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I have always loved shooting up watermelons.

Fun and Cheap. Making Your Own Homemade Shooting Targets

Shooting at bullseyes and zombies can get old and expensive, especially if you want to spend a full day out plinking. Homemade targets are fun, easy, and cheap to make. Many moons ago, I had access to a lot of land in the country. As my shooting buddies and I went to explore it, we found the perfect spot to set up a shooting range. A natural eight-foot berm eroding from a dried-up creek bed made a perfect backstop. We set up shop and had months of fun shooting our little hearts out. For target backstops and stands, we obtained free wood pallets from a friend’s bar. Out there we shot fruit, beer bottles, soda cans, electronics, plastic water bottles filled with water, and whatever else we could get our hands on.