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Walther CCP handgun showing a failure to feed

Proofing Self-Defense Guns

Here is a little tale that teaches a good lesson. While at the local gun show, I found a sweet deal on a new compact handgun. Having plenty of experience with the brand, I decided to offer it a home. The safe where it would primarily reside ensured it would be in good company. Due to its diminutive size, I planned to ensure it received plenty of time in the fresh air filling a role as my BUG (Back-up Gun). My new BUG looked so great, two of my buddies decided they needed to buy its siblings, so after a bit of paperwork and a few days, we walked out with three identical handguns.

CCI .22 LR Velocitor ammunition box with bolt action rifle

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense?

When it comes to personal defense, many of the students that go through my class have their head on straight. They wish to avoid using the firearm at almost any cost. The bottom line is that they will use the firearm only to save their life or that of a loved one.

For 2013, Hornady has successfully made a .45 ACP +P round that meets the FBI's demands.

SHOT 2013: Hornady .45 ACP +P Critical Duty Ammunition

Hornady’s Critical Duty line, designed especially for FBI and law enforcement demands, has been available for over a year, but only in 9mm and .40 S&W. Due to the .45 ACP’s size, it has been difficult for ammunition companies to develop a bullet that not only retains its controlled expansion and weight retention, but met the needs of the FBI’s minimum 12-inch target penetration standards. For 2013, Hornady successfully introduces the .45 ACP +P round meeting these stringent demands.