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Assortment of 12 gauge shotguns shells with a shotgun and camo clothing

New Shotguns for 2018 — SHOT Show Edition

Shotguns are the ultimate all-purpose firearm. With your favorite shotgun, you can head to the range to bust a few clays, clear a doorway when defending the homestead, or down a deer with slugs buckshot. Therefore, it is no surprise that shotguns are anything but a sideshow. Here are 20+ top scatterguns to fit every shooter’s high demands.

Baby Rock pistol pointing down at 45 degree angle in black

Range Report: Rock Island Armory’s Baby Rock Rocks!

After many years of shooting, training, and carrying the most effective handgun possible, I realized that many of my choices were not practical for the average shooter. There are many demands on their time and mastering a Commander .45, .357 Magnum revolver, or compact .40 is difficult. Compromises are inherent in the game. The happy medium between a service-size pistol and hideout derringer is often a quality self loader. The .380 ACP is a popular choice.

HK VP9 pistol left side

Pistols — The Magnificent 7 (For Beginners and Beyond)

Most often, new shooters are introduced to the sport on .22 LR pistols for good reason. They have a low recoil, light Bang!, and offer an easy initial introduction. But what about a “first gun” for new shooters or those who have shot before, but are not familiar with the latest models? Perhaps you have a need for a home defense pistol or carry gun without time to go through the motions of learning on a .22 LR for personal reasons. Fear not, we have a few of our top picks to get you started. There will be plenty of dissension and additions to the list, but here are 7 pistols perfect for any new or experienced shooter.

Colt Commander, circa 1975.

The 1911 Pistol — Reliability and Accuracy

Today we see a great deal of revisionist history in the media, often tainted with rose-colored glasses and a personal agenda. Young people seem to demand more continuity from their comic book epics than from their history professors. However, when you level the criticisms and fallacies toward a firearm that has served Americans well for over 100 years it is more than irritating. When that same firearm has saved your life more than once, perhaps it is time for a report.

The Old and the New: Colt Combat Commander Mark IV and the RIA Tactical II

Art of the Gun: Old and New 1911s

The 1911 is one of—if not the most—popular handgun models in America. Developed around the turn of the century by the famed John Moses Browning for Colt’s Manufacturing Company, the United States Army adopted this gun as its official sidearm in 1911.

This is not a custom race gun. This is a standard model 51567.

“Right on Target. Right On Price.” Armscor/Rock Island Armory Company Profile

After receiving the country’s first official firearms license from the government in 1952, under the name Squires Bingham Manufacturing Inc., the now renamed Armscor has moved at full speed ever since. In 1985, Armscor Precision International opened its U.S. doors in Nevada and shortly after purchased Rock Island Armory. Armscor plans to double its production in 2013 to meet ammunition supply demands by opening a new facility in Pahrump, Nevada.

Rock Island 1911-A1 FS Tactical in 10mm

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave Me a Lady Dressed in Black

Alright Santa, I know what I want. I have been above average this year and this is it. I got to shoot the Rock Island 1911-A1 FS Tactical in 10mm last week and it was awesome. My manager and I spent a couple of days drooling about the ballistics of the 10mm cartridge. I love to do the math by hand and he checked current offerings for this monster 10mm Auto cartridge. This was going to be a fun day at the range. A new gun in a great big caliber.

S&W M&P15OR Optics Ready Rifle .223 Remington

The Three Guns I’m Saving For

We all have dream guns, ones we would buy if we happened to win the lottery, but what about guns that in the near future you could have the means to purchase? Here in the office, the boss man asked us what three guns, under $800, are we saving our pennies to buy. Here is my list:

The Entry-Level 1911

Although there have been countless different variations of the original Browning-designed M1911, the overall design has hardly changed at all. With so many different 1911s to choose from, making decisions can get confusing in a hurry. If you are in the market for an entry-level 1911, you are in luck because there are several affordable options. Many are available in different calibers as well, so you are not limited to just .45 ACP.

At the top of the list of things to consider when selecting your 1911 are the sights. If you already know what type of sights you like best, to disregard them when selecting your 1911 could be quite costly afterward. For example, if you know that you need or want a specific type or brand of target sights, getting a pistol with standard low profile, military-type sights would almost certainly mean you would need to get the slide milled out to fit your aftermarket target sights, exponentially raising the cost of the pistol. So, make sure whatever sights your new pistol comes with are compatible with what you will need later.

Para Ordnance GI Expert

The hammer and grip safety combination is something else that should strongly be considered. Based on your intended grip, this may or may not be an issue. If you use a high-profile grip, then you will definitely need to ensure that your new pistol comes with a beavertail grip safety that is easily disengaged when you get a proper grip on the pistol, as well as a hammer that will not “bite” your hand when in the cocked position. This can be very painful, and usually makes a trip to the range considerably shorter than originally intended.

The trigger should be one of the top considerations when making your selection, as it can easily be the Achilles’ heel of an entry-level 1911 pistol. If the gun has a gritty, heavy trigger pull that makes you cringe when you try it, you should probably just move along to the next one. However, if you already plan to replace the trigger components, this is obviously not an issue.

The Springfield Armory GI .45 is about as close to the classic M1911 design as you can get these days. All GI models feature low-profile military sights, standard magazine well and spur hammer, standard ejection port, arched mainspring housing with lanyard loop, and vertical slide serrations.

Rock Island Armory also makes a GI version that is very similar to the Springfield Armory GI .45. Rock Island also offers several other versions, with different features, that are all within the same price range.

My Taurus PT1911 with a few upgrades

Para-Ordnance makes the GI Expert 1911, with several upgraded features that set it apart from the competition, while remaining an entry-level pistol. The main things that stand out about the Para GI Expert are the premium stainless steel barrel, which provides pinpoint accuracy, the crisp trigger pull, and the skeletonized spur hammer that prevents hammer bite.

The Taurus PT1911 is one of, if not the most, feature-packed 1911s currently available, especially in its price range. With its hammer-forged frame, slide, and barrel, it is capable of accuracy that normally costs twice as much. Each pistol is hand-fit and tuned with 19 standard features not typically found on entry-level 1911s from other manufacturers.

The most important aspect of selecting an entry-level 1911 is making sure that it fits your hand and you can comfortably reach all of the controls. After purchasing, shooting, and becoming familiar with your pistol’s basic setup, only then should you consider any customization or part replacement. After all, this is just an entry-level 1911 we’re talking about, here. Now get out there, pick up a 1911, and start shooting!