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Bring your target in closer than the standard 15 to 20 feet.

Self Defense Handgun Training

A recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found the majority of first time gun buyers practice shooting at least once a month and report the number one reason for their purchase was for home and self-defense.

A man is shooting a rifle at an outdoor gun range.

Summer Shooting

As temperatures heat up, we usually find ourselves more active and getting out more. We start spending more time outside enjoying the sun and, hopefully, going to the gun range more frequently. If you shoot at an outdoor range, you will want to pack a few extra items in your range bag to prevent sun damage, dehydration and itchy bug bites.

Laser Lyte Reaction Tyme unit

Beat the High Cost of Ammo and Shoot More

Ammunition is in short supply, but high demand these days. As soon as it is delivered at the loading ramp, the line starts forming in anticipation of when it will hit the shelves. The high demand has also caused prices to follow, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to let our hard-earned skills suffer as a result.

Handgun Basics 101: Get a Good Grip

When I first started shooting handguns, I had issues gripping my handgun correctly. The grip refers to how you hold the gun. A proper grip will help absorb recoil, provide shots that are more accurate and is safe. Gripping a gun properly can feel unnatural if you have never shot before. It can feel really unnatural if you have been shooting with an improper grip. Your instinctive grip might be unsafe, especially on a semi-automatic pistol. Every time you pull the trigger to shoot a semi-auto, the slide moves back. If your thumbs are in the way, there is a possibility of the slide hitting them.

Managing Recoil with the Correct Stance

Unfortunately, I have seen way too many pictures of women on the Internet incorrectly shooting guns. You know the picture or the YouTube video—the woman has a gun, she leans back to take the shot and the next thing you know the gun recoils back and hits her in the head or she drops it.

Most doctors, though, will give you the go-ahead to shoot. Just take precautions and you should be safe.

Shooting While Pregnant: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Shooting is a perishable skill. If you don’t practice, you can lose your proficiency. This is particularly important to competitors, police officers and concealed carry permit holders. Or for anyone else who takes their target shooting seriously. Nine months is a long time to go without training, but is it safe to shoot while you’re pregnant?

Jeff Cooper

The Legend that was Jeff Cooper

Along with John Moses Browning, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Eugene Stoner, Dan Shideler, and Elmer Keith, another man made huge waves in the firearms community with his life’s work. If you are new to the gun world, or if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t bothered to learn read up on some history, let me clue you on whom I’m talking about. Most gun experts recognize Jeff Cooper as the father of the Modern Technique of handgun shooting, and one of the 20th century’s foremost international experts on the use and history of small arms.

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Gearing Up! The Pistol

Welcome to part #2 in our series of Cheaper Than Dirt articles on Gearing Up! for the new-guy 3-gunner. I will assume you have read “Gearing Up” part #1 and are in possession of a capable yet affordable AR. That’s great; you are one third of the way there! Let’s work on another third, the handgun.

Bullet penetration of 12 layers of sheetrock

What Makes Good Cover?

Picture yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to find a barrier to block incoming fire. You are standing about 30 yards from your attacker and he is about to shoot. To your left is a standard brick wall; to your right is a small economy car. Which one is going to stop those bullets from passing through? The answer can be complicated. The caliber of the attacker’s firearm, the angle of fire, as well as distance are all potential factors in whether or not your chosen barrier will keep you safe. While in public, I realize that many of you would be armed, but for argument’s sake, let us explore what makes a good barrier, just in case you forget your Concealed Carry Weapon!

Quick & Dirty Video: Tom Knapp Shoots with Champion’s Fiber Optic Easy Hit Shotgun Sight

Exhibition shooter Tom Knapp demonstrates how to use this highly visible fiber optic sight, which is designed to attach to the ventilated rib or solid rib of any shotgun barrel. Its low profile will not change your shotgun’s point of impact. The intensity of the fiber-optic bead lets you aim with your indirect vision, making it possible to see the bead without looking at it. The gun-cam video clips demonstrate how the sight looks to the shooter while tracking clay targets and birds.

Crossbow Diagram

The Modern Crossbow: A Beginners Guide

Shooting a bow and arrow accurately is difficult. Shooting a crossbow is also difficult, but much less so. There are many reasons to get into crossbow shooting. You don’t have to spend a lifetime practicing to get effective enough to hunt with one, and advances in technology have made the ancient battlefield weapon an excellent tool for hunting game. As some people age, they have trouble drawing a full power bow. Due to assisting devices on modern crossbows, these people can hunt much later in their lives, since the upper body strength is not as important.