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You Might Be A Prepper

You Might be a Prepper if …

Do you remember the comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s famous line of jokes that started out with “you might be a Redneck if…?” His popular zingers that poked fun at rednecks everywhere made it cool to be one. Since the Foxworthy-coined phrase hit the airwaves, hundreds of labels quickly popped up to replace the word redneck: “you might be from Kentucky if” or “you might be a city slicker” and countless others.

A good first aid kit is an essential item in your gear.

Quick Prepper Tip: 10 First Aid Essentials

Cheaper Than Dirt Quick Prepper TipPreppers will tell you they practice prepping as a way to be prepared for what the future may hold. Of course none of us really know what tomorrow or even the next hour will bring. So it is probably wise to plan ahead at least a little bit. It does not matter if you are the type that plans for the end of the world scenario or someone who just wants to have a few essentials on hand in case of an emergency; having a basic first aid kit assembled and within reach is a good idea.