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Picture shows a group of children in costumes, trick or treating on Halloween.

Throwback Thursday—How to Stay Safe on Halloween

October 31 is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for many kids. Thoughts of candy, getting to stay out late, parties at school, and a chance to be a superhero for a night are all innocent thoughts in a child’s mind. However, for adults we see the sinister side behind all the sugary treats and silly scares.

Can you spot all the reasons why this woman is in code white?

Training Starts Here: Situational Awareness

I’ve been single for the majority of my adult life. My circumstances in my early 20s forced me to take on this role. After all, I moved half way around the world from my parents and friends to attend college where I knew virtually no one, in a town and a state I had never been to. Fearless in those years, I never let being alone stop me from enjoying myself. I have never been one to subscribe to locking yourself up in the house because someday something bad just might happen. That’s no way to live. So fearless I was. And dumb.