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Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition

Video: Bullseye Camera Systems AmmoCan Sight-In Edition

Old eyes often lead to new creative solutions. The Bullseye AmmoCan seems to be just such an innovation. Would you shoot more if you didn’t have to do as much walking to the target? How much time would you save by being able to shoot a target, virtually mark each shot, color code each group or string, and save the data for later review—all from the shooting bench? How much would you save by not needing a spotting scope? Do you hate the long wait times between line breaks at your local range?

Made specifically for sighting in your riflescope

Navigating and Buying Shooting Targets: Not all Targets are Created Equal

You may be surprised when browsing Cheaper Than Dirt’s targets. You may have never thought there were such a wide variety of different targets. Not only are there traditional bullseye, but also sight-in targets and even bleeding zombies. It might be overwhelming for the brand new shooter to decide which target to buy. You might start by price; however, picking the cheapest target on the page might not be the best target for your application. Not all targets are created equal.

The various sizes of targets keep the game fun and challenging.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Challenged Me to a Duel

Birchwood Casey’s Dirty Bird Saloon Shootout targets are not only fun for the seasoned shooter, but also perfect for the beginner, first time, young and timid shooter. Coming in a package of eight targets, the Saloon Shootout features cartoon depictions of an old West-style saloon with bandits and outlaws, a horse, whiskey bottles and a buzzard. Immediately identify each shot with Birchwood Casey’s reactive halo effect upon bullet impact. Each target measures 12 x 18 inches.

I have always loved shooting up watermelons.

Fun and Cheap. Making Your Own Homemade Shooting Targets

Shooting at bullseyes and zombies can get old and expensive, especially if you want to spend a full day out plinking. Homemade targets are fun, easy, and cheap to make. Many moons ago, I had access to a lot of land in the country. As my shooting buddies and I went to explore it, we found the perfect spot to set up a shooting range. A natural eight-foot berm eroding from a dried-up creek bed made a perfect backstop. We set up shop and had months of fun shooting our little hearts out. For target backstops and stands, we obtained free wood pallets from a friend’s bar. Out there we shot fruit, beer bottles, soda cans, electronics, plastic water bottles filled with water, and whatever else we could get our hands on.

Pointing out that I was having issues with pushing or no follow through.

Free Shooting Diagnostic Targets

I took a defensive pistol clinic a while ago and using a full-sized 9mm Glock, we shot at a shooting diagnostic target. Fortunately, this was good timing for me, as I had been having problems hitting bullseye consistently with handguns. Sometimes my groups were just fine, but not right in the center.