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Firearms and suicide infographic

Firearms and Suicide Prevention

With suicide accounting for nearly two-thirds of all firearm fatalities annually, the topic of suicide prevention deserves our attention. In recent years, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has worked with the Veterans Administration, the State of Utah, and mental health agencies to help educate gun owners and the public on how to keep firearms safely out of reach of those who, during a period of despair, might decide to do themselves harm.

Washington Post three pinocchios

NSSF Response to President Obama’s “Exaggerated Claim Based in No Real Statistics”

The Washington Post recently awarded three Pinocchios to President Obama’s claim, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book.” and called it an, “Exaggerated claim based in no real statistics, which does nothing but distract the public.” The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF), Larry Keane, also offered the following:

National Shooting Sports Foundation infographic on gun sales versus crime

Gun Sales Up, Crime Rates Down?

The facts are on our side! Not that politicians are always known for following the facts, nor are the anti gunners, but The Shooter’s Log has them compliments of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and now you do too.


The NSSF Talks About Authorized-User Technology “Smart Guns”

NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane was a guest on the nationally syndicated America Now with Meghan McCain program last week. The topic was authorized-user technology “smart guns” and the Obama administration’s recent executive actions to potentially involve law enforcement and the Department of Defense in the acquisition of firearms equipped with this nascent technology.

NSSF Home Defense

Good Judgment Must Accompany a Bedside Gun

If someone were to enter your home with the intent to do harm to you or your family, having a gun by the bedside and reacting just won’t cut it—you need good judgment, too. Clint Smith, president and director of Thunder Ranch Training Center suggests that to stay safe you need a plan and plenty of practice. There are no “do-overs.”

National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo

Congratulations — the SHARE Act Passed!

Recently, The Shooter’s Log joined the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in urging support for the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act. Congress received an overwhelming response and responded with a favorable bipartisan vote. Here’s the official response from the NSSF.