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Steel target showing plenty of wear.

Gongs: Ringing the Steel

I have never hammered a steel plate with a hammer, but I have hammered steel targets for more than 20 years. The sound is loud and rewarding. Steel targets are an aid in gaining proficiency with firearms, particularly handguns. We use paper targets for sighting in, ensuring our sights are properly zeroed. We also use paper targets when stressing decision making. But on my own time and my own dime, I would rather shoot steel than anything.

cutaway of a lead core bullet with a red polycoat sheath

Review: Federal Syntech Ammunition

It is notable that while modern defensive ammunition has received a great deal of development—and competition is fierce—we are still using the same old lead and jacketed bullets as we have for the past 120 years or more. The high degree of reliability inherent in modern manufacturing by Federal Cartridge Company has crossed over into practices lines such as the Federal American Eagle, but by and large the same, jacketed bullet is used. Federal recently finished a years long development of a new practice load, and the American Eagle Syntech is well worth your time and effort to obtain and use.

Zombie Cute Animal Variety Pack

New Targets: Sticky Note Targets and Zombie Bunnies

In my never ending search for new and exciting targets to shoot up at the range, I stumbled across Champion’s 2012 catalog, chalk full of new paper and reactive targets. I am especially excited about the brand new Re-stick, Visicolor® zombie “cute animal” variety pack, and the practice precision targets.