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A Thompson T5 1927 1C Lightweight

SHOT 2013: Some Old Favorites Make a Cameo

There is something about old models of guns, especially military firearms. At the 2013 SHOT Show, Kahr, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research put out a few throwbacks I thought the world should see. The Thompson sported a familiar configuration. A 30-round stick magazine and that huge reciprocating charging handle. Unlike many modern semi- or fully-automatic sporting rifles, it’s fun to actually see the charging handle fly back toward you when the weapon cycles. It still strikes me as odd when I see old model firearms fresh from the factory. Most of the originals have very aged wood and no shortage of dents and scratches from years of improper storage or heavy use. Seeing clean and shiny new Thompson sub-machine guns decorating the walls on the side of a huge portrait of Winston Churchill holding a Thompson is just plain cool looking.

Training with the M1 Carbine

David “Carbine” Williams

Did you know that a convicted felon developed one of the most prolific military weapons? The M1 Carbine, built around David “Carbine” Williams’ short-stroke piston system, was the World War II rifle of choice for troops needing a lightweight, handy carbine.