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NRA: 5 Things Hillary Says She Will Do To Your Rights If She Wins

In June 2000, Hillary Clinton endorsed a bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., that would have required anyone who owns a handgun to be licensed and to have their name placed in a national database. Clinton said, “I stand in support of this common-sense legislation to license everyone who wishes to purchase a gun. I also believe that every new handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry, such as Chuck is proposing.”

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Polls Demonstrate Gun Owner Distrust of Politicians

The NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) has never been shy or an organization to mince words. That makes the following from the NRA-ILA, that much more important. Of course, the Second Amendment is well supported by voters from the Left and the Right. The politicians on the other hand, well, that is still up for some debate. However, as the candidates position themselves for the upcoming elections, the battle lines are being drawn.

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Will Hillary be the Death of Heller and the Individual Right?

A fifth liberal Justice could kill the individual right to bear arms. What does that mean to you? While the elections are still playing out, the Second Amendment, as we know it, is hanging in the balance. If you don’t believe me or disagree, please read on. This may be the most ominous article you’ll read from now to the election in November.

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Hillary Endorses Obama for Supreme Court Seat

On the campaign trail recently, Hillary Clinton said she thinks it would be a “great idea” for Barack Obama to serve on the high court. The most recent Second Amendment cases at the U.S. Supreme Court have been decided by a 5-4 vote. Would a Justice Obama tip the ideological balance of SCOTUS against gun rights?