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Whitetail Buck standing broadside in a field

Whitetails: Scrapes vs. Rubs

There has never been a hotter topic about deer hunting than whether it is better to hunt scrapes or hunt rub lines. Anyone who has killed a respectable buck near a fresh rub or rub line is likely to prefer hunting rubs. Likewise, anyone who has killed a big buck near, or on, a scrape is likely to choose hunting scrapes.

Hunter applying scent killer to his boots

ScentLok: Seven Steps to Scent Control

Since the dawn of time, hunters have battled the noses of the game they pursued. Several products have come to the hunter’s aid, but few with the results enjoyed by ScentLok. ScentLok brought the first activated carbon hunting apparel to market 25 years ago. In the years since, helping big game hunters get closer to their quarry by dramatically reducing their odor signature—the ScentLok Advantage—has become the driving force behind the ScentLok brand.

A hunter sits in a tree blind with a hunter's orange vest and cap.

Women Afield — Arousing Aromas

Last week, I shared cover and masking scents. This week, I discuss lure and attractant scents.

The other types of scents—often used by hunters—are the lure or attractant scents. These are not to be confused with other types of “attractant” products such as foods or supplements such as salt or mineral licks. The attractants I am referring to are aroma attractants used to draw bucks to your location such as the sex-attractant type of scents used during the rut.

Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets

Gizmos & Gadgets – Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets for Hunters

Few critters have a sniffer that can match a whitetail and I have failed the test more than once. As far as I am concerned though, it’s a death sentence for a nanny to blow at me when I have a doe permit in my pocket. A doe that smart just needs to be removed from the gene pool. However, while I always welcome a doe down to provide good eats for the freezer, shooting does doesn’t help me hang any bone on the wall, which is a primary reason why I hunt.

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold

Looking for a Scent Solution this Deer Season? Wildlife Research Center has the Answer!

“When we were kids, my dad paid a bounty of 10 cents per mouse. This more than piqued the interest my brother (Brian) and I already had for catching mice. In the beginning, we thought cheese was the ticket. It seemed to work well enough in the cartoons, and we didn’t know any better. It didn’t take long to realize our mice were not fond of cheese. We decided that if we wanted to be successful, we were going to have to do some experimenting on our own,” said John Burgeson, president of Wildlife Research Center.