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Holographic sight used by a cross-eye dominant shooter.

Top 10 Gun Posts

A few individual firearms encompassing three of the four major mechanical classifications—shotguns, rifles, and pistols—have generated intense interest among Shooter’s Log readers. To whet that appetite for knowledge, here are the top 10 articles in which we’ve reviewed a specific firearm model that the Chronicle community wants to know more about.

Black SIG P290 with boxes of ammo on a wood plank background

SIG’s Light 9mm, the P290

You should think carefully about the reasons for choosing a handgun. I do my best to test and review appropriate defensive handguns. And although the pistols may not be your choices, they are reasonable choices. With the explosion of concealed carry permits, many are carrying pocket pistols that give them more comfort than performance.

Gray-haired man in blue jacket with red ear protection shoots a pistol carbine into the woods.

Pistol-Caliber Carbines for Home Defense

I am always interested in different opinions about home-defense firearms. The three-gun trifecta—handgun, shotgun and rifle—is often commented on, with recommendations given. Many times the recommended rifle is more useful for an Israeli police action than home defense. Comments range from “the .223 has a lot of blast indoors” to “the system is very expensive, but you must have one” all the way to “buck it up, lay down the credit card and get with the program.”


SHOT 2014 — Kel-Tec’s New Bullpups the M43 and RDB

Earlier in January someone leaked a product sheet for two new Kel-Tec bullpup rifles named the RDB and M43. I heard Kel-Tec was pretty ticked off about the leak, but the flier circulated the gun blogs quickly. I wondered if maybe Kel-Tec was mad because the rifles didn’t exist, but sure enough, Kel-Tec unveiled prototypes of the M43 and RDB at SHOT Show 2014.

Ruger LC9

The ‘Second 10’ Articles as of August 17, 2013

Here is a compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles by all-time rank. Ranging from No. 11 to No. 20,  the articles cover a range of topics, from exercising good manners at the gun store to the provocative question, “Will you turn over your guns” if the government demands them? Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.


Top 10 Shotgun Posts as of May 4, 2013

Shotguns may not have the glamour of highly accessorized platforms such as the AR-15, AK family, and semi-auto pistols, but Chronicle readers know that a good scattergun can do a lot of jobs, from defending the home to putting doves on the grill. Here are the top-10 Shooter’s Log articles covering shotguns in their various forms and functions:

1 KSG12ga_RIO_8863

Top 10 Single-Gun Posts (April 27, 2013)

Chronicle readers clearly favor a few gun designs over others — AR-15s, AKs, and semi-auto self-defense pistols, to name the most popular. But inside those categories, individual firearms have generated intense interest all on their own. Beyond pure product announcements, here are the top-10 articles in which we’ve reviewed a single firearm make and model (and associated variations, where applicable) that the Chronicle community obviously wanted to know more about.

Kel-Tec PF-9

All-Time Top 10 Pistol Posts for March 30, 2013

Pistol articles are a hands-down favorite of readers who visit The Shooter’s Log. It’s easy to see that shooters want to know more about handguns of all types and sizes—carry guns, competitive models, high-cost pieces, budget items—it doesn’t really matter. Here our Top 10 most-read items about sidearms.


At the Range with Kel-Tec’s SU-16CA

Florida-based Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. is well-known for manufacturing small, lightweight pistols, and the company’s SU-16 line of rifles follows this same philosophy. The SU-16CA is a hybrid of the SU-16C and SU-16A rifles.

Taurus 85PFS

Protect Your Home for Less

Most individuals who buy firearms from us intend to use them for home or personal defense. More and more Americans are crossing the invisible line in deciding to exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm. With first-time gun ownership on the rise, it’s no surprise that many shoppers don’t want to dump two months worth of paychecks on their weapon of choice.

7 kel-tec-pmr30-lede-0966

The Top 10 Kel-Tec Posts

If you want to know more about buying, shooting, maintaining, and accessorizing Kel-Tec firearms, check out our top-10 most-read articles on care and feeding of the company’s products.

8 Concealable 2-SCCYCPX2CB

Concealable 9mm Lineup

Pocket 9mm pistols dominate the sales reports as of late. Small guns that nearly equal the size of older .380 pistols but have the power of a 9mm seem to be a nice solution for the concealed carry crowd. These guns are big enough to kill, but small enough to conceal. So which one should you settle on?

PMR30 and FN5-7 side by side

PMR-30 vs FN5-7

The argument about the relative merits of these two pistols has gone on for years. Let’s take a look at the technical parameters and then compare the intangibles. The guns are roughly similar in size, with PMR30 just a little shorter and slimmer. Both have manual thumb safety. FN5-7 magazines are easier to load. PMR30 has less felt recoil and crisper trigger.

The beefed up SU16 still weighs just a shade over five pounds.

Incremental Improvements of SU16.

Most popular rifles have evolved throughout their service life. Lee-Metford action of 1888 lasted into the 1950s, changing in that time its stock shape, its sights, the method of loading, the safety, the trigger mechanism and even the type of rifling. AK47 evolved from a 7.62mm milled rifle into a 5.45mm stamped AK12 with hundred of minor changes and improvements.

Picture shows a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.

Quick & Dirty Video: The Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge Pump in Action

The Kel-Tec KSG pump shotgun is a 12-gauge bullpup that’s as short as most submachine guns. The Cylinder bore barrel is 18.5 inches long, but the KSG is still shorter in OAL than the typical police shotgun with a 14-inch barrel. The gun will feed and chamber 3-inch ammunition, but 2.75-inch shotshells provide higher capacity and lower recoil. The accompanying video shows what it looks like in action: