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British Soldier Wearing Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier

The Real Deal: A True British Operator’s Modular Osprey MK4 Body Armor Carrier

Thankfully arriving pre-assembled for “complete fighting order,” the Osprey MK4 body armor vest set is a smoking deal. It includes nine MOLLE pouches, which alone is worth the price of the entire rig. Inside the package is the vest, seven magazine pouches, two grenade pouches, a two-piece OPS panel including T-bar fittings, waistbands, pair of cummerbunds, shoulder guards, brassards, four-piece collar system, blanking panels, and ancillaries—17 pieces of varying sizes of MOLLE straps with Velcro, snaps and plastic buckles.

Picture shows an Army-issued first aid kit.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, an Army First Aid Kit

Designed for an individual or for use on your battle buddy, this unissued Army first aid kit is standard issue for all American ground troops. It includes bandage, gauze, tape, a tourniquet and exam gloves. Add Quik Clot and you have a basic gun range first aid kit. Conveniently packed in a useful, MOLLE-compatible Army digital camo pouch this first aid kit will treat anything from minor cuts to serious wounds.

Classic M1A Carbine with wood forend and metal folding stock

Firearm of the Week, the US Caliber .30 M1 /M1A1/M1A3/ M2/M2A2/M3 Carbine

You all know the big man on campus the M1 Garand, well this week we are going to play with the little kid on the block. The younger brother who gets left out of all the fun. However, be careful little brother can fight too. As we know, looks can be deceiving-as is the case of this little giant. Easy to shoot, carry and reload our next rifle is a bulldog, not a lot of bark, but a lot of bite.

ECWS Modular Sleep System with Camo Cover

Product Review: ECWS Modular Sleep System

The U.S. military surplus ECWS modular sleeping system solves all of your sleeping bag needs. It goes from summer to winter camping and keeps you dry in all weather. It transitions from a recreational camping sleeping bag to hardcore bug-out use. The package includes four pieces: a black warmer-weather bag, an OD green bag, a camo bivy cover, and a black compression bag. When used together, the sleep system keeps you warm to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The bivy cover protects you and your bag from getting wet from morning dew or rain. All the pieces fit together by heavy-duty snaps. Each piece has dual-sided zippers with inside zipper pulls. Both the black and OD green bags have bungee cords to tighten the hood around your head.

7.62x39 with its Weapon of Choice

Cartridge of the Week, the 7.62×39, 7.62 Russian Medium, M43 Soviet

No other cartridge has changed the face of the planet like the 7.62×39. It protected communist ideals and was the bane of freedom for nearly 70 years. The weapons that utilize this round have mostly stood for tyranny at its worst. This Russian medium cartridge is a merciless foe, which soldiers, peasants, and children carry in their weapons. Whether utilized in the Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova of 1945 (SKS) or the Avtomat Kalashnikova of 1947 (AK-47), and variants, it has helped change the face of warfare.

Mag H&K G3 7.62x51mm Aluminum 20 Round MAG-304

Customer Reviews: $2 H&K G3 Mags Are a Hit

Members of our community aren’t shy about saying what they like — and don’t like — in the “Customer Review” areas of Cheaper Than Dirt’s web pages. Reviews from actual purchasers contain hands-on, specific advice about the pros and cons of products our customers spent hard-earned money on. Case in point: 345 members of the Cheaper Than Dirt community who have purchased certain H&K G3 magazines rate them 4.5 on Cheaper Than Dirt’s 5-bullet scale.