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Glock 19X pistol in Glaco Stow and Go leather holster

Magnificent 7 — Pistols for Concealed Carry

If there is one category readers of The Shooter’s Log can all get interested about, it is an interest in the best pistols for concealed carry. However, if there is one thing likely to cause an argument, it is which pistols are best for concealed carry. Our staff threw in a few of favorites, but feel free to make your case for the pistols we missed.

Springfield XD pistol with three boxes of SIG Sauer ammunition

Range Report: Springfield .357 SIG with XS Sights

I have been exploring a packing handgun for a specific scenario. The bottom line criterion is that the pistol must be completely reliable, accurate enough for personal defense and taking accurate shots at an adversary behind cover, and powerful enough for defense against both biped and quadruped threats. Vehicle penetration is important, and so is penetration against heavy bones.

TRP Operator Tactical Gray

6 New Firearms for 2017: Springfield Armory

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to expand your personal arsenal this year? Well, you won’t have to wait long to fulfill that resolution, Springfield Armory has several new options you can get your hands on. Here is Springfield Armory’s release regarding six of its new-for-2017 products.


Little Big Springfields—Tiny New XDs with .45 ACP Punch

Springfield Armory makes XD pistols in every popular centerfire caliber, but I have a hunch that the big .45 ACP is their favorite. It’s relatively easy to make a single platform in 9 mm, .357 Sig, and .40S&W, because all three calibers can share a single frame. Tooling up for that one frame design gives the customers three calibers to choose from and saves the gun maker money. Designing a frame for .45 ACP is a whole separate ordeal and doesn’t translate over to any other calibers. You can’t stuff 10mm into a .45 frame or anything like that, so if you want to build a .45 you have to design the gun around that cartridge only. But Springfield not only builds dedicated .45s for every type of pistol they make, they are going a step beyond.