific to a Happy Burger down the street. For two nights and a day in between ‘em, I went through 500 rounds of .223 Zombie Max (all they had) and when it was all said and done I’d counted up 382 downed zombies. Some of them zombies I’d popped from 300 yards away! But I have to admit, they seem slower than before. It wasn’t as much of a challenge to lead ‘em, I don’t know if its because the weather is colder or if they’re just running out of energy or what.

Anyhow, the Z-MAX bullet is a hollow point with a plastic tip that gets forced through the middle of the bullet when it hits a zombie noggin. Every shuffling, lurching son-of-a-buck that got hit with one went down immediately, because the bullets expand every time. Now I’ve shot plenty of ammo of every kind, and even full metal jacket gets the job done most of the time, sure. But high quality expanding ammo means a one shot stop for certain. That means I conserve ammo, and I can move from one moaning, drooling target to the next with speed and confidence, son! Add that to the accuracy of these rounds and, well heck, who am I kidding? There’s something satisfying about using the right tool for the job, and the job is zombie hunting. Z-Max ammo just feels right to old Duke… like a heaping pile of hot Happy Burger patties cooked over a furniture bonfire as the sun slowly sets over the wasteland.

Till next time, remember: fresh water, fresh batteries, candy bars, and a positive attitude will help you survive. I hope to see more of you, my fellow survivors, someday soon. Duke never charges for an autograph!