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Barrel stamp on the Winchester Model 1894

Winchester 1894 Rifle and the .32 Winchester Special Cartridge

A frequent stop and gathering place of kindred souls is the local gun shop. We gather together, those of us with a certain mental telepathy that connects us, and we take a break from work and enjoy rubbing elbows with normal people. Well at least those with similar interests. These interests include shooting, hunting, competition shooting and accumulating firearms.

Mossberg Logo

Mossberg and Zombie Industries Join Forces

20% Off on 3-D Targets with Purchase of Select Firearms

North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has joined forces with ZMB Industries, LLC, on an exciting two-year consumer promotion. Purchasers of the newly-introduced series of Mossberg 500® ZMB pump-action shotguns and 464™ ZMB lever-action rifles and Mossberg MMR™ Tactical and MMR Hunter modern rifles will receive a coupon for 20% off their purchase of Zombie Industries shot-indicating, three-dimensional targets. This promotional offer may be redeemed for in-store or online target purchases.

Mossberg 464 ZMB Lever Action

Mossberg’s Zombie Guns

Mossberg Introduces ZMB Series of Guns

Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse or the Next Zombie Shoot at Your Local Range!

North Haven, CT – The latest craze in the realm of shooting competitions, zombie-themed fun shoots, has a new player on the field in 2012 – the Mossberg® ZMB Series including a specialty lever-action .30-30 Winchester rifle and 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. Initial offerings include the 464 ZMB lever-action rifle, 500® ZMB 8-Shot pump-action shotgun and 500 Chainsaw ZMB 6-Shot pump-action shotgun. All three guns have the lime green ZMB logo proudly emblazoned on the receiver and boasts the most highly desired zombie-slaying features.

Mossberg 464 SPX

Why the Mossberg 464 SPX Doesn’t Suck

I know what most of you are thinking, why in the name of Zeus’ derriere would anyone want a tactical lever action rifle? We mentioned this strange little lever action during SHOT Show a few weeks ago, and it received exactly the response we thought it would. I have to admit, when I first looked at this rifle, I squinted in agony. I looked at the Mossberg sticker on my cubicle wall and sighed, and then I walked outside, put my hands up, and yelled, “Why Mossberg? Why!” When I came back to my senses however, I began to see the rifle as something different. My immediate disgust and hatred slowly turned to mild tolerance. I began to look at the rifle like an ugly little stray dog, chambered in .30-30.

Lever Action Rifles: Go Ahead, Say Yee-haw!

Lever actions! They’re as American as football, pickup trucks, and apple pie. Maybe pecan pie? Here are four lever guns that’ll make you say “Yee-haw,” and one that might make you say “I didn’t know they could do that…”


Mossberg Leads With Value Again

Mossberg 464

Mossberg's Classic Model 464 "Thuddy Thuddy" Deerslayer

The most popular hunting caliber for lever guns is the .30-30 Winchester, named for its .30 caliber bullet followed by 30 grains of smokeless powder. Winchester and Marlin immediately used the cartridge in their lever-action hunting guns and the combination has been a hit ever since. It’s so common that if you hang out with rednecks (like I do!) you’ll find some of them just refer to all lever actions as “thuddy thuddy” rifles. Marlin and Winchester rifles in this caliber have slowly crept up in price over the years, so Mossberg came out with their model 464 in 2008. Is it any surprise that Mossberg would be the company to step in and keep these guns affordable? The 464 is made in America of course, with a hardwood stock and blued steel everywhere else, and holds 7 rounds in its magazine. Best of all, right now the Mossberg can be yours for only $333.65, undercutting its Winchester and Marlin competitiors.

I want it!




.22 LR Lever Action, And Beautiful Work of Art

Henry Golden Boy Receiver

A Closeup of the Henry Golden Boy's Receiver.

Henry lever actions are famous for their high quality and good value. Their .22 LR versions are a lot of fun for the money and will reliably shoot the cheapest ammo available. They start at less than $250, but the version I want to show you is the top-of-the-line, legendary, incomparable Henry Golden Boy. Yes, a .22 LR lever-action that costs over a thousand dollars, with no expense spared and no holds barred. The stock is beautiful American Walnut, the receiver is polished and engraved brass, and the octagon shaped barrel a high polish blue. Each of these Deluxe Engraved II models receives a special serial number from 1 to 1000. These are the rifles that men of taste will buy for their great-grandchildren as family heirlooms. More than a .22 LR rifle, they are truly works of art.

I gotta have it!




Marlin’s 336Y “Youth” Model: Not Just For Youngins

Marlin 336Y

Marlin's Youth Model is Compact and Handy For Grownups Too

One of the best things about the classic Winchester ’73 and the guns patterned after it is the balance point, right where the forend meets the receiver, resulting in a rifle that feels light and points naturally. Improving on an already good thing, this “Youth Rifle” from Marlin chops the barrel to 16 -1/4 inches and the length of pull on the stock to just 12”. Marlin advertises the 336Y as perfect for young hunters to start on, but in my book a shorter, lighter carbine has a lot to recommend it even if you’re a grownup. It still holds 5 rounds of ammo and weighs only 6-1/2 pounds. At $355.65, the Marlin Youth looks like a heck of a value to me.

My youngster needs this!




Fill Your Hands… With A Large Loop Winchester

Winchester Large Loop

Saddle Up! Yaaahhh! (Read This in John Wayne's Voice)

Some folks don’t get too excited about any lever gun that doesn’t have “Winchester” engraved on it. The Winchester ’92 was used by John Wayne in so many cowboy movies that its hard to picture “The Duke” without one. In a few of those movies, such as True Grit, Rio Bravo, and El Dorado, his Winchester had an extra-large lever loop. The large loop made manipulating the rifle’s action easier when on the back of a loping horse or while wearing heavy winter gloves, but the real reason it was cool was because John Wayne always carried the only one in town. Now we all can have the same configuration, direct from the Winchester factory, holding seven rounds of .45 Long Colt. Speaking of which, how did “The Rifleman” manage to fire twelve shots through his large loop ’92 without reloading?

Make it mine!




Browning BLR .300 WinMag– Not Grandad’s Lever Gun

Browning BLR .300 WinMag

BLR Uses a Lever to Work the Action. Nothing Else is the Same.

Traditional lever guns are limited in caliber choice for two reasons. The lever-action’s relative lack of locking strength limits the chamber pressures possible, and the tubular magazine means using only round-nosed bullets. See, if a bunch of pointy-tipped “spitzer” type bullets are squashed front to back in a tubular magazine, they can impact the primers of the rounds in front of them, exploding the gun. The Browning BLR avoids these issues by using a detachable 3 round box magazine, like a bolt-action gun would have, and a multi-lug rotating bolt for superior locking strength. The result is a lever-action rifle that weighs just 7 pounds 12 ounces, balances wonderfully, and is chambered in mighty .300 Winchester Magnum! With a grey laminate stock and satin nickel plating on the metal parts, the BLR doesn’t look like a traditional cowboy gun. It doesn’t function like a traditional lever gun either—the trigger comes down along with the cocking lever when you work the action. The BLR also does something else the cowboy guns never did—the barrel and forearm easily detach from the receiver for compact transportation. It’s a lever action hunting rifle for the 21st century.

I want it!

Today’s Top Picks

CTD Chris and CTD Rob helped me pick out today’s featured items. CTD Chris thinks the Marlin is cool. CTD Rob told me a story about alternative uses for the MOLLE vest and I picked the ammo and the Blue Book of Gun Values. Read why!

Marlin 444XLR Lever Action Rifle

Marlin 444XLR Lever Action Rifle

Marlin 444XLR Lever Action Rifle

We do not get many .444 Marlins, so now is your chance! The Marlin Model 444XLR lever-action rifle is good for hunting heavier game such as elk or moose at short to medium range. If you are about to head out for your annual African safari, think about purchasing this gun for your exotic hunt. With ranges out to 150 yards at 2,330 fps, the .444 Marlin is also a fine choice for thin-skinned African game. Even the dangerous ones! Wait! There are non-dangerous African game animals?

The Marlin Model 444XLR has a 24” stainless steel barrel with Ballard-style rifling, which improves accuracy. It holds five rounds in a tubular magazine and has a black-gray laminated hardwood stock.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-MAR444XLR







Drago First Strike Tactical Vest Black

Drago First Strike Tactical Vest Black

Drago First Strike Tactical Vest Black

This MOLLE vest is very similar to the ones that our military wears. It offers quick access to seven magazine pouches, has a padded shoulder to dampen rifle recoil and includes a tactical belt.

If you don’t find yourself in tactical situations often, we know for a fact that this vest holds four beer bottles in replace of rifle magazines. Maybe a perfect alternative to your fishing vest?


Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: MOLLE-1011








.357 Sig American Eagle 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket

.357 Sig American Eagle 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket

.357 Sig American Eagle 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket

New to Cheaper Than Dirt! The American Eagle brand, by Federal, is an affordable option for all your pistol ammunition. The full metal jacket bullet designed for the competitive shooter is perfect for target shooting and practice.

We offer the .357 Sig, 125-grain full metal jacket bullet with a 1350 fps muzzle velocity at one of the lowest prices around!

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: AMM-3132









32nd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

32nd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

32nd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

Quick quiz. Do you know how many guns there are? Lots of them! There is no way humanly possible that I or anyone else in the office would know them all. That is why I reference this book almost daily. In fact, it is my first source when I am researching a particular gun. Finding something in the book is quick and easy, and it provides just the right amount of information I need—including short descriptions and backgrounds of each manufacturer.

Sometimes people ask me about the value of their “old gun,” which I always leave up to the experts, but with the Blue Book of Gun Values, I can tell these people a rough estimate and therefore, sound smart! Bonus!

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: BOOK-212