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Woman with pink hat shopping at gun counter

Top 6 Carry Pistols for Beginners

All who carry a concealed firearm had to start sometime, and everyone felt at least a bit self-conscious when they started carrying a handgun for self-defense. Choosing the right pistol, one that is not too small, not too big, and manageable through recoil is a good start, but there is a lot more to consider when picking the right pistol for carry.

Bob Campbell handling the Kahr .380 pistol

Review: Kahr Tungsten .380 Pistol

Some years ago, when the Kahr 9mm pistol was introduced, I obtained and tested an example as soon as possible. In doing so, I found a reliable handgun with excellent features. A smooth Double Action Only trigger, excellent machine work, and a truly compact frame made for a trend-setting pistol. The design was both fresh and intelligent.

Remington R51 Slide Open

SHOT Show 2014 Special Edition Day 3: New Handguns

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas have added a third day of articles about new handguns introduced at the show. In this edition are details about Kahr Arms’ CT4543 and full-frame CT40 and CT45 and Magnum Research’s 3-inch ultra-compact 1911, the Undercover DE1911U. Also, Para USA has new 9mm 1911-patterned handguns, and Remington surprises the firearms industry again with the introduction of the new R51 compact 9mm semi-auto.

Picture shows a two-toned Kahr Arms CT 40 pistol.

SHOT 2014 — Kahr CT 40 and CT 45

Known for reliable, tough pocket pistols in a price range that reflects their quality, a Kahr goes bang every time. For self-defense, you can trust your life on a Kahr handgun. Now, with a saturated market of affordable and even cheap, small defensive handguns, Kahr Arms introduces two new full-sized pistols that it hopes will grab a portion of the market share.

Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.

Where can I Buy the Tiffany Blue Kahr Arms PM9?

A picture of a Kahr PM9 pistol with a Tiffany blue frame, packed in a famous Tiffany box with a Tiffany necklace draped over it is making the rounds on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. I have seen plenty of comments asking where to get the gun. I understand why. What woman’s smile doesn’t get brighter when handed that distinctive blue box? What’s even better than jewelry? A 9mm inside that rather large Tiffany box. I can see how this picture is going viral right before the holidays.


Kahr Plans to Move HQ from NY to Pennsylania

Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York.

9mm Pocket Pistols Compared

9mm Pocket Pistols Compared

These are three of the most popular 9mm pocket pistols sold last year. Their features vary considerably. The Kahr and GLOCK are both reliable and proven designs. However, the Shield is a fierce up-and-comer. Which one would fit your needs as a daily concealed carry weapon?

Kahr’s new 2013 CW380.

SHOT 2013: Kahr Arms CW380

Kahr Arms does pistols right and that is why every Kahr Arms handgun is indistinguishable—you can tell it’s a Kahr. They don’t mess with fancy aesthetics that make no difference to the functionality of their guns, they just make a gun that works reliably every time. Kahr’s new 2013 CW380 is no different. It looks just like the P380, but at a considerably lower price point.