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Top Shot All-Stars — Threading the Needle

Son-of-a-gun. Wouldn’t you know it, the week after I pick my top four, one of them gets eliminated! That surprise elimination was about the only interesting thing about this episode though. Sometimes it seems the producers take a creative break and just throw something together, like, “Hey, let’s have them shoot tin cans off a fence this week.” Makes it feel like a placeholder while they’re building the really cool challenge for next week. I hope that’s the case.

Top Shot All-Star Jamie Franks

Top Shot All-Stars — Long-Range

Okay, now THIS is why people watch Top Shot! It was nice to see the producers mix it up last night by introducing a long-range rifle challenge. With only 11 competitors left, this was a good event to test their marksmanship skills. Let me set this up; Marines complete their marksmanship training at the 500-yard line, with iron sights, and no bipod. That’s a hell of a long shot, and small errors easily throw the round off target. I’ve never shot at a target a mile away, but I know that even with a scope and bipod, the slightest deviation will cause a miss of several feet. Make no mistake; this was a high-level marksmanship challenge. Long-range shooting is half art and all science.

Top Shot All-Stars Episode 4

Top Shot All-Stars: Medieval Challenge

Now that we’re four episodes into the season, let me comment again on the new format. My wife says it’s not the same show, that it’s lost a lot of the excitement. I agree with her; it’s not the same show, but from my perspective that’s a good thing!

Top Shot Commentator Daryl Parker

Let the Games Begin! Top Shot Returns

At last, it’s back! Top Shot All-Stars, Season 5, airs tonight on the History Channel at 10:00 pm. Eastern time, and 9:00 p.m. Central time.

Due to sensitivity regarding recent gun violence and the resulting firestorm of gun-control controversy, shooting-related television entertainment has been absent for the past several months. I’m not going to wrestle that pig; I’m just happy that some level of sanity has reasserted itself, and now it’s time for some outstanding, lead-slinging competition!

Olympic Shooter Vince Hancock

USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Vincent Hancock

Thanks to his extensive experience and laid-back demeanor, Army Sergeant Vince Hancock is one of the brightest stars in the shooting world today. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to limit the description of this talented guy to just a few words. A more accurate and fitting title for this World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist would be “Class Act.”

Moore, Oklahoma 2013 Tornado

Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Certain natural disasters can undermine even the best prepper’s planning. The tornadoes that devastated the citizens of Oklahoma provided a one-two punch that was too much for most to resist. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims affected by this disaster. At times words and even prayers are not enough.

Dianne Feinstein

Will You Turn Over Your Guns?

As the implementation dates draw ever closer for shooters in some states to turn over semi-auto rifles, give up magazines of a certain size, register heretofore unregistered firearms, and perhaps have guns confiscated, some observers are saying they expect that many gunowners will not comply with new local, state and federal gun rules. And some law-enforcement officials are saying they won’t enforce laws they believe infringe on the 2nd Amendment.