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Picture shows a family playing a board game by lantern light in a room with no electricty.

Preppers: The Emergency Action Plan

During an emergency panic can easily take over and cloud your thinking, as well the thinking and actions of those around you. Having a plan is only half the battle. After all, having a tourniquet in the right scenario can be a life saver, but you have to know how to apply it; it will not apply itself. The same is true of a plan. If you have not rehearsed it, trying to figure it out in the middle of a natural disaster is a disaster of a whole other kind.

New Orelans underwater after Hurricane Katrina

Throwback Thursday: Hurricane Katrina — Learning the Lessons of the Past

Hurricane Katrina was one of the top five most deadly, the third biggest, and the costliest hurricane in American history. Nearly 2,000 died; close to 100,000 homes were destroyed, and the storm displaced almost 400,000 people. New Orleans, Louisiana was particularly devastated when the city’s levee system failed, flooding 80 percent of New Orleans. 90,000 square miles were declared a federal disaster area. With the peak of hurricane season upon us, are you prepared for any natural disaster that would likely affect your area?

Tornado Funnel

Are You Ready for Spring Storms?

Spring is right around the corner. Most people equate spring with warmer weather, blooming flora, allergies and spending more time outside. However, in the prepper community, spring means tornados, hail, damaging winds and flash floods. There are some specific challenges that arise when preparing for severe weather. Having a kit is a great place to start, but just having supplies on hand is only half the challenge.

X Marks Your House

A Part Time Grunt’s Hurricane Katrina Experience

With Hurricane Isaac looming off the coast of New Orleans, memories of another August in 2005 float back like a makeshift raft. I was an eager National Guard troop and spent my days working part time in a retail store. I remember watching the families on television waving for help from their rooftops as the news helicopters strafed the worst areas hit by the disaster. I wanted to help, we all did—but what could we do? Your average troop doesn’t have a rescue helicopter locked away in his apartment storage closet. After hours of anxiously waiting by the phone, I got the call during the middle of my civilian workday. The familiar voice on the other end was our deployment manager, “This is an official recall, pack for a 30 day deployment, and bring plenty of socks. This is not a drill.”

Handing out Supplies during Hurricane Dolly

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster?

Hurricanes can happen at any time. In previous posts we discussed different disasters that could take place, and how to start to prepare for them. In this article, I’m going to discuss what tends to happen after the feces has hit the fan. We have all seen the footage of the victims of Hurricane Katrina running through the local stores and looting supplies, supplies like plasma televisions, laptops and all the beer they could carry. Obviously, I cannot recommend this course of action. Having supplies like food, water and medicine beforehand is without a doubt the best way to prepare for this scenario. A looter puts his or herself in a very dangerous situation. Local law enforcement may not be available to protect you in a widespread disaster and walking out of the local mega mart with armfuls of valuables could lead to other looters taking supplies from you forcefully.

Six Month Survival Supplies

How Much is a Six Month Supply?

Six months in a long time. Do you have sufficient supplies to survive for the long haul? It’s important to note that this is only a start. Medical supplies, bartering goods, and tools are just a few more things to consider when preparing for the unknown.

Cheaper Than Dirt!’s Quick Guide to Disaster Preparedness

2011 may very well come to be known as one of the most active weather years. From floods to drought, from hurricanes to fires, from white outs to brown outs; it seems like we’ve seen it all this year. Throughout this year, too, we’ve been posting articles and commentary about disaster preparedness to help you plan and survive. Here is our quick guide to articles to help you get through the next disaster.

Assembling a First Aid Kit

Assembling a Bug-Out-Bag

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster?

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster? Part Two!

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster? Part Three!

Emergency Water Sources and Water Storage

Building a Year’s Supply of Food Storage

Freeze Dried Foods

Shelter in Place

Extreme Heat Survival

Extreme Cold Survival

Is there a survival topic we haven’t covered here that you would like to read? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is officially underway, but most of the news coming out of the Gulf of Mexico has more to do with oil than weather. Still, Mother Nature waits for no one, and it’s well past the time to prepare for a hurricane if you live anywhere along the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines.