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Budget Revolvers for the First Timer

There are a lot of firearm purists out there and if you start reading forums, you will find many people saying, “You get what you pay for. Only buy a Smith & Wesson or a Colt.” A Smith & Wesson or a Colt revolver, undoubtedly is going to be an excellent gun, however both carry a hefty price tag. In my opinion, it takes guts to announce you aren’t a gun snob. There is nothing wrong with wanting an affordable gun. Honestly, I admire the guy who stands by his Hi-Point. There are plenty of handguns out there under $400 that are reliable, shoot straight, and are good looking. If you are considering your very first revolver I am not going to recommend a $700 Smith & Wesson .22 LR. I won’t recommend a piece of junk either.