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NRA Freestyle with Colion Noir

NRA Unveils New Late Night Talk Show

The first episode of “NOIR” premiered on May 11, and the Internet has been abuzz ever since. The newest show on the NRA Freestyle network stars host Colion Noir, NRA News commentator and urban gun-enthusiast, and his fashionably fun co-host Amy Robbins. The newest concept in late-night talk shows takes viewers inside a world where the conversation about guns meets pop culture, fashion, design and adventure.

Shooters on the Line at the Local Gun Club

Join the Club

We can say “all politics aside” in a conversation where the focal point is firearms, but I would like to think most people know better. Everyday, politicians are fighting over our rights as individuals. Some help us, such as the National Rifle Association, while others, such as Brady Campaign, want all firearms banned.