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Quick Camping Tips: Five Essential Survival Items

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping TipYou planned, organized, created lists and prepared all your meals. After checking everything and getting it all packed, you feel confident you have everything you need for your camping trip. However, you might not have thought about these five essential survival items to take with you, just in case.

Partially empty plastic water bottle on a sidewalk with dirt/greens in the background.

What’s In Your Water?

Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen—these three tiny particles make up one of the most vital pieces of our human existence. And while hydrogen and oxygen form water at its most molecular state, hundreds of invaders find their way into our water sources every day. “Cleaning up” water and making it safe to ingest is an extremely important task in making sure that we have potable water we need to survive.

You can gather water through condensation.

Purifying Water on the Fly: Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency

Anytime you venture out into the great outdoors, you should pack a few essential items that can make the difference between life and death. Even if you plan just a short trip, you need a way to start a fire and purify water for safe drinking. Even in the easiest of terrain, the most experienced outdoor adventurer can become lost or injured. A one-liter water bottle won’t last 24 hours, if you get stranded.