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Laser myths

Video: Crimson Trace Myth Busters — Will the laser be a crutch?

Laser myths. After nearly 25 years, Crimson Trace has most likely heard them all. Whether it involves the failure of the laser system itself, incorrect ideas about training, or lasers being replacements for iron sights, which they are not, there is plenty of false information about lasers available online, in stores, or on the range. You may have heard a few yourself. Are lasers a crutch for bad technique?

Springfield XD-S with Crimson Trace Laserguard right angle

A Case for Crimson Trace

Gun owners are anything but shy when it comes to talking about firearms, what they like and what didn’t work. Good quality and good service earn the most chatter, but the right ammunition or a good Cerakote will get them talking as well. More and more of those conversations now include