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Two cars in the snow after an auto accident.

Winter Preparedness: Building Your List

Due to a recent move, I now have to consider cold weather in my preparedness calculations. Prior to the move, I lived in Florida for more than a decade; three months of freezing temperatures initially had me off balance. For me, there are 3 layers of preparedness outside of the home: Vehicle, Every Day Carry, and extended. I will touch on all three; however, for me the distinction between them is important.

Deer feeding in snow.

Cold Weather Shooting

Being in top shooting shape requires diligent practice year round. The last thing you want is for the trophy of a lifetime to step out—with a 10 second window—and you miss the shot because of under preparation. I am often asked what type of preparation that really takes, especially during winter. So, where do I practice shooting in wintertime? Why, outside of course!

Picture shows a car with the hood up, stuck in the snow.

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 4: Build an Emergency Kit for Your Car

If you followed our tips from yesterday, “Get Your Car Ready” your car should be in tip-top shape for the cold winter months. However, severe winter weather may find you stuck or stranded, in an accident or sliding off the road. Snow and ice can cause traffic backups for hours, or if on a road less traveled, it might be a long time before someone can rescue you. You will want an emergency kit in your car to keep you safe, warm and hydrated while forced to wait it out.