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SunJack 14W +8000mAh Battery

Quick Prepper Tip: Solar Power When and Where You Need it

Recently, I discovered a product that has finally matured to point that it is worthy of cracking open your wallet and parting with a few hard-earned greenbacks. Portable solar panels and battery packs, have finally progressed to level of durability, size, and most importantly, longevity that make them a must-have item. The SunJack 14W +8000mAh Battery is a product that should be in every household, car, backpack… you name it. Don’t get too hung up on the name. The engineers at SunJack spent their time where it would do you the most good—engineering, not marketing.

Go Off-Grid with a Pack and Solar Charger

Off-the-Grid Energy Source — Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap Mini

Let’s face it; we live in a generation obsessed with electronic devices. It seems like anything, and everything, requires some type of power source these days. Many of us are slaves to our cell phones or other devices, and we have unknowingly trained ourselves to stay within eyesight of an outlet. Sadly, being tethered to some sort of powercord or car adapter has become a way of life for many.

A small pile of AA batteries from Sony

Battery Basics — Are You Prepared?

The common goal of most preppers is to simply be as self sufficient as possible. This means keeping an adequate supply of necessary items in case of an emergency. The number of what-if scenarios, which can happen and constitute an emergency, are as varied as the number of items you need to be stockpiling. One of those essential items for preppers is batteries.

Flashlight head and light beam

Quick Prepper Tip: Let There Be Light – Alternative Light Sources

Quick Prepper Tips from Cheaper Than Dirt!Perhaps you have lost electricity to your home during an emergency and need a backup source of light. Perhaps the high cost of electricity has you on the look out for alternative lighting options. Whatever the reason, we all need artificial lighting at some point during a 24-hour period. Whether for reading, work, cooking or navigating a set of stairs, light is more than a luxury; it is a necessity to maintain our lifestyles.