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10 AK-47 Accessories That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Are you an AR-15 or AK-47 fan? I know, silly question right? The only real answer is both. Recently, we have shown plenty of love to America’s rifle, so it is high time to dress up those AKs. Building on that idea, here are 10 AK accessories you’ll want to check out, but don’t worry, these accessories are priced to be ‘budget-friendly.”

TimberSmith Red Laminate AK Rifle

10 Stock, Grip and Handguard Upgrades for Your AK

A guest post by Robert Sadowski

The AK-47 and AK-74 systems are engineering marvels in their ability to function in any environment, yet today they can seem dated — particularly the wood stock and furniture. Back in 1947 and even in 1974, a wood stock was an accepted standard in a military rifle. Today, synthetic stocks and handgrips offer better durability, easy customization, and more shooting comfort. Here’s a list of replacement stocks and furniture that can up your AK’s game…

Magpul AR-15 Back Up Iron Sight MBUS

Gifts to Upgrade Your AR-15

If you or someone you know is getting an AR-15 for Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity to gift them with some upgrades for their rifle or even if you already own an AR-15, there is no time like Christmas to finally buy those upgraded parts you have been wanting.

TAPCO Mini-14 magazines– Gen 1 vs Gen 2

TAPCO Gen 2 Mini-14 Full Mag

The Gen 2 TAPCO Mini-14 Magazine

Whenever the discussion about Ruger Mini-14s comes up on our Cheaper Than Dirt Forums or Facebook page, the question of “Gen 1″ vs. “Gen 2″ magazines made by TAPCO accompanies it. There’s a lot of confusion about this issue right now, so we want to do our part to clear things up.

“Nutnfancy” is an online reviewer of guns, ammo, and gun gear. He posts informative videos on Youtube about what gun stuff works and what doesn’t after putting all the latest toys through his testing regimen. Yes, we are jealous of him too. A while back he posted up a review of some new Mini-14 magazines made by TAPCO, and he didn’t like them one bit. To their credit, TAPCO contacted him and asked for input on what changes he thought they should make. They made those changes, then sent him some of the improved magazines to review. He had much better luck with the second batch. He decreed throughout the land that the improved magazines were good to go. Nutnfancy dubbed the new impoved magazines “Gen 2″ or “second generation” magazines, and called the older magazines “Gen 1″ or “first generation” magazines.

There’s only one minor problem—TAPCO didn’t change their part number, packaging, or the UPC code on their Mini-14 magazines when they made Nutnfancy’s design changes. The packaging doesn’t say “Gen 2″ anywhere and if you are buying these magazines online, there is no way to tell which ones you are going to get. TAPCO’s Web site lists a Gen 1 magazine under their Ruger Mini-14 Components category, but they don’t list a Gen 2 magazine nor show that it comes in any color but black. So what’s the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2, and how can you tell?

According to Nutnfancy, Tapco changed the composition of their polymer in the Gen 2 magazines, resulting in a stiffer magazine with feed lips that won’t spread apart over time if the magazine is left loaded with rounds. This doesn’t help us identify the different magazines, but the other major change they made does. The Mini-14 mag is a “rock and lock” design requiring the shooter to put the front of the magazine into the mag well first, then rotate the magazine to the rear until it locks into place. A round pin built into the front of the rifle’s mag well holds the magazine in place, interfacing it with a hole in the front of the magazine. On the Gen 1 magazines this hole is molded into the polymer mag body. On the Gen 2 magazines Tapco reinforced this hole with a steel band wrapping around the magazine body, as shown in the pictures. The steel reinforcement keeps this critical area from wearing prematurely. This is how you can tell at a glance whether the magazine you are looking at is a TAPCO Gen 1 or Gen 2.

Here at Cheaper Than Dirt, all of our in-stock TAPCO Mini-14 magazines are already Gen 2 specification, so if you’re ordering from us you don’t have to worry about this. We have ’em in black as well as the flat dark earth type pictured here, for $12.97 each.  But if you happen to pick up some Gen 1 magazines at a gun show or something, know that TAPCO offers a lifetime warranty on their magazines, so if you have problems they will take care of you regardless of which ones you are using.  Now take that Ruger out there and put some rounds downrange!

TAPCO Mini-14 Gen 2 Mag Close Up

Close-up of the Steel Reinforced Mag Catch Area

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Saiga Semi Auto Rifle .223 Rem/5.56 NATO

Saiga Semi Auto Rifle .223 Rem/5.56 NATO

Saiga Semi Auto Rifle .223 Rem/5.56 NATO

Based on the AK-47, the Saiga rifle comes from the Izhmash factory in Russia who also makes the AK-47. You really cannot beat this deal: $350 for a semi-auto AK-47 in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO. I dare you NOT to buy one.

The Saiga reliably shoots the readily available cheap ammo, 30-round magazines are less than 20 bucks, and you can fit a new stock on it for less than $70.00. It functions like an AK, so you know you can put your Saiga through the ringer.

Seriously. You had better get it now, as I guarantee our supplies won’t last long. In fact, we have an office bet on how fast they will go.

And as always, have nice day.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-USSG170270






5.56x45mm Federal XM193 55 Grain FMJBT

5.56x45mm Federal XM193 55 Grain FMJBT

5.56x45mm Federal XM193 55 Grain FMJBT

You’re gonna need to feed your new Saiga. For a few days, you can get the Federal Lake City 5.56mm XM193 for 33 cents a round. The Federal XM193 comes packed 10 rounds per stripper clip for a total of 30 rounds. It has a 55-grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail bullet and a 3290 fps muzzle velocity. It is brand-new ammo loaded to MIL-SPEC.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: AMM-269









ModGear Scope Guard With Muzzle Cover

ModGear Scope Guard With Muzzle Cover

ModGear Scope Guard With Muzzle Cover

The one-piece scope guard and muzzle cover protects your rifle and optics from grass, dirt, dust, and water. Five bucks is an extremely small price to pay when you need to protect your expensive riflescope. It is made from heavy-duty nylon and padded with a half inch of foam.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: MOLLE-095










TAPCO Intrafuse AK-74 Magazine 5.45×39 30 Round

TAPCO Intrafuse AK-74 Magazine 5.45x39 30 Round

TAPCO Intrafuse AK-74 Magazine 5.45×39 30 Round

To be honest with you, I’m not too sure what’s up with the orange, but whatever. If you know, please enlighten me. The description says it is to replicate the original Bakelite material, which I’m OK with because I really like Bakelite. But that’s a completely different story. So anyway, this TAPCO mag holds 30 rounds of 5.45x39mm and fits in your AK-74. It has an anti-tilt follower and a heavy-duty spring.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: MAG-009



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