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Picture shows the right side of the Beretta Nano pistol.

Range Report: the 9mm Beretta Nano

I am surprised to be the first author who writes for The Shooter’s Log to pen a range report for the 9mm Beretta BU9 Nano as it has been available a little over two years. Perhaps it is because pocket 9s have saturated the market and we have been too busy reviewing others, but somehow I get to be the first to review it. Either way, I’m excited I get to go in without any influence from my cohorts.

Heizer HD1 Pocket .410

SHOT 2013: Heizer HD1, .410 pocket shotgun

Okay, this one is interesting-a single shot derringer. Still with me? A single shot derringer in .410 shotgun. If that does not get the job done then you have two more chances with .45 Colt stored in the handle. Sound familiar in some way? Yes it does. Remember the Double Tap? and for those who really like firearms history, the Liberator, this will sound vaguely familiar.


I Need a Gun – Where Do I Start

It is hard to turn on the television, listen to the radio or talk to your friends and not hear of a recent attack in someone’s home or neighborhood, or an assault on an innocent person going through their daily lives. There was a time when these stories seemed random, while you were away on vacation, at work, or in those “rough neighborhoods.” They seemed distant and almost unreal. These stories have gotten closer to all of our lives.


Taurus 738 TCP

With its 2.84-inch barrel and weighing only 10.2 ounces, the Taurus® 738 TCP is Taurus’ lightest pistol. Designed to be a quick-draw pocket pistol or a back-up service pistol, the .380 ACP Taurus 738 TCP pocket gun is also easy on your pocketbook.

The DoubleTap comes in 9mm or .45 ACP

Heizer Defense DoubleTap Innovative .45 Titanium Pocket Pistol

Heizer Defense enters the firearms market with their .45 ACP or 9mm DoubleTap dual barrel pocket pistol. Backed by a team with a collaborative experience of hundreds of years, the DoubleTap is being marketed as the “smallest and lightest .45 ACP tactical pocket pistol” on the market. The DoubleTap holds two rounds in the chamber and two back-up rounds loaded on a speed strip that are stored in the integral grip. The patent pending roller-bearing mechanical double-action trigger has a 10-pound trigger pull that feels lighter. The 3-inch barrel is interchangeable between the .45 ACP and the 9mm. For safety, there is a visible loaded round window. A thumb latch automatically ejects the spent shells.

Customers have a choice between a base model constructed of aluminum or an upgrade made of titanium with or without a ported barrel.

The Heizer Defense DoubleTap is only slightly bigger than my Kel-Tec P3AT and just slightly larger than an iPhone 3G (which you can see a comparison of the two on their website, ( but obviously packs more of a punch than my .380 or iPhone.

A deeply concealable back up weapon in .45 ACP or 9mm can mean the difference between life or death when you need to shoot at close range. The Heizer Defense DoubleTap also solves the problem of those of us (girls) who do not like to change our wardrobe for carrying.

There are many followers anticipating the release of the DoubleTap, and like us are anxiously awaiting reviews and firing tests of the Doubletap.

Heizer Defense is expecting to start delivering the DoubleTap to dealers in February or March of 2012.

Double Tap Double Tap Double Tap

Specifications and Features

  • .45 ACP or 9mm caliber
  • 2 rounds in the chamber, 2 back-up speed loaded rounds in the grip
  • Either titanium or aluminum construction
  • Ported or non-ported barrel
  • MIL-STD finish
  • Hammerless design
  • Double-action trigger
  • Interchangeable barrel system
  • 10 lbs. trigger
  • .665” wide
  • 5.5” long
  • 3.9” tall
  • 3” barrel
  • 14 ounces
  • 100 percent made in the USA
Black Ruger LC9, right side view, barrel pointed to the right, on a white background

Ruger LC9 Pistol

Ruger rolled out its new single stack double-action LC9 pistol. Billed as a companion to the LCP, the LC9 features a lightweight polymer frame with melt treatment for snag-free carry.