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Picture shows two tents pitched on the beach by a large body of water.

Leave it Like You Found It: Camping Responsibly

Camping, hiking and backpacking can have a detrimental impact on wildlife and vegetation. Studies throughout the United States have proven that trampling through the wilderness and camping have depleted trees, polluted fresh water systems, caused loss of vegetation and increased run off and erosion.

Bushnell Backtracker

Avoid Getting Lost

The words “I am lost” can create stress and chaos in a matter of seconds, especially if you do not have an immediate remedy for the problem. The fact is, we have all been lost at some point in our life. A simple missed turn on a busy highway or worse being lost in the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes there is an easy fix, and all you need is a map or a familiar landmark in order to get your bearings, other times you need a little assistance.

DIY Fire starter

Easy to Make and Take Fire Starters

Call me frugal, but cheap and simple are two of my favorite words. Combine those words with survival or prepping and you have my attention.

A little prep work ahead of time can turn the task of starting a fire into a snap. We all know there are countless methods to start fires but these homemade fire starter doo-dads are one of my favorites. Why? Because it is reliable, it gets the job done in a flash and it can be made without spending a single penny.

You can make a rain fly, makeshift shelters and eating covers out of simple rope and plastic tarp.

Preparing Your Gear for Spring Camping

Spring is just a few weeks away and everyone is itching to get outside as the days get warmer and longer. Spring weather can fool you however; this transitional time of year can bring unexpected snow or unexpected heat. Here in Texas during early spring, the days can be hot, but the nights chilly. Of course, in the South spring is our time for thunderstorms, rain and tornadoes.

You can gather water through condensation.

Purifying Water on the Fly: Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency

Anytime you venture out into the great outdoors, you should pack a few essential items that can make the difference between life and death. Even if you plan just a short trip, you need a way to start a fire and purify water for safe drinking. Even in the easiest of terrain, the most experienced outdoor adventurer can become lost or injured. A one-liter water bottle won’t last 24 hours, if you get stranded.

Sabre Defense Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent

Gizmos & Gadgets — Bear Spray

Pepper spray or Oleoresin of Capsicum is a great defense against bears if deployed properly. Of course a .300 Weatherby or .454 Casull is preferential, but not always as practical or legal. For instance, when bowhunting elk with an archery-only permit—even in bear country—could result in legal troubles if you were caught with a sidearm. There is also the factor of accuracy when teeth and claws are coming your way at 30 mph.

Henry Survival Rifle

A 54 Year Old Rifle is Still a Top Seller

I love guns. I especially love guns that fill a niche in my arsenal. I found myself recently noticing a hole in my lineup. I did not have a survival rifle. I needed something small that I can throw in a pack, or chuck behind the seat of my truck. It needed to have the accuracy of a rifle, but with more portability. Its primary role would be shooting very small game for survival purposes. A takedown .22 would fill the role perfectly, and there were plenty of choices on hand.

Para cord. Not just for making beer koozies

Life Saving Gear

We all know the very basics of survival are water, food, and shelter. Even the most skilled outdoorswoman or man may find herself or himself in a situation in which the gear they carry with them is useless.


Hiking Survival

Okay, the apocalypse finally came and you find yourself forced to hike up the hills in search of food, supplies, or whatever you don’t have access to in your immediate vicinity. How do you do this safely? Assuming there aren’t hordes of zombies or communist troops patrolling the wild, then following a few simple hiking tips will help keep you and your party safe in a potentially dangerous situation.