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SHOT 2014 — Mossberg Duck Commander Shotguns and Rifles

For those of you who don’t know, Duck Commander is the name of the company owned by the famed Robertson family of A&E’s entertaining hit “reality” show, Duck Dynasty. For those of you only familiar with the names Duck Commander and Buck Commander—hey! Did you know that those guys got really, really famous? Willie, Phil, Jase and Co. were known to sport Benelli shotguns, but just recently, they have partnered with Mossberg to release a series of co-branded firearms.


Top 10 Shotgun Posts as of May 4, 2013

Shotguns may not have the glamour of highly accessorized platforms such as the AR-15, AK family, and semi-auto pistols, but Chronicle readers know that a good scattergun can do a lot of jobs, from defending the home to putting doves on the grill. Here are the top-10 Shooter’s Log articles covering shotguns in their various forms and functions:


My Most Accurate AR-15s

Over the last few years, I’ve owned or tested several AR-15s, and, obviously, I liked some more than others. “Like” is a big word that encompasses many subjective areas, where my tastes might run counter to yours. How the rifles actually shot is less subjective—holes in paper are a certain distance apart, whether I “liked” the trigger, stock, and colors, or not.

Mossberg MVP Flex Youth Sport

SHOT 2013: Mossberg MVP Flex Bolt Action

My summary on SHOT 2013 in one word would be-yawn. However, there are a couple of items that have struck me as both original, practical and have a real world use. Last years winner, in my opinion, the Mossberg Flex shotguns. Now they have done it again with the Flex MVP bolt-action rifles.

Taurus 85PFS

Protect Your Home for Less

Most individuals who buy firearms from us intend to use them for home or personal defense. More and more Americans are crossing the invisible line in deciding to exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm. With first-time gun ownership on the rise, it’s no surprise that many shoppers don’t want to dump two months worth of paychecks on their weapon of choice.

Stevens 320 Pump shotgun

Top 10 Meat-producing Sluggers for Under $500

As the suburbs continue to encroach on deer habitat, game departments have become more restrictive about which bang sticks hunters may use when hunting in the deer woods. Whether you are looking to extend your season beyond archery and muzzleloader, or if sticks and strings and front stuffers are simply not what you are looking for, buying a slug gun does not have to break the bank.

If you are looking for something a little easier to conceal, check out the CZ 83

The Greatest Guns You Never Considered

Inspired by an article in Shooting Industry magazine, I started exploring all the lesser-known handguns, rifles, and shotguns that offer reliability, accuracy, and an excellent bang for your buck. A lot of great guns get overlooked. At we know they are great because we own them and shoot them.

Mossberg MMR Hunter Barrel

Hard to Beat a Mossberg AR-15

If you have been shopping around for an AR-15, but are not sure if you are ready to drop that large chunk of cash on one just yet, I understand how you feel. Practicality dictates that spending a large sum of money on anything takes careful consideration and research. If you are like me, you spend hours trolling the Internet to read reviews, learn the product benefits, drawbacks, and features. You do all this while counting your pennies and explaining to the missus why you cannot live without whatever gadget, gun, tool, or gizmo some manufacturer recently released.

I own several ARs, but I remember the learning curve when I was shopping for my first. While there were many things to learn, I found it fascinating. Unfortunately, I soon learned that my budget was going to prevent me from having all the features I wanted—at least at first. I ended up buying a stripped lower at a local gun shop and purchasing most of the other parts online or from friends with extra gear. I ended up spending nearly 800 bucks, and for a first build, I think I did fairly well. The gun still runs like the day I clumsily pushed the parts together. I had help from a friend who had built several ARs in the past, and he helped me avoid some pitfalls along the way.

Mossberg MMR Hunter

Mossberg MMR Hunter

At the time, most of the AR-15s on the market were more expensive than what I paid for my build, and since I managed to find many of the parts used, I think got a decent deal. However, with the AR’s massive rise in popularity, first time buyers today have it comparatively easy. Companies like Smith & Wesson and Remington have made ARs for the civilian market for years, and now O.F. Mossberg & Sons wants a piece of that AR pie. Mossberg has a reputation for building affordable, high quality shotguns for law enforcement, military, and hunters alike. Mossberg took forever to get into the AR market, but when they did, they chose to do it big. They came out with the Mossberg Modular Rifle, or MMR for short. Had this rifle been on the market when I was looking for my first AR, I might have reconsidered the way I spent my money. I kept looking for places on the firearm where they cut corners to lower cost, and I didn’t find much.

Mossberg’s MMR family operates on the direct-gas-impingement system. The company lists eight variations of the MMR, but in reality, there are only three major distinctions: it is available with or without sights, with or without an adjustable buttstock, or with or without a forend rail. The MMR hunter model, which has a 20-inch free-floating barrel and a non-adjustable A2-style buttstock, has no forend rail or dust cover. The forward assist is also missing—and you can ask me how many times I’ve actually had to use a forward assist. The leading feature of the MMR Hunter is the price. For somewhere between $650 and $700, it stands apart from other budget ARs because it looks less tacticool.

Mossberg MMR Hunter Barrel

Mossberg MMR Hunter Barrel

The MMR series is compatible with most mil-spec aftermarket components. Mossberg and exclusive Mossberg vendors in the United States manufacture its major parts. The receiver is a 7075-T6 aluminum forging and the bolt is Carpenter 158 plastic-mold steel, which is a type of casehardened mold steel with exceptionally high strength. The bolt is also electric-furnace melted, which provides unvarying lot-to-lot uniformity.

Mossberg included an amazingly accurate fluted 20-inch carbon steel barrel. It is free-floating and has a 1:9-inch rifling twist rate that accommodates most 0.224-inch projectiles. This applies especially to those commonly used for hunting varmints, predators, and larger game such as feral hogs. Similarly, because of its intended hunting role, where regulations sometimes preclude using high-capacity magazines, the MMR Hunter comes with an aluminum five-round magazine. However, it will accept any standard AR-style magazine for non-hunting situations.

For the money, the MMR Hunter is the best deal on the market for a quality built civilian AR. It isn’t the most tacticool AR on the market, but you get quality components which will deliver top-level accuracy and dependability for less than 700 bucks. Since it is like most other ARs, you can switch out parts to your taste, but the stock MMR Hunter gives you an affordable platform to get started in the AR world.

Like It? Want It? Buy It!

Specifications and Features

  • .223 Rem/5.56 NATO
  • 20″ Barrel
  • Aluminum free float handguard
  • Flat top upper
  • Fixed A2 Buttstock
  • Stark SE-1 pistol grip
  • Dual front swivel studs
  • Accepts standard AR-15 magazines
  • 5 round capacity magazine
  • Length: 39″
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Black finish
Pump Action Shotgun

Consider a Shotgun for Your First Firearm

If you’re thinking about buying that first gun, but are not sure which way you should go, consider the shotgun. Since its early days, the shotgun filled several roles, as it does today. It remains the only firearm capable of fulfilling nearly all functions of a gun, with very few exceptions.

Quick & Dirty Video: Jerry Miculek Covers JM Pro Series 930 Autoloaders

Mossberg’s JM Pro Series 930 Tactical Class of signature shotguns are 9 and 10-shot competition-oriented 12-Gauge autoloaders designed by Jerry Miculek, five-time USPSA 3-Gun National Championship winner and a member of the Cheaper Than Dirt! Shooting Team. In the accompanying video, Miculek demonstrates go-fast elements of the 3-inch 12-gauge 930 platform, which features a dual gas-vent operating system that aids in recoil reduction and reduces stress and wear on operating parts.


A Beginner’s Guide to Shotguns

Shotguns are one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. A reliable shotgun works wonders for home defense, hunting, training, and clay sports. They are among the most versatile guns out there. Many experts say that if they could just have one gun, it would be a shotgun. However, there are many different types on the market, separated by gauge as well as action. Since this is a beginner’s guide to shotguns, I’ll try to keep it simple and explain the different types of shotguns you are likely to run into on the market, as well as what jobs they do best.

Mossberg Logo

Mossberg and Zombie Industries Join Forces

20% Off on 3-D Targets with Purchase of Select Firearms

North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has joined forces with ZMB Industries, LLC, on an exciting two-year consumer promotion. Purchasers of the newly-introduced series of Mossberg 500® ZMB pump-action shotguns and 464™ ZMB lever-action rifles and Mossberg MMR™ Tactical and MMR Hunter modern rifles will receive a coupon for 20% off their purchase of Zombie Industries shot-indicating, three-dimensional targets. This promotional offer may be redeemed for in-store or online target purchases.