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Several pistols on display at a show

NRA: New York Wants Handguns to be Rationed in Virginia

Whenever a politician or anti gunner proposes legislation and explains it as common sense, there is one thing you can be sure of, it is anything but common sense to gun owners or those who believe in the Second Amendment. Such is the case of the call from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for the enactment of a new one-handgun-a-month law to mimic a handgun rationing law that was repealed in 2012.

Hillary Clinton on the debate stage

NRA: Hillary Wants Your Gun to Be ‘Unusable’ at Home

The election is just around the corner, and the results may not be good for gun owners. The problem is political speak for convenience versus what the politician will actually do once elected. The latest example of this is demonstrated in the following press release from the NRA. Regarding Hillary’s leaked statement from a private fundraiser when she slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York last week, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

NRAW Love at First Shot Ep1

NRA Women Presents “Love at First Shot”

Public ranges can be overwhelming to the first-time female shooter, as they can often be crowded, loud and intimidating. Throughout this season of “Love At First Shot,” Natalie Foster of Girl’s Guide to Guns helps to answer some of the most common questions that women have when they head to the shooting range for the first time.

NRA Annual Meetings Look-in: NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre

In this recorded address, NRA CEO & Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre speaks to NRA members and their families at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Indianapolis over the April 25-27, 2014 weekend. LaPierre talks about American citizens’ distrust of government and also provides a response to Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million gun-control initiative. This speech originally aired live on April 25, 2014.

NRA 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits—Sunday Events

The 143rd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is its final day, April 27, 2014, at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.

The NRA Show, as it’s commonly called, has more than 600 exhibitors covering 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, as well as educational seminars, celebrities, and fun filled special events.

New NRA News Contributors

Exciting news this week—NRA News is proud to announce three new contributors to the commentator lineup: Gabby Franco, Chris Cheng and Nikki Turpeaux. The newest additions to the team will contribute their own unique, fresh voices to cover the trending topics and important issues surrounding the Second Amendment.