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Post SHOT Show 2013: My Top Three Picks

I have to be honest, I have seen craft shows with more innovation than this year’s SHOT show. It was very apparent the industry leaders were funneling money into manufacturing and not R&D. With the election looming, a run-on-guns began in early 2012 and only increased as the November date approached. Manufacturers were selling shelves clean the year of supply to meet demand launched and it showed at SHOT 2013. Even though there was some genius in a few new items to hopefully grace our shelves soon. Here are my top three.

Rimfire Has New Life

SHOT 2013 Preview: Winchester .17 Super Magnum, .17 WSM

Rimfire is not for just plinking anymore. Just 20 grains at 3,000 feet per second—lets do this! I have never been a big fan of the .17 caliber in any form. If I want a varmint gun and caliber, I am going for the .223 Remington. That has now changed. That my friends is almost 400 ft-lbs from a 20-grain bullet. That is a serious varmint round in a rimfire cartridge no less. With the skyrocketing price of .223 everywhere, due to its many applications, a new varmint cartridge has come at the right time.